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  1. Hello Laurab., I am Laurad. We are on the same cruise in Aqua May 13. I do think this will sail!! Would be fun to meet. We have booked tours only on Celebrity.. prior pandemic we usually booked independent. Hello from Seattle
  2. Thank you for the replies. I was hoping that would be the case. First time in Aqua class. I enjoyed Celebrity yet was disappointed in the room service breakfast menu offered in a standard balcony room. Hope this carries on. Heading to Bermuda in May 22.
  3. Is there an expanded room service menu for Aqua class? I enjoy breakfast in my cabin. I have seen some menus from Blu and decided to try Aqua class. They looked good. Thank you for any information.
  4. Congratulations on your upcoming cruise!! So excited to see a “live from” thread. Can’t wait to read any information you can provide. We will be out on our deck north of Seattle cheering you on. Thrilled to see the ships sailing again. Hoping to head to South America 2022
  5. Thank you Krisval and Peregina651 for providing information on the PV "sliders". (Who knew??) with room # diagram and photos. My cruise from Hong Kong to Japan I discovered I had a room without a slider. UGH. Thankfully, I was able to change to a "slider" which I would prefer. Much thanks to you both!! I appreciate all the advice here on CC!!
  6. Thank you all for the information and suggestions. Very helpful. Upgrading makes sense to me as gives you options other than wine. A big thanks for the menu link from LHT28! The menus look amazing and you did me a big favor as that will easily convince the husband!! Thank you all for your input and hoping we can all sail again soon! Much thanks from Seattle
  7. We have not cruised Oceania (mostly Holland America and Celebrity). From my understanding if you select the "beverage package" as your free perk you are served beer and wine at lunch and dinner? Can you upgrade this package to include cocktails? If so how much per day? I could not find this info on their website. Can you choose one of the other perks and purchase a premium beverage package on board? I like wine and wonder if I am able to upgrade the to a premium beverage package is the wine selection expanded to nicer wines? We are looking at a Transatlantic to enjoy some sea days.
  8. Thank you for sharing!! How wonderful of the Captains!!
  9. If you sail on a casino rate.. are Mariner points still awarded? Wondered about that.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!! One memorable day on a cruise sailing to Hawaii a few years ago. Canadian Thanksgiving celebration dinner! Best meal on the cruise that year!! Disclaimer.. I do like turkey!! They did it right!!
  11. Wish we would receive an update. Booked January 5 2021 on the Westerdam. Saving up vacation time as I am still working. Would be nice to have information to change things around at work if the cruise is cancelled. Seems cruising should start up slowly and close to home.
  12. CDC does their best with the information at hand that is presented to them. These are unusual circumstances. I disagree they are doing a horrible job. No, they do not always have an answer, at this point no one does. If they should be fired better fire all the oncologists for not curing cancer. Scientists and physicians try to compile information and make wise choices. 35 year Registered Nurse who also wants to return to cruising asap.. when it is safe.
  13. Sometimes the “no change fee” results in a fee! This happened this week when we changed a no fee change ticket.. you have to pay “the new fare” $213.00 new fare fee to fly home 4 days later.
  14. POA1’s posts were the best!! Would love when he was out sailing and posting!! Hope to again read about his sailing adventures in the future..
  15. We took a bus tour with transportation from Amsterdam. Spectacular!! I agree with the above poster that we wished we had more time. Should not be missed.
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