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  1. We just got off of Amsterdam on 7-29. There was a couple who had issues with stepping into their tub/shower combo. They were able to use the showers in the spa area. I saw the lady several times in the shower area.
  2. We had to disembark in Costa Rica on a Viking Star in December 2018 due to medical reasons. The ship has to put in a manifest change request and a port officer meets you as you disembark to carry out Customs requirements.
  3. We were on Amsterdam 2 week cruise from 7-15 thru 7-29. We had no issues with smoke. Skies were clear and weather was absolutely beautiful.
  4. We have the Oosterdam (Hawaii, Tahiti, Marquesas) March 2020 booked. We got the Ocean's deal ($600 plus extras) then got an additional $600 this afternoon on the 3 Day Sale for our SY cabin! I'm so happy! AND we got another $700 off this cruise because we felt it was unfair that our cabin was reduced 50% per person for our 2 week Alaska cruise next month. It pays to be a good Mariner Member I guess? I'm running to buy my lotto ticket now:}
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