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  1. Because they can. Last September I booked a 17 night South America cruise on Westerdam in March, 2022 with no perks, forward veranda cabin on deck 8, for $1592. That same cabin category is now $2306 per person, and the cruise doesn't appear to be selling well. I think they just assume people want to cruise so badly that they're willing to pay more.
  2. In my case, no one ever contacted me. I would give HAL a call if I were you.
  3. 20 years ago HAL chartered our transatlantic cruise and didn't tell us. We found out here on Cruise Critic. I'm surprised to see that they are still doing this. Luckily we were able to change our booking before we'd booked our flights to Barcelona.🤔
  4. We received an offer like this a couple of weeks ago. I am a bit claustrophobic, so an inside cabin isn't an option for me. We ended up booking Koningsdam back-to-back, paying $199 per person for each 7 night cruise in an outside cabin. Very reasonable! 🙂
  5. I've had an extremely good PCC for several years, who always got back to me timely and who was wonderful in explaining the various promotions, restrictions, etc. He and I also enjoyed a lot of banter, and booking (and cancelling) cruises with him was always a pleasure. We eventually became friends on FB so that we could keep in touch. I recently received a casino deal via email and so forwarded that to him so that he could book a couple of them for me. I received an Out of Office reply stating that he was no longer with HAL. My heart sank. I got in touch with him to ask if he
  6. Thanks for posting this. I'm glad to see that the CDC is taking a more realistic approach to future cruises. I am all for vaccines and masking up where appropriate, but IMHO, some of the masking requirements seemed like overkill.
  7. I imagine that there will be cancellations if ships are considered overbooked. Two B2B cruises I booked yesterday with a casino deal are almost sold out. I'm thinking that HAL will want to cancel my reservations, indeed! We paid bottom dollar for an outside cabin, with bunches of perks thrown in. I imagine that they'll want to keep the passengers who paid more. I hope I'm wrong, but am prepared for it mentally. Ugh.
  8. Thank you, Jacqui! And this brings current bookings up to 4. Is that too many?🤣🤣🤣 Cheers! Annie
  9. Hi Jacqui: I'm a sucker for a sale, so I booked 2 back-to-back cruises on Koningsdam with today's casino offer. The first cruise is a 7 night Mexican Riviera on October 24, 2021, followed by a 7 night California Coastal on October 31, 2021. Both are round trip from San Diego. With recent good news on the ability of cruises to possibly start up again in the US, I couldn't resist!😁 Cheers! Annie
  10. IMHO, the CDC states that the order can be lifted once the US government declares the pandemic "over". With the lack of communication from the CDC, my feeling is that they are not interested in the cruise industry's compliance, and are not going to freely open US ports to cruising anytime soon - Not until the pandemic is indeed over. This may be in 2024 or so. I am more than willing to fly back and forth to Europe, Asia, or almost anywhere else to cruise. With the recent announcement that Europe may allow vaccinated US citizens to travel there this coming summer, my hopes for
  11. We just got home from a short trip to Las Vegas. We don't even care much for Vegas, but we went because, once fully vaccinated, we HAD to get away for a few days. We hadn't been anywhere in 2 years. We did not partake the festivities of The Strip, but instead stayed in a nice hotel/casino away from The Strip and had fun doing plenty of other things. We kept telling each other that we can't wait until we actually get to cruise again - To be where we really want to be. I'm sure that tears of joy will be exploding from my eyes upon embarkation... Cruising became such a way of lif
  12. Actually, the CDC states that all port personnel, passengers and crew must be vaccinated.
  13. We booked an obstructed view veranda cabin once and wouldn't again. It took away something we realized that we absolutely love, which are the beautiful views at sea and when pulling into or away from port. It's not much more money to have a non-obstructed view. I wouldn't recommend one.
  14. I'm thinking that it is too early to speculate anything. The CDC is pointing fingers away from themselves regarding the Conditional Sailing Order when they are the only entity that closed cruising down and have control to make changes. There are so many factors to consider. Personally, I have 2 cruises booked in 2022, and am hoping HARD that cruises do get going toward the end of 2021 and that I might be able to grab a last minute deal. I'm not booking anything for 2021 in advance, though. That's just me, but I am truly unsure if cruises will be a thing in 2021, unfortunately.
  15. Yes, definitely! In fact, I would prefer if the cruise lines required everyone to be vaccinated against COVID. It would make me feel more at ease knowing that everyone around me has received the most protection available.
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