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  1. Thanks for the snack pictures. I’m not usually a snack-y person, but I won’t turn down a cheese plate or some M&Ms. πŸ™‚
  2. Thanks for the recommendation. We love Japanese food so that is one I will make sure we check out!
  3. Thank you for that info. πŸ™‚ I appreciate it.
  4. Jamie, thank you for that wonderful info about the shore ex credit! herdingdogmom, first off I have to say I love your profile pic, I have 2 Aussies myself. They are my kids. :) And your response about the dining package is why I am so glad we have CC, I thought I read 5 meals but I am sure you are right and it is probably 3! I was looking at too much info and got confused. Thanks for the info on Cagneys, with it being a steakhouse I am sure my DH will be right there wanting to try it! Same with the smokehouse. I still am just in awe of a butler, but the thought of a hot breakfast in my room does appeal some to me!
  5. Thanks for the quick reply Two Wheels! No worries on us trying to bring non-Haven guests anywhere, it will just be DH and I. That's pretty awesome about the dining package, looks like we won't be in the main dining areas too much! I am really looking forward to this change-up!
  6. Hi everyone! I just booked my first cruise on NCL for September 2021, and I am hoping that you all can put my mind at ease and answer a few questions that I have. I have cruised quite a bit on Carnival, but I have decided to change things up once all my current bookings I currently have with them are sailed and branch out to try new lines. As much as I love Carnival, I need a change and figure this will make cruising "new" again, and who knows...I may fall in love with another line! Anyway, we are booked for the Joy to Bermuda in a Haven room. The Haven looks amazing, but I have a few questions about it. First off, I see it has it's own restaurant...is that for a charge or included in our Haven booking? It also mentioned a mini bar in the cabin, is that included as well? We probably won't partake in it since we booked the drink package, but who knows. Also, the booking came with a specialty dining package with 5 meals at specialty venues...is that 5 meals per person or total? What venues would you recommend we try? What ones should we NOT try? Another thing, the Haven room comes with a butler...I honestly don't know what the heck we will do with a butler...can someone give me examples of what they actually do? LOL I know that sounds crazy, but I really doubt we will need one! The booking also has a $50 per port shore excursion credit...can we use that ahead of time booking shore excursions online thru NCL, or is it only useable once onboard? Heck since we are in Bermuda I really don't know if we will use it at all...this will be our third time there, and we usually do the bus/ferry pass to where we want to go, but who knows, maybe NCL will have an excursion that we really like so we may take advantage of that! Any info you all can give me on the Joy and NCL in general will be so appreciated. I will be reading these boards and any reviews I see posted about Joy like crazy. I am super excited to try something new, but super nervous too...I don't handle change well and have gotten so comfortable with Carnival, but this could be a great adventure! I just feel like a fish out of water.
  7. We sail the Sunshine Aug 24 and Sept 22 from Charleston, I can't wait. Thanks for this info, it is very helpful!
  8. This must be a Costa Maya thing....on our family vacation in April I had the same experience from a different beach club. The last thing I remember is getting into a taxi to go "home," then there is a long blank until we were searching for my uncle in the port, then there is a REALLY long blank to me waking up on the floor of the cabin. I mean....I don't remember getting back on the ship, and my husband claims I was running around the cabin making "monster sounds" until I fell to the floor snoring. But that is all alleged.
  9. Ship class in general for me would be Spirit class. They are the perfect size and the layout is awesome. I also love Serenity being in the aft and having its own pool! I have 2 favorite ship features...the Tpool in the spa of Dream class ships, and the Havana area of Vista class ships.
  10. Really, my main issue with the elimination of straws is that I hate drinking directly from a glass. I do it at home, but I have been the one to wash those glasses and its just me and my husband (and occasionally friends/family) that drink from them. On the ship I guess I am a germaphobe and wonder how well the glasses are cleaned, so yeah....I will be bringing my straws for my non-frozen drinks. As far as the frozen ones, I just am not a fan of lime flavor....I get they are trying to be environmentally friendly and all, but I wish they had gone with a broader range of flavors or a paper straw with no flavoring at all....I just don't think lime in my Miami Vice/Blue Hawaiian/Pina Colada will be good at all.
  11. OMG your bedtime prayers crack me up. Sometimes when I am on vacation and may or may not have had too much "juice" I will say a prayer like that out loud. My husband will just look at me and shake his head and tell me to pass out, which always leads to a pillow being flung toward his head.
  12. Yep, that's me! Totally unreal. I'm a she, thanks very much. As long as I have a black card I'm good! HAHAHAHAHA this! I really need to make my own coffee at home but dang, I love their caramel crunch frappe!
  13. I’m really not crazy about a lime flavored straw...I will be swiping a bunch from Starbucks on my way to the ship.
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