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  1. I am really enjoying your review, thank you for taking the time to do it. We will sail MSC for the first time next year and I am soaking up all the info I can get!
  2. Yes, it is a tender port. FTTF will get priority embarkation onto a tender TO the island, but not BACK FROM the island.
  3. I met him on the Horizon last October, he was so funny, friendly, and always willing to have a picture taken or talk. I can't wait for his FFS #3 cruise next February!
  4. I ordered it once, and it was OK but I will stick with the filet from now on. Hubby tried it and agreed that his ribeye was better. The wagyu was tough.
  5. The Tpool is soooo relaxing! We have had spa rooms twice on Magic and loved it. Enjoy!
  6. Yup! But you know me...I’m a procrastinator, it’ll probably happen just a few days before. 😜
  7. Thanks for reading! Yes, I look forward to reading about the fun aboard the Sunrise I miss out on! Have a great cruise Jeff!
  8. Thanks for reading along! My knee is healing up good, still sore but better than it was. Ouch about the nose! Mom has 3 Rotties, they are hard headed for sure! Sept 22 can’t get here fast enough! Ah dang! Have a great cruise, we will leave her in good shape for you! Haha oops! Maybe they switch the pics every so often.
  9. Thanks for reading yet another of my reviews. 🙂 This one I really didn’t take notes as well as I normally do, and with it being a shorter sailing I’m surprised how quick the review was to write!
  10. Whose sailing are you on? I’m on the Sept 22 to Bermuda, maybe we are sailing together!
  11. I do get into some crazy stuff, huh? It had its moments, that’s for sure! Ugh I cannot believe she was so bad. When she finally passed out I breathed a sigh of relief!
  12. Oh! A few funny’s I forgot from the cruise, just found my notes: *In Nassau Mom got stung by a jellyfish. She was floating in the water and all of a sudden let out a yelp like an injured puppy. It was the only jellyfish we saw, I don’t know how she manages to have the dang luck she does. I told her to let me pee on it, but she wouldn’t let me. B told her to let me pee on it, nope…so I told her to deal with the pain. I don’t know why she was so stubborn, and danggit, that is a life goal of mine: to pee on another person. I had my chance, and she took it away. She CLAIMS that’s why she drank as much as she did at Happy Hour, but let’s face it: she’s a closet alcoholic. Just kidding. *Mom also scared off my bartender in the atrium one night. After doing some drinking she started asking the lady, “so how late do you work?” and giving her all sorts of compliments. The poor lady serving me my drinks abandoned us and a guy had to take over. Mom was just being nice, but the poor girl didn’t know that, she thought she was being hit on! Good job mom. Here is a blackmail pic I got of Mom passed out after happy hour. 😂
  13. Hey hey, thanks for reading! Yes, Sunshine has the new brunch menu, and you MUST try the French toast....delicious!!! I do not know how early you can show up as we didn't leave our house until 9, and got there in the afternoon. We did feel quite a bit of rocking in our cabin, but I find it soothing so it didn't bother me. Mom always takes ginger pills and doesn't have issues, and B was fine. As far as late night snacks...I really can't comment, as we were early birds! I don't normally go to bed that early, and I really expected us to be more party-ish than we were, haha. Yes, Sunshine does feel more crowded than other ships....BUT if you don't mind having a chair in the shade, check out deck 3. It is covered, and they will set loungers out there on sea days. . Or just use your balcony. Also, try and hit the food venues at more off times and it won't be so bad. Have a wonderful cruise!
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