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  1. In our experience, if you bring an O-gifted (or TA-gifted) bottle to a dining venue, the staff will suggest replacing it with a properly-chilled bottle. Very convenient 🙂
  2. What @StanandJim said. Also consider the time of year and possible weather delays - our January 2019 NYC arrival was delayed from early morning to noon. Our April 2019 Marina arrival was delayed from noon by iirc an hour or 2 (then overnight in port). Both were coming up the east coast into NYC.
  3. You may be able to order Michelin maps online but we usually buy once in country. Michelin also has a pretty handy website (and probably an app...). We don't usually use gps directions but I have found offline gps map apps handy ( you download the map on WiFi ahead of time so don't use any cellular data). Some countries have their own (eg Ireland) but there are 3rd party options that cover just about anywhere.
  4. Yes. Go to to this excellent recent post. Scroll down and you will see a confirming picture.
  5. I am celiac but am not a big dessert person. O has taken good care of me as described by others above. I suspect they make the gf dinner rolls onboard and purchase the "regular" gf sandwich bread. The most recent gf tea scones I had on-board (April 2019) were pretty hard but made an excellent delivery device for butter and jam lol. Separately, if you like soy sauce bring your own... Exactly!
  6. We did a 16 day in South America with my folks several years ago on an O class. We dined together most nights, but (like you) I did all the specialty reservations and of our 4 we did 2 together and 2 apart - more or less the inverse of what is the best fit for you. The reservation process is well defined but the possibilities do multiply! Nice to be able to customize. Also, on some short R class itineraries they do start serving dinner at 6 pm. (or did a couple years ago). Otherwise yes dinner hours start at 6:30 for all restaurants on all Oceania ships.
  7. We agree with you! Note that some bin end list bottles are more limited than others - if there is something you are interested in, best to speak up early.
  8. @clo have you considered a luggage shipping service? You could have the bulk of your luggage go direct to ship, and just bring a few days' wardrobe with you.
  9. Was more like $100 in January 2019 (if my memory is off it might have been $120). This was a large SUV Uber (not through Uber, just available at the time and faster than waiting for a cab). We were going to a parking area near EWR, not actually on airport. Included tolls.
  10. Insignia January 2019 didn't notice an issue in Terrace for beverage service - as this itinerary had some "weather" and ended in NYC for the worldies to board, we weren't in Terrace for dinner as much as some other trips. Marina March 2019 wine service was slow the first day in Terrace, but since we tended to sit in a similar spot outside when at Terrace for dinner (and usually right when they opened), staff quickly learned to find us and offer us some wine. The one night we sat inside and more during 'rush' hour, it *did* take a while to get beverage service. As always, ymmv...here's hoping the beverage service finds you promptly!
  11. At least (at the moment) you no longer have to edit the preferences to be able to see "older" roll calls - for a while it was only the x most recent, or the ones with a post within the x last days, that would show...
  12. We were also there at Coxen Hole in March, the day *both* Riviera & Marina were there. There was an announcement about 9:45 ish (?? mid-morning but not too late-could have been 10:30 too...) by the cruise director that to the effect that independent guests who made their way to the Lounge *soon* would find no waiting for a tender. There may even have been a follow-up announcement (come on down, now!). We showed up about 5 minutes later and were directed right down to deck 4 and onto the tender, they didn't even have us go into the lounge to grab tickets. Roatan does provide a large capacity tender which I think helps a little but, may mean a larger wait between trips.
  13. @Pet You could get polo shirts for the group with a "decanter man" embroidered logo 🙂 @ropomo, you have unlocked the secret of the current wine market - drink what *you* like. We don't all have the same preferences, so who cares as long as you enjoy (well, enjoy responsibly, right?)! That said, unless we go to live-aboard status as an alternative to assisted living, I don't see my spouse choosing to seek out a lot of boxed wine anytime soon. But there are some iconoclast winemakers experimenting with boxes and/or cans these days, it's always fun to try.
  14. Is the travel business analogous to the real estate business? In real estate, the contract is technically with the agency (aka brokerage), the contract also specifies the agent, and you (or funds from closing) pay the agency, then the agency pays the agent. If travel is similar, that could explain why it is a list of agencies - because O's contract is with the agency, not the agent... Of course, this doesn't make it any easier for consumers to find the right agent 🙂
  15. A lot may depend on the length of your cruise and your personal preferences for logistics. $175 and being that close to the pier for a round-trip NYC cruise would win in my book (but not in everyone's book) over parking at EWR and Ubering back & forth. When we lived in CT we would do one-way car rentals to get to the NYC area airports and back, this could work for a cruise as well. If you are gone for more than 10 days or so, the cost of at- or near-to- pier parking could quickly outstrip the cost of a rental or parking at EWR & Uber'ing back & forth. Depending on distance, you could even look at Uber'ing or a car service all the way from your home to the pier and back (I assume this would cost more than at least some of the other options, but door-to-door service could be a luxury that is worth it to you). FYI, the parking at the pier is only accessible on days of embarkation & debarkation according to the Port Authority's website when I checked a few months ago. So if you want an overnight pre- or post-cruise, parking at the pier may not work (that's why we didn't park there in December when we flew EWR-MIA for an MIA-NYC cruise).
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