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  1. Radiance of the seas has them but the rolls were small ,soft center crispy outside with salt and seeds originally now tastless big bread roll 😥
  2. cannot be that experienced if she doesn't know how to contact the concierge. 🙂 sorry for being helpful ...
  3. at his desk in the diamond lounge or walking around greeting guests
  4. You have to make contact with your travel agent 🙂 if still unresponsive contact Royal
  5. Ship is in port mode no shops , duty free or casino open .
  6. Let's all see what you're wearing to MDR for dinner .?
  7. What excuse .? a federal bang on the glass clause ? What Federal industry safety standards.? What glass - less windows ? It's a ship so Maritime Law , there was a hand rail of correct height as to not be able to fall over with a window with tinted glass open for ventlation in a bar area serving alachol. The 0ne year old could not ask to be picked up and dangled over the handrail out a open window. and dropped. Children are to be supervised at all times by a responsible adult, this did not happen.
  8. No I have not been on the Freedom Class I do not see other step grandfather sober/ or intoxicated hanging one year old over the ship railing, but have seen sight impairment people navigate around the ship with no assistance... over a hand rail ...certain death if you cross ...if blind you know say but I'm colour blind but he e just leaned out ...three years is not even the starting point for what is for him .
  9. No they did not view the video and one person already knows what he did , a one year old did not ask her step grandfather to pick here up and dangle and then drop her out the window.
  10. If the one year old was in the kids club we would not be here , duty of care was not one of the parents concerns as they kicked back and let a incompetent person be in control/out of control of their 0ne year old .
  11. The authorities have been trying and trying for Grandfather to take the deal but , $$$$$$$ and to blame RCI is there only purpose. Now he should sit in jail and think about a one year old asking to be dangled out a 11 story window at a bar area .
  12. There is a handrail at the appropriate height so even a blind person would know not to lean over, climb over or dangle a 18 month over . Charge should be upgraded to fit the crime .
  13. Have washed once with other dark towels and after drying off using it had blue fluff stuck to my forearms 😳 heard the tote bags fall apart too
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