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  1. It is very deceiving of Viking, our 7/2 cruise also did not have any warning on the website. Well, we are NOT sailing... They bus us for 3-4 hours every day, all tours are cut short to compensate for driving time, we do not have any time in any of the stops as we come, have short tour and leave back to the ship. We also had to swap boats, we had about 2 and a half hours in Dresden instead of the whole day, we were told not to unpack and are living out of our suitcases. I can go on and on, this cruise is a disaster.
  2. Low water warning is back on Viking website :(
  3. We bought Wifi for 3 days, it was waste of money, it does not really work on the ship, very bad connection. Even on the shore the service was poor.
  4. We sailed in cabin 8144 on Summit. Nice, quiet cabin, no privacy issues. It is not connected to to other cabin. whatsoever. Regular balcony size.
  5. We sailed in cabin 8144 on Summit. Nice, quiet cabin, no privacy issues whatsoever.
  6. We sailed in cabin 8144 on Summit. Nice, quiet cabin, no privacy issues whatsoever.
  7. We had a private tour to Punta Tombo booked with Cultura Cercana. We had all the confirmation emails, but no one was waiting for us. We were running around trying to find them, but nothing. Finally someone from I think Toursbylocals made some calls and gave us a ride to the port entrance. Our tour "guide" (Fernando?) arrived and picked us up there. He was not a guide, just a driver who took us from port to Punta Tombo and back, he was nice, but did not give us any information, just answered a few questions that we asked and his English was not good. Bottom line - stay away from Cultura Cercana in Puerto Madryn, very disorganized company. And for the quality of this tour - you can hire a taxi for half the price or come prepared with list of questions.
  8. sk99

    Valparaiso Tours

    We used Vivian (vivian@abctour.org) on our last week visit to Valparaiso for the tour and transfer to Santiago. He speaks excellent English and took us to all the important sites. It was one of the best tours we had during our cruise. I would highly recommend him.
  9. Thank you Susie. That what I was afraid of... It is probably too late for us to book with someone else. In case they do not show up, is it possible to see Punta Arenas on our own? We were not planning to go to Otway.
  10. Anyone used Payne tours in Punta Arenas recently? The reason for my question is here: we booked tour with them back in November 2012 for our March cruise, got email confirmation and all... Few days ago using their confirmation email with price and tour details I sent an email to check time, meeting place and other details. There was no answer for 3 days, I sent another email. I got reply yesterday that person I booked with is no longer there and they have no record of my booking. After a couple of emails Jennifer booked us back to the same tour (I hope). But I'm very concerned now... Thanks in advance, Sofia.
  11. Just yesterday we got an email from Edgar, were assigned Lucas instead of Edgar. Any feedback is appreciated.
  12. Thank you 4774Papa. I'm trying to find out if anyone used them in Punta Arenas, but all I was able to find is Santiago/Valparaiso, no other ports.
  13. I'm also looking for any feedback on Southexcursions.com. We were quoted some prices for tours in Punta Arenas, but I cannot find any reviews and not much info on CC boards. Anyone actually used them before for something other than transfer? Looks like they are around since 2008, but no visibility… Thanks.
  14. Thanks very much for the information.
  15. Thanks for the replies. But I am still confused. I know from these boards that there are several places to see the penguins: Otway rookery from Punta Arenas is easier and cheaper, but not a lot of penguins in March; Magdelena Island Natural Penguin Reserve also from Punta Arenas and Punta Tombo from Puerto Madryn. Which one is better bet to see the penguins? One other thing is - we'll have another ship (Veendam) in Puerto Madryn. It probably will make it crowdie. Any suggestions to help me with my decision are appreciated.
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