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  1. We don’t have any experience with Viking air. We had planned to use them for a trip this year that we moved to 2022. I appreciate the information being shared. We also usually book our own air, and only use a cruise lines fare if we can get the flights we want at a better price we can get on our own. But even with flights we book ourselves we have had our flights changed with no notice. I make it a practice to monitor our flights at least once a week once we are booked.
  2. I briefly scanned the document. I have the same questions as you. Also in the contract you can be disembarked, or refused reboarding at the discretion of the ship. I am concerned about what happens after that. We have Medjet insurance that would evacuate us to a US hospital if we were hospitalized. But there is no provision for evacuating someone who tests positive, but is not hospitalized. I am concerned about having a breakthrough infection and being required to leave the ship with no place to go to quarantine.
  3. We were on the Constitution's July 4th sailing from Boston. We had issues with cleanliness of our cabin that did not improve. We repeatedly had to go in search of bath. towels and other supplies. We were in 310. Interesting about the breakfast service. We did not have any difficulty with timing, but did have some days when there was confusion on orders. One of the waiters, D'Artagnan (His mother loved the Three Musketeers) became our favorite and we made a point of sitting at one of his tables for every meal.He was very helpful with checking to be sure that any foods I was served were gluten free and that all our food orders were correct. Wifi never got better on the ship. They team that handles the tender operation are terrific. We did have some difficulty with the tender schedule.
  4. Just a correction on Texas. Quoting the Houston Chronicle this morning..." Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill against “vaccine passports,” cruise lines are still requiring vaccines thanks to an exemption in the law. Texas businesses are allowed to comply with public health guidelines, including the CDC sailing order.
  5. Based on our recent experience the WiFi is free, but you get what you pay for, which is nothing, unless you only go online at 3:00 am.
  6. We just returned from an ACL cruise. We are looking for a cruise for October. I would appreciate feedback on American Queen cruises, and if you have also sailed on ACLa comparison.
  7. We also experienced poor housekeeping and lack of attention to requests for basic things. We paid full price and they did not deliver.
  8. We just left the Constitution this morning. It was not the cruise we had hoped for. I will provide more details when we get home. We had booked the Revolutionary War cruise for October, also on the Constitution, but we will be canceling.
  9. In case this helps, there is Hilton hotel that is connected to the airport by a covered walkway. You can easily roll your.luggage to the hotel. If you plan to stay overnight the hotel has a shuttle that you can take into Rome for a little sightseeing.
  10. We inquired about a Business class upgrade for an upcoming cruise in and out Miami, but it was double what we would pay by booking ourselves
  11. nybumpkin, Thanks for the update. We will leave on Friday for Boston, and board the Constitution for the Grand New England cruise on July 4th. We have our vaccination cards ready! Our cruise does not require vaccines and the only email we got about vaccinations just asked us whether we were vaccinated,or planned to be vaccinated before the trip. We replied that we were vaccinated and have received no communication since. We would prefer that vaccinations be required. Since this is not the case we will try to wear our masks as much as we can indoors. We have our masks on lanyards,so it is easy to put them on when needed as protection for the unvaccinated. Were you all tested more than once?
  12. Thank you all for all the information and discussion. Even though we are vaccinated, and since it is not a problem for us to literally walk down the street and get tested for free, we will do that for our own peace of mind, and to possibly avoid testing onboard. We won’t submit a negative finding online, but take our info with us. cindy
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