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  1. Tomato & Mozzarella, add BACON...it’s like a BLT on steroids! also like the tomato & mozzarella, add avocado. on our last cruise they had an egg & cheese sandwich on embarkation day...it was delicious!
  2. HMC by far! Much nicer beach, Princess Cay was too rocky.
  3. Thanks for the review OP! We are sailing MSC for the first time this September, in the YC on Seaside, and I am so looking forward to it. We have loved all our Carnival cruises, but I think a change is going to breathe some fresh life into cruising for us. :)
  4. OP, thanks for asking these questions! We are cruising MSC for the first time in September in the YC, and I am so looking forward to it but had a lot of the same questions. :)
  5. Hearing you talk highly of MSC really encouraged me to branch out and try them. That, and the status match program is nice! I just pulled the trigger and booked 2 more cruises with them for next year, Divina and Mera! ugh I know I’ve got to get over the fear of flying...I want to cruise Hawaii, Alaska, and it would make the trip to Miami much shorter! Anyone know where I can get some special gummies to help with anxiety? KIDDING...maybe...
  6. Thank you! Thanks for following along Jeff! Thanks for reading!! It was $63 per person, all food listed on menu and taco truck included. All drinks except yards, shots, and Red Bull included. As for the hammocks, I think anyone could use them.
  7. Thank you! Sometimes when I go back and read my “drunk” notes I just have to shake my head. We will be trying MSC Seaside come September. I love Carnival, but I’m excited for a change of pace! Enjoy your cruise!
  8. Chris and I were up bright and early at 6:00. I stepped out on the balcony and saw we were in Miami, and soon Carnival Sensation began docking behind us. It looked like another busy day for PortMiami, with quite a few ships unloading the previous week’s passengers and loading new ones! It was advertised for Platinum and Diamond passengers to meet in the Renoir MDR (deck 3 forward) at 7:15 for priority disembarkation, but since we were ready at 6:40 I told Chris “Let’s head on down.” He was a little grumpy and all “Why, we can wait right here!” and I told him “Just get your stuff (another word may have been used for that, I am NOT a morning person, especially on disembarkation day!) together and let’s go!” He begrudgingly followed me down, and the Conquest team had a nice, organized system going….file into the MDR, go to the end of the line of luggage and place yours there, and then take a seat. Your luggage saves your spot in line. Turns out, I am glad we went down when we did…at 7:15, we were walking off the ship! If we had waited until that time we would have been waiting for everyone else already in the MDR to exit. I may despise Miami, but I have to admit…they have the embark and debark process down pat…and they should, with all the ships they handle each week! We never stopped moving from the time we began walking out of the MDR to the time we got to the curb outside of the terminal. The new facial recognition system if you have a passport is AWESOME, I hardly glanced at the little iPad-type thingy and it turned green so I could go thru….sweet! Like I said, PortMiami is efficient, and we were standing on the sidewalk outside the terminal at 7:23. I called is an Uber, and by 7:44 we were back at EB Hotel, loading our bags into Rammit (Chris’s truck). Our drive home was long, but safe, and we were greeted by 2 wiggly Aussiegators and 4 scorned kitty cats when we opened the door to our house. I still don’t’ think the cats have forgiven us for “abandoning” them… If anyone has any questions, ask away, I will do my best to answer them! Unfortunately, this will be my last review on the boards until DECEMBER, as I am jumping ship and trying a new cruise line for my next cruise. I have to admit that I am excited to branch out from Carnival, as much as I love them I feel we need to experience something new to keep cruising “fresh” for us. Our past few cruises we have been a little bored with the onboard activities, so we decided that this year and next we will try a few different lines and see what we think. However, we do have the Legend partial Canal transit booked for December, and a reunion cruise with some friends on the Breeze next year, so we are not abandoning Carnival completely! Until next time…Bon Voyage everyone!
