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  1. We've sailed with Corey as CD 2x, thought he did a great job. Opinions about CDs may be as varied as food preferences, so ymmv! We really enjoyed his Trivia, although it sometimes ran to 5:05 or so (as opposed to 4:59 sharp) - we didn't mind, but some folks seemed concerned lol. Some of his guest entertainers also did lectures/presentations, which I loved (spouse skipped). Corey on occasion arranged for local musicians to perform either onboard or on the dock. In Grenada he brought a steel-drum band on board to play poolside, the ship's band's percussionist was videoing them so you know they were great. Corey likes to invite other crewmembers to join him on the CD's daily TV presentation, which can be fun (I don't always watch CDTV lol, but somehow watched Corey's more than average). Generally my bias is a great CD helps, and a poor CD I'll have fun anyway. I thought Corey helped. Hope this info is useful.
  2. @Clutj and @LHT28 your room service might even consist solely of wine glasses and nothing else (last time we did that was a few years ago, but they happily delivered glasses as requested).
  3. Thanks for the detailed write up. Glad things improved after your first meal being meh - you must have been worried they would all be like that. I have to admit I stick to the roast turkey and/or the bone-in steamship roast beef from the carving stations on embarkation day in Terrace - no problem with being dry (you can ask for the juicy or fatty bits if you like).
  4. Tea time - we don't go to tea that often, so I could be wrong... But are we confusing everyday Tea Time with a Grand Tea? The Grand Tea (usually 1x per cruise and only on longer voyages) definitely has the impressive central table - or did last time I was at one (Jan or Mar 2019 iirc). Did everyday Tea Time ever have a central display table, or just the grab-and-go section (usually at the self serve coffee station) with items also found on trolleys?
  5. babysteps

    Oceania Air

    We've usually skipped O's air and done our own for $ or miles. We did use it once, EWR-MIA and then LIS-EWR (no intermediate stops). We were assigned AA domestic, TAP return, coach in all cases; no deviations (same day flights both ways). There was a slight glitch in getting seat assignments, our TA had to bug O to release our tickets or some such so that we could select seats ahead of time. Our flight to MIA was the first one in the morning (that is, quite early - but I'd been worried they would give us a "late" flight without too much cushion, so no real complaint). Consensus is to always run the numbers - sometimes it's better to use O, more often (but not always) it is less $ and/or more control to DIY.
  6. @clo haven't been on board since April 2019, but the website might be "puffing" things up a bit. Prime dry aged at Polo, yes. And trimmed so there is not too much of that aging-rind flavor (most people don't like the aging-rind/gamey flavor anyway, but FYI). Not sure, but by texture I suspect the Polo steaks are from grass-fed cattle who have not been grain-finished - tasty, but sometimes can be chewy (but sometimes super tender - ymmv). In our experience, steaks at Terrace are 'regular', not prime dry-aged. Others with more-recent-experience/more-focused observations/copies-of-GDR-menus will be able to report whether some steaks in GDR are prime dry-aged or not (my guess is usually not, but as a special maybe once in a while?). If things have changed and all venues are always prime dry-aged, that would be lovely. But don't be too disappointed if that isn't the case.
  7. Good tips cbb. You may already do this, but for the benefit of anyone making a mothball-the-house list: to minimize the impact if something goes wrong with a traditional water heater while you are away, you may wish to either drain and turn it off (turn off breaker or shut off gas, as appropriate), or at least turn it off.
  8. Some plant-based ice cream is better than others, but an unwelcome surprise is no fun. Ice cream may or may not have gluten free ingredients, but as a celiac it's not just the ingredients, it's also possible cross contamination with non-gf items such as ice cream cones, or a different flavor on the scoop (in the scoop rinse water), etc.
  9. Spouse ordered these once, wasn't a hit with him. If you want to try the sliders, doing it as something to share with the table sounds like a good idea - lets you try them without too big a commitment 🙂
  10. Yup that is me - guilty as charged. Might be influence of where Iive - we had a serious sidetrack at adult Sunday School this week of how we could eat more bacon. Adding bacon to every potluck item or having bacon featured at coffee hour 1x per month were the leading ideas.
  11. I too hate autocorrect. But I do enjoy fatty food...
  12. We have also enjoyed our dinners in Privee. Math-wise, GeorgesGal is correct for a fully subscribed dinner - but I think the fee is a flat $250, no matter the number of guests you choose to host. In case someone was looking to have a cozy dinner for 4 in Privee for $100, that's not how it works - I believe it would still be $250.
  13. With advance notice, we were able to do this April 2019 in NYC (we had an overnight) - our TA handled the forms and back/forth with O. We paid to be able to host our guest for dinner (we had provided name, passport info, etc prior to embarking, and this was the end of our cruise). Iirc, initially someone at O told our TA this wasn't offered, but she pressed and the forms were provided, with a blanket "not guaranteed/subject to approval" type statement. So it sounds like the "exception" may range beyond the ATW. This is the first time we requested a guest visit, so not sure about prior policy - I think I read here on CC that for some time and until perhaps some point in 2018 no guests had been allowed onboard.
  14. January 2019 on Insignia and March 2019 on Marina, we found that the bar/wine staff were a bit thinly spread in Terrace, but if you develop a "regular" table or area they may find you a bit more quickly. For dinner at Terrace, we would show up & settle into a table, wait for/catch eye of beverage person, order our wine, and then go get food - still less leisurely than GDR timing, but not quite "quick serve" fast lol.
  15. @bbtondo - worst case, once you are onboard, Destination Services should be able to give you more definite information as to estimated arrival time at your Rome hotel. That would give you plenty of time to make any necessary adjustments to your plans.
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