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  1. Westerdam is scheduled for the Alaska season beginning April 10th.
  2. I knew it was coming, but like you, my emotions are mixed. I am sad, though I know that cancelling was the only real option. I was hoping that they would announce a new cruise in it's place that we could go on, but that didn't happen.
  3. Oh, I definitely think the bean counters are heavily influencing HAL's lack of decision making on Westerdam's Asia itineraries. This puts people like me in a bind. I'm not sure whether I have a long anticipated, much needed vacation away from work or not.
  4. I just saw a post on a FB group by Suzy Cue, of the President of Cambodia coming to greet the ship. This is a very positive thing. I'm so glad that he truly cares.
  5. I looked at that and WOWZA! What for, I wonder? It's February! So weird. With that situation in mind I went to the Sapphire Princess roll call and found that they were supposed to sail today, 2/13/2020 and were only notified of their cancellation YESTERDAY. Good Lord! That would hurt! My fingers are crossed big time that the same thing doesn't happen to the folks on the 2/29/2020 sailing of Westerdam. Honestly, what Princess did was horrible, IMHO.
  6. I imagine that your cruise being allowed to depart from Yokohama will depend on whether they will once again allow cruise ships. Diamond Princess' issues aren't helping at all. They are reporting more and more CV every day, and it seems to be out of hand, as if the ship is one of the biggest breeders of the virus. I feel truly sorry for those on board DP. I do hope that your cruise can be salvaged. We are booked on Westie's transpacific cruise scheduled to depart Yokohama on April 25th. I can't imagine the stress you're feeling right now. Best of luck to you!
  7. On our cruises on Koningsdam, Westerdam and Zuiderdam they closed the hydro pool for cleaning once per week.
  8. Carol: I am booked on the cruise after yours, the transpacific departing Yokohama on April 25th. I tried to do a mock booking on the HAL site for both of our cruises a few minutes ago. When I clicked on ANY cabin category, "The cabin category you have selected is no longer available", message appeared, and this happened across all cabin categories on both cruises. I believe they are going to cancel us soon. Previously there was plenty of availability on both cruises.
  9. One report I read about Guam's refusal is that they simply do not have the facilities needed to do testing and/or quarantine on such a large level.
  10. I read about this Bangkok refusal at about noon my time, and the passengers still have no official word, though some have learned this through FB just a couple of hours ago... that's 6 hours after it was in the international news, folks. What really bothers me at this point is that the suits at HAL have decided to bury their head in the sand, which IMHO, is very irresponsible. And if you check out this updated article from Reuters, within the article it states, "Calls to the company’s media hotline went unanswered on Tuesday." What on earth can HAL be thinking to let people just continue to spend money on flight changes when they know they are not going to be able to dock in Thailand and disembark passengers? Why are they not communicating? A lot of people do not book their flights using HAL's Flight Ease. There are probably honeymooners on board who were gifted their cruise and have limited funds. Not everyone is made of money. What is going to happen to these folks? I thought HAL was better than this, and I am very disappointed. Here's the updated article: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-thailand-cruiseship/thailand-refuses-entry-to-cruise-ship-with-no-coronavirus-cases-idUSKBN20503T
  11. They may have run out of choices: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-thailand-cruiseship/thailand-bars-cruise-passengers-amid-coronavirus-fears-idUSKBN20503T
  12. HAL is probably scrambling again... Update at midnight?
  13. I agree completely. At this point, with all of the disappointments, not knowing, stress and anxiety that go with it, it is time for HAL to get these folks ashore somewhere instead of continuing to try to take them where they are not wanted. I really feel for the passengers.
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