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  1. That's what bothers me the most. They don't HAVE to do anything, but they SHOULD do something. Their ship isn't performing well enough to get us to St. Thomas, so it is an issue within their control. Just do SOMETHING that says they care. They have to know St. Thomas is the reason people booked this cruise. Why they kept Nassau is beyond me.
  2. What is the name of the port we will dock? Also, are all the things you mentioned within walking distance?
  3. Agreed. I'm also a travel agent, so sent an email to one of our "higher ups." I hoping everyone in our cruise group calls Royal and speaks to a manager. Why cancel the one port everyone booked the cruise for? If I wanted to go to Nassau, I would have booked a 3 day cruise and spent 75% less money!
  4. We are on the 5/11 sailing and they notified about 50% of the passengers that we cannot go to St. Thomas because of the propulsion issue. We are now going to San Juan. They cut the time in San Juan as well as Nassau for a total of 4 port hours. St. Thomas was the reason we booked this cruise. It is my favorite island. This is also a big family cruise and the last family vacation my parents will go on because they just can't get around well anymore. So this was a super duper special cruise for us. I'm really disappointed in how Royal Caribbean handled this. Weather is out of their control. But a mechanical issue is not. The very LEAST they could have done was give everyone a small onboard credit, provide a free massage or send us to St. Thomas and cut out Nassau. Or instead of Nassau let us go to Cocoa Cay. Nassau is gross and is just another dirty New Orleans, but surrounded by pretty water. In no way did they try to sweeten the pot and lessen the blow because of a known issue with their ship that they have yet to fix. I know it is in their cruise contract, blah, blah. Don't need that speech. And I know it would probably require dry dock to fix. It's just the principle of the matter. In our cruise group on FB, I cannot tell you the amount of people that also booked this cruise because of St. Thomas. If I was providing a service and my equipment failed and would alter my service, I would offer my clients something to compensate them. Even if it was a $25 OBC. Just something! I would at least try to make it right until I could get it fixed. But they just said oh well. That is what bothers me. We are still going to have a wonderful time because family is everything to me, and my cruise isn't ruined.... just sad.
  5. We just had an itinerary change and are now going to San Juan. We cruise 5/12. Any suggestions for families? We will have small kids (2 8 yr olds) and my elderly parents, so we need something "easy" to do. Thanks in advance!
  6. I ALMOST booked that one. It has a HUGE balcony and the room is so spacious with the table! That'll come in handy with the kids. We are going on spring break, so I'm hoping that we will at least get to swim at the pool in Loft 19. On the Magic, it was so crowded that my daughter could only dunk under water and then get out. No swimming at all. Then we tried the hot tubs, but they always had 8 or more people crammed in there. I'm really excited that we can get in our hot tub on our balcony and she can play and swim around all she wants while we enjoy that beautiful view! 🙂
  7. We booked an Excel Aft Suite for 4/2021 and I can't wait! I love RC Oasis class ships, but a suite similar to this was way out of our price range on RC. I think the suite we got was an excellent value for the balcony alone! Since we have done the Western itinerary, this cruise will be more of a relaxing, laid back famly time for us and we will utilize the suite/balcony much more often as well as try to experience all the ship has to offer. I'm happy that Loft 19 does not have any age restrictions! I'm hoping we can actually get in some pool time with our daughter on this ship. We typically cruise on school breaks, so as a result, ships are very crowded with kids. On our last cruise, the pools were so crowded that my daughter never got to swim. She could dunk in the pool to get wet and that was about it. I think with all the pools and them being spread out onthe Mardi Gras, it will feel much less crowded. We also love to sit in the hot tub after a long day and every hot tub we got in had 8 or more people in it on the Magic. It will be extremely nice to sit in the hot tub on our balcony, just the 3 of us and watch the waves!! I really like the fact that Carnival is giving guests this kind of suite experience, but still being the same, fun Carnival that we like. We got a crazy good deal on a spa suite when we went on the Magic and enjoyed the spa very much, but it was nothing like this is going to be! We are just regular people that want to experience the "suite" life even if it is the only time we spluge like this. And can I just say... gosh I can't wait for another Guy's burger. Heck I may have to do a cruise next year just to get our burger fix! 🙂
  8. Same with us! We've been on the Oasis and going on the Allure next month. I like the larger ships and was super excited about the Mardi Gras. We just booked for 4/2021. I'm so looking forward to it! Ok lets be honest... I'm looking forward to a Guy's burger most of all! ha!
  9. So excited for yall Ginger! Which one did you get? We got the Excel Aft Suite for 4/3/2021. I bet my hubby is going to spend the night on the balcony with that daybed!
  10. I hear ya. I have many friends that prefer the interior cabins and spend money on other things! To each their own. 🙂 I just really wanted a suite and loved some of the suite perks on a really cool ship. I'll never get another one, so wanted to just do it! My hubby and I never splurge on ourselves. We always spend money on our daughter, so we decided to do something nice for ourselves. 🙂 We aren't drinkers, but like the non-alcoholic fruity drinks, so we save a ton by not having alcohol. And by the way... we are pretty regular folks. 🙂
  11. Crewsweeper - will do. Wonder how much it will run? Also when it mentioned the bar, does that mean all drinks are included as well or is that an extra fee? I'm just excited about free laundry, room service and soda package. 🙂 Its the little things for this busy Mama. 🙂
  12. Anyone going on this Spring Break sailing? I'm so excited! We (hubby, our then 10 yr old daughter) booked an Excel Suite and I can't wait to utilize that balcony!
  13. I just booked the Mardi Gras for Spring Break 2021! I can't wait! I treated us to an Excel Suite! This will be the last suite I do, so I figured I better do it up right! 🙂
  14. I've tried and tried to get a hold of Papa Bear to no avail. Maybe I don't have the right email for him? I"ve messed him on FB and his FB page and nothing. Oh I hope they still have the farm, but you are right, they might not.
  15. Just pulled the trigger and booked the Excel Aft Suite (LS) for spring 2021! So looking forward to utilizing that balcony and hot tub!
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