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  1. So I tried again. NCL told my TA that the rates I was looking at was for new bookings only. (no kidding!) How does anyone get an upgrade after final payment if this is the deal?
  2. The cabin I have is not sailaway or gty and the cabin I want to switch to is not sailaway or gty.
  3. The higher cabins are less than my cabin cost. I could get a mini suite or a large balcony cabin for less money than my regular cabin. Maybe I should call NCL myself?
  4. I just don't trust my TA. I don't think she asked the right question. I was looking for an upgrade. She told me they said I would have to cancel and rebook. I don't think that's right.
  5. My price went down around $600. It is after final payment. About 100 days to the cruise. I called my TA and she said they aren't offering anything, not an upgrade to a better cabin or OBC. Is this typical? I thought I would at least get upgraded to a better cabin. Thanks!
  6. If prices were equal, which would you rather have? The large balcony mini suite is not available. Thanks!
  7. I never thought about the problem being the chillier weather. Although it was pretty nice and sunny out, I guess many people did not go outside. They do not have any outside dining venues, though, so that wouldn't have made a difference. But the trivia, yes, I can see that was why so many people. I am eager to hear if the Bermuda cruise after mine had the same issues. And can't wait to hear your review, windandbeach. However, none of this explains the indifferent and even rude upper management. Never had a cruise where I wasn't smiled at when walking by an officer. Very strange.
  8. Hi, Me and my bestie took our kids on this cruise. I had a balcony cabin with my 2 girls and she had an interior with her 3 boys. The ship is very clean and in great condition. However, I think they have too many passengers for the venues. Each day we waited for tables at breakfast. Only respite was on port days. First sea day we waited 45 minutes for a table in main dining room for breakfast. We go there so we don't have to wait in lines to get food. Staff were telling us we had to go to buffet to get fruits, etc, and they would only get us cooked to order food. (They have a little buffet in the main dining room set up for breakfast and lunch) Then after we ordered, they were rushing us and just plain rude. It was a horrible experience that would carry through whether we were at main dining room or windjammer. First day lunch at Windjammer had 25 minute waits for a table. Open the main dining room for lunch the first day! Once seated, we found picked over food that was not being replenished fast enough. The main dining room dinners were ok. The servers were nice but there were a lot of missed entrees that they had to go back for. Just seemed like a mismanaged restaurant. We love trivia and apparently so does the rest of the ship. Never a seat at trivia. One day, my friend even got there 30 minutes ahead of the trivia and there was no seating available. This would hold true with all the events other than the main shows. They were fine with seating. Bar staff were friendly and easy to get service. They should transfer some of the bar staff to the dining venues. The ports were nice. For the most part, the management staff seemed very unhappy. I always smile at people when I pass. I passed an officer one day and he made eye contact, I smiled, and he looked away as if I didn't exist. This was pretty typical of the officers. I have been on the Oasis and that was great. Never again with a smaller Royal ship. This is the first time in my approximately 25 cruises that I've wanted to get off the ship and go home. Miserable staff, crowded, not enough seating. Is this typical for the smaller ships on Royal?
  9. Two questions. We are going on the April 21 cruise. 1. My embarkation time is 1:30. If I show up early, do you think I can get on earlier or should I just wait to show up at 1:30. 2. We have 9 people in our party. If we switch to anytime dining, do you think we will have difficulty getting a table?
  10. I was planning on staying on the ship for 2 of the port days. Is there enough to do? Thanks!
  11. I have read the tripadvisor reviews and can't decide. Which would you do? It seems that St. Lucia is $8 less pp but I'm not sure they are doing all the same things as Cosol does.
  12. How many days prior to your cruises are you receiving these emails please? I have a cruise in 59 days and would love an email. Thanks!
  13. I am interested but it won't let me private message you.
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