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  1. Yes very familiar with Princess bar set -up , its pathetic , thats why we are loyal to Royal 😇 You can always consider going back if you think it is that great ,
  2. Sorry they are NOT closed bubble tour's .... You are tended to the port with the rest of the PAX and some crew too , Ya think RCi will Stop there to let 60 pax go snorkling and 2,000 plus and some crew have to stay in port Manning ?
  3. Are we talking about RC INTERNATIONAL CDC has no Jurisdiction out side the US , South Pacific Islands Do Not have the capacity to do such tour's 😇
  4. Mystery island is a uninhabited island that has a landing strip for the near by island Aneityum ,what tour did you do ?
  5. RCI has not made any announcement to that at all, MSC in European sailings had that policy . For us sailing to South Pacific there are multiple ports that do not have infrastructure for ship sponsored tour at all e.g.. il Depins , Mistry island, Lifou and of course Hog Bay ,AKA Champagne Bay 🙂
  6. This is the most Info we have received (live) thanks 🙂 When you speak to your buddy on RD can you please get a report of what's going on over there ,presumably you are back at Sing OPL .👍
  7. but you on RCL that is not the same price??
  8. good idea to click on link and read interview first and watch video first .lots of info 😇
  9. Miraflores , Thank you . I have been looking for some live contact since the shutdown we were booked on RD Singapore to Brisbane 4th Nov 2020 . Some hope State boarders in Australia are slowly opening . 🙂 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-23/covid-19-borders-opening-qld-act-nsw-australia-wide-travel-rules/12688610
  10. it's like " Back to the Future " Marty should warn them about 2020 🙃
  11. Jeff , could you do a video on people in the mess /galley ? It's is like a ghost ship 😱.Are the crew in the crew cabins or in the pax cabins spread out ? Do you get any info on start up date ? is Radiance near by? Thanks
  12. Were were the other 98 people ? Would be great to do some real interview.s of staff 🙂
  13. You should of seen the look of those in the inside boxes , sorry cabins 😇
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