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  1. I live in Fairbanks and it's just recently started getting dark at night again. I actually haven't stayed up late enough to look outside, but basically, almost anytime it is dark and there are no clouds, there are Northern Lights. So sorry you had to cancel your trip. You will see them when you re-book your trip for either late mid to late August or September. They are phenomenal!
  2. And for the folks who block the air vents with tape, paper, etc. - Do you remove these things prior to disembarking? I only ask because DH and I get warm easily and he's had to search the vents himself and has removed these items, which eats into our cruise time. So please, if you must plug or redirect the air flow, I would ask that you remove these things as a kind gesture for the next passengers. Thank you! 😊
  3. For $650 total difference for 14 nights to get a Neptune, I would jump on this offer. It is a very good value. I've been in Signature Suites several times and loved them. The Neptune suite offers more perks and are all in great locations, IMHO.
  4. I just tried to look for a cruise and did not get very far. I think this is the 3rd day that the site has been completely down. HAL took the maintenance notice off the website yesterday, so I was hoping that all would be fixed, but it is not. It's frustrating. My husband, though, is grateful for HAL taking the option of me spending money away for the time being.
  5. I've sailed on Westerdam and never got sick or had any problem with fluctuation temps. The ventilation has nothing to do with it. It is other sick people spreading airborne germs that are the problem. You need to wash your hands often and be careful not to touch railings. The same can be said for any ship. I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, and if going from extreme cold outside (-40) into a warm building (+70) several times a day, every day all winter made a person sick, no one could live up here. My next 2 cruises are on Westerdam and I am really looking forward to it!
  6. At least they are finally acknowledging that there is a problem. Nothing can be done on their website at the moment. I have 2 cruises booked, but my next one isn't scheduled until April... I have an itch to book a short 7 day cruise to Mexico sometime in November, December or January to get me through and now cannot even look up itineraries. This website problem is potentially costing them millions.
  7. I'm currently getting the Wheel of Death when I try to search for itineraries... I hope it ends soon.
  8. I've never heard of this before. The agents I've dealt with at HAL have always been very pleasant and eager to help me out. I am interested in reading more about it.
  9. I booked my next couple of cruises on board my last cruise. We receive the Early Booking Bonus (SBP + Pinnacle Grill Dinner), Welcome Back Bonus (doubled by booking on board) and we received a great price on each cruise! If I am not booking a cruise while cruising, then I call or email my personal cruise consultant at HAL. He does great things - Finds deals, helps with choosing a cabin, gives me price drops when I notice that the price has come down... I've read that folks who book through certain major booking sites have been disappointed to have not received the promised on board credits. I personally gave up on travel agents years ago due to terrible service and them getting in the way of price drops. I prefer to have full control over my reservations. Best of luck in your cruise planning! It's tons of fun leading up to the actual moment you board the ship. 😊
  10. I've done this several times without any problem.
  11. It doesn't look like a good deal at all. A 50% reduced deposit is not an extra benefit, IMHO - Just putting off until the inevitable final payment is all.
  12. If you see a deal on your cruise and want to upgrade, just call HAL and make the change. You do not need to wait for them to contact you. I monitor my booked cruises every day and have gotten some very good deals by doing this.
  13. Yep - Adults only and an amazing relaxation experience! 😊
  14. You need to jump right on the casino offers. When I've received them only by mail, they are usually sold out. I live in Alaska and in my case, that may have been because mail takes longer to get here. I have been able to take advantage of them when they've been emailed to me, though.
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