  9. I had hoped to catch Kyndall’s version of the Love & Marriage show at 1:00, but I had a feeling we would miss it due to the Valentine’s lunch at the steakhouse. I was right, we didn’t get out until 1:20, so I headed back to the balcony for more reading until it was time for John Heald’s farewell party in the main lounge at 3:30. We had a big group photo taken, and cocktails and little appetizers (the broccoli cheese bites were yummy), and then we went to hang in the atrium until the Platinum & Diamond Reunion at 5:15. We followed that with dinner at 6 to help soak up some of the alcohol, and the caprese was wonderful as always. I wish I could make that at home, I can’t master the balsamic! The cornmeal crusted chicken was yummy, and I got the cheese plate for my “dessert.” We finished packing after dinner, then went to the atrium for Kyndall’s farewell party at 8:30. It was fun, and since tomorrow was going to be an early day (priority was to meet at 7:15 in the Renoir MDR) I went to bed at 9:30. I couldn’t believe my cruise was over! The blue margarita was icky White Russian! The sun is setting on my cruise 😞 Caprese, yummy!
  10. It’s my last day of my cruise! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Unfortunately, we couldn’t sleep in today like I wanted as John Heald’s event schedule said that the FFS #3 T-shirt and gift pickup was 8-10 in the comedy lounge. I figured that with 650 people in the group, it was probably best to get there early so we were not waiting in line for forever. We had a little wait when we got there at 8:10, but not bad. The gift was a nice backpack that I put to use the next day as we disembarked…it was great to stick my clean clothes in so they didn’t stink after being in the suitcase with dirties! We dropped the shirt and backpack back in the cabin, then headed for our usual morning spot. I was impressed with the barista this morning, she remembered that yesterday we had forgotten our punch card when we got our coffees and she gave us the 2 punches from those, which got us a free coffee today! I gave her the amount of the free coffee as a tip for remembering us, I mean, she didn’t have to do that! My iced mochaccino was delish, I have decided that is my go-to drink. We went to Sea Day brunch and I got some eggs Benedict, which were good. I decided that I needed some more quality time with my balcony, so while Chris packed I sat out there and read. We had reservations for lunch at the steakhouse at noon, so we headed there for the special Valentine’s Day lunch they were offering. I got the drink special, the Parisian Romance, which was good, and Chris and I both got the crab cake as an appetizer. It was phenomenal, as was the little beef slider on a biscuit that was given as a chef’s compliment. The filet mignon that I got for my main was OK, but not nearly as good as the first evening, but the blueberry sauce they had for it was really good! That was the only sauce option. My pretzel onion rings on the side were delicious, but Chris’s cauliflower was the winner. The dessert they offered was a cream brulee, which was really, really good! We also had a free photo taken, which was given to us at the end of our meal. I love the view from an aft balcony Lido on a sea day
  11. In between drinking and eating food to soak up the alcohol, Chris and I were in and out of that gorgeous pool. I did walk to the beach, which looked nice but had some seaweed in the water, which freaks me out. I know, seaweed is no big deal, but I HATE the feeling of anything brushing my leg in the water. They had some lovely hammocks to lie in, as well as an inflatable water park that you pay extra for. I decided that the pool was the way to go and stayed there. At 2:45 I decided that I had better leave before my poor liver died from exhaustion, so we paid our server his tip and got a taxi back to the ship. We were onboard at 3:15, and after I took a shower I passed out for a bit. When I woke up at 7, my tummy was telling me that food was a necessity unless I wanted to re-taste the drinks I had consumed earlier, but I was in no shape for the MDR so we went to Lido and I got my tomato and mozzarella sandwich. We finished eating, then headed down to the comedy lounge for the 8:30show with Michael Macy. He was really funny! One thing that I liked, but that others griped about, was that in between each comedy set they were clearing the lounge for sanitation to help keep any sickness at bay. Chris and I did not mind this, but others were really complaining. Really peeps? At least they are trying to keep sickness at bay! We headed to the piano bar at 9:10 to sing along with Davey, and Kyndall swung by on her way to the 80’s Rock & Glo party on Lido. Finally around 10:15 I decided that my poor body was exhausted from processing all the liquor, so I headed to bed, and I am sure that tonight I was probably the bear! In the port area... Walking the pier Sisters in port Hello, old friend!
  12. It looks like it's posted now! That means tonight I will add more!
  13. Just an update, I am awaiting a moderator to review my last segment I posted (Cozumel)....for some reason it popped up that a mod would have to approve it, not sure why. Maybe I posted too many photos with it...I dunno. Until that gets approved I wont be posting anymore, as I do not want to get ahead of myself in the review. Not sure how long it will take, it's been 2 days now.
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