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  1. John, you exemplify all that is good in this world. In such trying times, you set a beautiful example. Thank you.
  2. Exactly. The person before who licked their fingers or picked their nose before touching the tongs or serving spoons, the spit or boogers will stay on my disposable gloves, not my hands. I consider that a HUGE win for me.
  3. And some people still wonder why I wear a plastic surgical latex glove while serving myself in the buffet. Folks can be so gross.
  4. And we have been ridiculed for wearing a glove in the buffet. Even though we are being served by staff, mostly.
  5. Same experience on the 49 day Royal around south America. Booked as 3 segments, got 3 mini bar setups and best of all 3 stock holder obc credits!
  6. To the op that wondered about using food handler's gloves the the HC, we always do that. Have gotten some really weird looks from other pax, but never noro. 250 + days on princess, so not a newbie
  7. My 2 cents. We ALWAYS use plastic gloves when we are serving ourselves in the buffet. Gotten some really weird looks from fellow pax, but never noro.
  8. Does it have anytime dining or it is it traditional, early and or late?
  9. That's just not true. Once ordered through room service, you are allowed to take your beverage anywhere you want. You have also paid the 15 percent service charge so no problem at all.
  10. I have taken pre purchased alcohol everywhere on board the ship. I bought it from HAL so it's really none of their business where I drink it. If you are concerned about the different glasses, I'm not, just stop by any bar and ask for a couple of glasses. 4* and have never been questioned about where my drink came from.
  11. Thank you for taking us along. Please say hello to Arlin, mgr in the PG from Doug and Jill (she is from England). We were onboard the Amsterdam for 28 days in Alaska during June and July. We found her to be an exceptional manager and well respected by her staff. Have fun! Thanks. Doug
  12. On our recent b2b on Amsterdam this summer in Alaska, 14 days each, the menus basically repeated, which I didn't mind. I made notes of what dishes we had on the first 14 days so we could be sure and have them again if we really liked them. Also, made notes of dishes that we weren't crazy about so we could try something different. Made it a lot easier to plan PG/ Canaletto, buffet night dinners around the menus that didn't excited us. And by the way, the food was delicious ( subjective I know).
  13. Great example of PC out of control!
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