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  1. Good to know. If DH and I drank alcohol, this might have some value for us.
  2. There are a couple of very nice European itineraries I am interested in, but the pricing with all of the inclusions is more than I want to spend. We live in Fairbanks, Alaska, so $800 per person in air is not going to get us very far. It might get us there, but it won't get us back. We usually fly to/from Europe using miles. My husband doesn't drink at all, and I might have one cocktail during a 2 week cruise. We prefer coffee, tea and water. For us, there is not much value in the drinks that they offer, and they do not even specify the Signature Beverage Package, so it may be only sodas that are included. It's very vague. We'll be waiting until later to book Europe for 2021.
  3. Wow. I've been waiting for the 2021 Europe and Australia cruises and have been checking every day. There was a post started yesterday stating how the 2021 Europe cruises would open up today, December 6th. I've checked the HAL website today and nothing new is posted for 2021. I truly hope that I don't have to wait another 4 months to find out!
  4. Can you please provide a link to the news?
  5. Holy smokes! What a terrible decision on HAL's part! My youngest is now 30, but she basically grew up cruising and the kids clubs on various lines were the highlight of her cruises when she was little. I would have never left her to her own devices when she was 7, 8, 9, etc. If HAL is looking for a newer, younger clientele base, then they are definitely going to push families away. This isn't just penny pinching, this is setting some children up for real, horrific abuse.
  6. Every $300 worth of shore excursions, spa, bar and other purchases counts as an extra day of Mariner points. So if you spend $600 on your cruise, you will get 2 bonus Mariner points. Spending in the casino does not count.
  7. I am eagerly awaiting the 2021 Australia and Europe cruises. I have been checking the HAL site every day for a month. It will be nice to finally know what my choices are.
  8. Caribbean Chris: It has been explained to me that the sound quality is a matter of perception. Those of us who are suddenly deafened with no prior hearing issues often feel that hearing with CIs is sub par. 22 (or thereabouts) electrodes cannot do the work of 30,000 tiny hair cells. Those folks with long term progressive, degenerative hearing loss usually LOVE the sound they get from cochlear implants because they've never heard this well before, or it was so long ago that they were able to hear this well (possibly decades), and for the first time in their lives are able to understand and identify sounds that were previously unavailable to them. I am thankful for my CIs, but my perception is that the technology has a long way to go. Cheers, Taters
  9. I was actually correct. I did not make this up. I explained what I was told by my PCC and what happened to ME. MY situation was fixed with a call to the Mariner desk. Other's may have not had the same situation as I did, but in MY case, MY problem was solved. Others may benefit by knowing what happened.
  10. This is what was explained to me when I was not getting any more email promotions. Perhaps you were already opted in somehow. I do not appreciate being called a liar.
  11. It was explained to me by my PCC that once you have a HAL cruised booked, they no longer send promotional emails. You can opt back in, however, by calling the Mariner Society and telling them that you'd like to continue to receive these emails. That's what I did. 😊
  12. As a person who prefers 14, 15, 16 day cruises since I have to fly so far to get to any cruise port, I do not find much of a difference in the age of the clientele between HAL ships and Carnival ships. I think that the 7 day cruises attract many more families than the longer cruises do. We are Platinum on Carnival and 3* on HAL, getting close to 4*... DH and I prefer the size of the Spirit class ships on Carnival and the Vista and Pinnacle classes on HAL. Our first HAL cruise was on Statendam in 2011, and we felt it was just a bit small for us. We've found ourslves very comfortable on Holland America lately, and have no further plans to cruise on Carnival. Our last cruise (14 night Southern Caribbean on Pride in January, 2019) was quite a let down, as they've cut back too far on staff. The service we've received on HAL is much better, even though they've suffered many cutbacks on staff, as well. Have fun on your cruise!
  13. The CC option on my last HAL cruise in April/May, 2019 worked beautifully! This was on Zuiderdam. This post was originally from 2014 and HAL has come a long way since then.
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