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  1. We have been cruising since the 80's. During one of our moves I did the same as you did and now only save the cruise cards.
  2. We are also in a sold out category(window suite on Enchanted) and this is exactly what my TA was able to accomplish(BEST2DG).
  3. We have a window suite booked on the Enchanted in April 2021(14 day TA). There are two, forward on Deck 17, the Sun Deck.
  4. This is our first casino offer. We hope there will be many more to come.
  5. Our most recent experience as of about 2 weeks ago is NO. We tried, and they called, and notified us we were not eligible. We are booked in an inside at $99 plus port taxes.
  6. When were you notified? I am waiting to be notified on our March 22, 2021 cruise. I have emailed my PVP but she said she has not heard anything yet. Thank you. I am sorry the alternate dates didn't work for you. That is disappointing especially since you were on a B2B.
  7. Great itinerary! We would have booked this one had we not had commitments during this time frame that could not be rearranged. Weddings and graduations are pretty set in stone,LOL.
  8. I am not Elite but will be in a full suite next year. My impression from the benefits is that drycleaning is included. We will be land touring after the transatlantic so if this is true it would be a great benefit.
  9. It is my understanding full suites also get complimentary dry cleaning. Is this true or am I reading it wrong? Thank you.
  10. Yes, This was my experience. They even had a few "no name" vodkas I had never heard of.
  11. No apologies necessary. Under the above circumstance I would probably feel the same way. We love the Regal and hope you do to!
  12. I am curious about your assignement because I recently booked on a casino rate, Nieuw Amsterdam, inside guarantee. I am not sailing until later March. It states N guarantee, but I do not believe there is a N category on NA. I will be happy with whatever assigned. I will not be upset if I am under BB Kings since I plan on being there, lol. Best wishes, and please update.
  13. This is so unfortunate(and irritating). I would have felt the same way you did!
  14. When ordering specify premium brand. Do not assume they are giving you premium brand because this is what your package says. Trust me on this!
  15. I agree, have sailed before and after revolution. Since revolution NO negatives, IMO.
  16. Our booking March 22-27, 2021 on the Infinity disappeared months ago. I am waiting to be notified but it seems it may be a few months yet. I got a terrific deal so hope to move it. Best wishes to you!
  17. I am waiting to be notified our 5 day Infinity March 22-27, 2021 has been chartered. It has been off the website for many months now.
  18. Thank you for your LIVE POSTING! We will be in our first suite(window suite) April 2021 on the Enchanted so very excited to read about Club Class dining and other benefits. BON VOYAGE!
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