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  1. @jlpparke hi yes..I booked Rome cabs...Rome in limo was slightly higher. I’m still a concerned about leaving so early but the next flight was so much more . cant wait to board !
  2. Hi we are sailing in July on the Epuc and I’m looking to book viator transfer to Florence. Is there a free shuttle offered by ncl to city center to get us to bus departure ? Thanks
  3. Hi...traveling this summer on NCL Epic and I’m considering taking there Pompeii on your own excursion...leaves at 8:30..back by 12:30 ...cost is around $40 per person,,and i have a $50 per port credit. (We are three people). Originally I was only going to take a ferry to Capri and spend the day there...will I have time to go to Capri too and get back onboard for around 6 ....ship sails at 7:00
  4. Thank you...how soon did you set up reservation? I’m going in july...
  5. So I booked by return flight from Rome to Newark NJ the day I depart the NCL Epic ....flight leaves at 10:50. Any recommendations for private taxi/car to airport from pier at 7:00 am? I’m definitely nervous about cutting it close but It was my only option.
  6. We will be sailing on the epic in July...departing boat on a Wednesday and will be flying home the same day. There is a great flight leaving at 10:45 and I’m not sure if I should risk it or fly back at 2:50. Just not sure what to do all those hours at the Airport...any suggestions what to do?
  7. hi I’m cruising the end of August on the dream...4 night cruise...just wondering which WiFi package I should get to stay in touch perhaps 4 or 5 messages per day ..so it would be 3 1/2 days ...since Monday we sail away around 5 and Friday I’m off the boat . Usually I purchase 100 minutes for a 7 day cruise. I do realize the cabin gets 50 mb free on the first day but im sharing a cabin Thanks
  8. im getting the social media package for my upcoming cruise but it’s mostly for my son...I will be using it to message at home family. Can we shared it by logging in and out of each phone?
  9. hi trying to figure out which deck we will be boarding on the escape...and if mid-ship? Thanks
  10. Quick question....what deck do we board on the escape? Just want to know the quickest route to headliners to get passes once on board escape
  11. Does anyone know if there is any time when the groups are combined ?
  12. I’m traveling on escape in July...definitely interested in getting some vibe passes. I’m platinum as well as a few others in my group...what are my chances on getting passes? Also how many can one person buy?
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