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  1. Wonder how soon before an “amp” Royal becomes specific about the changes and additions...
  2. where did you find information about the overhaul?
  3. Navigator has Jamies and Hooked. That would be nice on Freedom.
  4. Freedom is going into dry dock in January and February 2020. Deck plans for my March and April B2B are showing no different than pre dry dock. Crown and Anchor has no details. Anyone here have any insight? Is this going to now be the Amped Up Freedom of the Seas?
  5. Have fun! Maybe you can ask CD what the show schedule will be for Alaska cruises (other than Pixels which is on the planner.) And, if you have time, please find out who will be Captain, Hotel Director, CD, AM, and Concierges. I am on Aug. 2 cruise..... thanks, in advance! -Cheryl
  6. Thanks Biker - I was going to answer re the net....
  7. iFly is great fun! We have done it on Quantum and each time we have been on Anthem. It is a great bonus to this class of ship. I know how pricey iFly facilities are in the Chicago area. I took photos and video of my husband and he has done same for me. There also is a ship photographer taking photos of everyone. iFly has a weight restriction. They will put you on a scale before you even put on the gear.
  8. It is my understanding on Ovation in Australia they did not offer (require) reservations for the shows in the main theatre. Perhaps that will change once the ship is cruising out of Seattle.
  9. Thank you. Show times (other than Pixels which is already in Cruise Planner) would be nice to know in advance of my cruise, which is in August.
  10. I suggest you also join your cruise roll call, if you have not done so as yet. As Alaska is a new iten. for Ovation, lots of unknowns as far as entertainment. They have a show called “Pixels” in 270. There is no “brand name” Broadway show in the theatre. Royal has built shows for the theatre on Ovation. Pretty good chance will be the same shows as Australia and pacific crossing sailings. I will be on Ovation in August and will be bringing a mix of winter and summer clothes as well as rain gear.
  11. This is not to begin political discussion. I wonder what time frame begins for cruises? https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/cuba/article229341009.html
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