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  1. Thank you for sharing the journey with us! We are sailing the the Aegir on May 26 from Nuremberg to Budapest. It is our first river cruise and I'm really looking forward to it.
  2. Hello and thank you Lackcreativity and Perigrina 651. I appreciate both of your responses. I did read some of the 2019 posts and that's why I asked about water levels. We are well-traveled but new to cruising. So this year we were on the Celebrity Edge, Viking Sky and planning the Viking Aegir. We really liked the Sky more than the Edge but wanted to experience a River Cruise. We've been to all the ports of this itinerary with land travel and we're familiar with the hiccups that throw plans out of order. I just wanted to hear the from experienced cruisers. I know we will enjoy ourselves.
  3. Hello from SK, first time Viking River Cruisers. We're sailing May 2020 Nuremburg to Budapest on the Viking Longship Aegir Planning a little ahead by starting this thread now. We've recently enjoyed sailing on Viking Sky, Ocean Cruise to Norway, Faroe Islands and Iceland. I'm hoping to hear from those who have been on river cruises, not necessarily Viking, and learn from the experience of others. My first question regards river levels. From reading posts I've come to find out that if the levels are low, the river cruise may turn into a bus tour. It seems that the Danube has had problems t
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