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  1. I'm on solstice this coming November for a 12 day. Will I be offered this special?
  2. We book S1 simply because the higher end lines don't allow 2 adults + 2 kids in one room. But if we had no kids(or 1 child) we would book Oceania or Crystal instead in a heartbeat(they simply are on a different level). The dinner buffet on Oceania will beat Luminae every night of the week in terms of food quality.
  3. Great pics and thanks for your honest review Thomas! I sail on Solstice late next month and wonder if it'll be the new or old menus?
  4. Whether its allowed or not, just know none cigar smokers(99%+) of other cruiser hate smelling that obnoxious smell. It would be considerate to pay heed to those "downwind" from you.
  5. Awesome pics! Thanks. Side question: Do you generally get the same waiter for the entire cruise in Luminea?
  6. According to this: https://www.royalcaribbean.no/upload/PDF/Suite%20Class%20flyer%20OCT%202015.pdf One complimentary dinner for two (cruise of 7 night or less) or two complimentary l dinners to two (cruise 8 night or more) in a specialty restaurant (for sky, celebrity, and signature suite). How come I've never heard of this?
  7. Check out one of my old threads on the food in Oceania and tell me it doesn't blow away Celebrity by a few miles. Remember the specialty restaurants on Oceania are complimentary as well. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1593431-review-of-food-on-riviera-617-lisbon-to-romework-in-progress/
  8. One thing that really bothered me with RC is with the "megaships" getting on and off the boat feels like a busy day at Disneyland. Long lines to get on and off the boat depending on ports. The food on RC is also just not up to par even in the specialty restaurants. I know food is subjective so I suppose if you think sizzler or outbacks in good steak you'll be fine. No thanks.
  9. By the way if anyone want a visual on how much better the food on Oceania is... Here is a review thread I made from a few years back.
  10. Been on Oceania, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean. As you would expect the more you pay the better the experience. Dining on Oceania blows away Celebrity(however we found Murano to match up well with Oceanias best offering with Tuscan fairly decent as well). The Chinese restaurant(qsing?) and the Japanese are truly for those who don't know authentic/good Asian food, but I digress... I find Oceania to be worth the premium paid over Celebrity. I would never consider Royal Caribbean again(folks are treated like cattle there). Celebrity is our cruise-line of choice when we do travel with our 2 younger kids(newer Oceania ships can only accommodate 1 child unless you go bigger suites). However without kids I'd rebook with Oceania.
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