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  1. She is terrific and very hard working. I cruised with her several times on Navigator when she was in the Concierge lounge.
  2. If you are in a grande suite or larger u will receive an email regarldess of C and A status. All grande suite above guests and Ds, Dplus and Pinnacles will have welcome letter in stateroom explaing lounge hours etc.
  3. I will be honest and tell you I do not remember what time the return was. Last time for me - in October - my second day in Bermuda my plans were changed because of weather issues. Capt. announced ship was leaving early. I think many people had plans to change.
  4. From previous experience... first day in Bermuda is tournament. There will be a letter in your stateroom letting u know details for on board pre golf party where u will be receiving names of your teammates. At party they will give details about what time to board the bus to golf course. Post tournament party day ship leaves Bermuda where winners will be announced.
  5. Yes. Stay in airplane mode and connected to the Voom internet.
  6. you are welcome. you will need to check the cruise compass daily to see what venue is not being used.
  7. The nightclub on the concierge lounge level was usually empty during daytime hours.
  8. Simeon was great as Comedy Club host on Symphony. Wonder if his gig as CD is an audition for him as a permanent CD with Royal...
  9. Hi Sheri - i posted a few days ago about Jewel. If u changed it did not update on google sheet. Romina in DL is on vacation beginning 2/15/19 - she will be rejoining in 6 weeks - when the ship is in Europe, into the DL - because of rotation. Alain coming from Diamond lounge into Concierge lounge on 2/15/19 and Haffnar comes back from vacation and begins 2/15/19 in Diamond Lounge. -Cheryl
  10. On Jewel now. Romina currently in CL last day is 2/15/19 for her vacation. Aline coming from DL begins 2/15/19. Haffnar returns to DL on 2/15/19.
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