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  1. Judging by the facebook group, a ton of people rescheduled their March cruise to the same one in May
  2. Sailing May 17 (hopefully it wont get cancelled). They just offered me $60 to upgrade from an interior room to an extended balcony. Under $10 per day sounds like a no brainer!
  3. Chase is the way to go, their points go further than anyone else.
  4. You are booking enough in advance that you might get an upgrade offer. If you are ok with an interior I would say book it and maybe get an upgrade for cheaper than $200. Its a gamble but could be worth it if you are ok with the lack of window. How much time do you plan on spending in your room anyway? I get confused as to which cruise was the first time they had Cheers, but if you drink a lot that might be something they didn't have last time, I cannot remember. Don't use your cell phone, enjoy the time cut off from the world, and enjoy just being with your spouse! They have early saver where you cannot cancel, or pay about $50 more and its cancelable.
  5. I recently got a $30 upgrade form a standard interior to a 4K room, on the Pride. Even if its just one large window, its still worth the upgrade
  6. My wife and I are far from blue hairs and love playing 😛
  7. Relationship status is meaningless. Its US law to avoid kidnapping or one parent leaving the country without telling the other parent. Even if married couples travel separately you are required to get a notarized letter from your spouse. A father traveling with his kids and new wife is a lot less likely to be questioned than a mother with a new name from the kids.
  8. Read even closer at the RC restrictions. Look all the way down at #12 "Certificate is nonrefundable and not replaceable whether lost, stolen or if booking is cancelled." Non-refundable if BOOKING IS CANCELLED. Are you willing to risk losing every penny due to canceled cruise?
  9. 20TAILGATE 2020TAILGATE TAILGATE20 TAILGATE2020 4,000 points in total
  10. Of course of they switched to dollars the point system wouldn't be the same. How could you think that I meant that? Based on your example every cruiser would reach the highest possible level on their first cruise! Income levels have absolutely nothing to do with what I said, its money spent. Many people will put themselves in debt to upgrade to a suite, while wealthy people might choose to be frugal and go for an interior cabin in order to save money. There are people putting themselves in debt to get an interior room and wealthy people going for suites too. Whichever way it is does not matter to the cruise line, they want more money. Carnival, as a for-profit company cares more about the people who spend more money with them. Why should their reward program work different than every other type of travel company out there? You get more benefits for a $500 hotel room than a $50. You get more miles for a first class ticket than economy. In addition, based on this system, as I mentioned it could allow for cross brand loyalty programs. If someone has gone on 10 Carnival cruises and spent $1,500 each cruise, they would have 15,000 "Carnival Points" under my system. They now have the option of going to RCCL where they have 0 points or going to Princess where they have 15,000 points and their $3,000 spent gets added together getting them 18,000 points. Now they want to do a HAL cruise, they start there with 18,000 points. It levels the playing field between the lines and stops people from trying lines outside of Carnival's lines. And for the record before you accuse anything, I only cruise with interior rooms, so I would be hurt not helped by this system. My comments are based on what makes sense for Carnival, not me. Currently Platinum is 75 points and Diamond is 200. I would propose they convert each old point into 200 new points. So 75 nights becomes 15,000 points and 200 nights becomes 40,000 points. So if you have 100 nights currently you have 20,000 new points and you are still 50% of the way to Diamond. Princess' conversion might be somewhat different and might be 300 points per night or something like that. So a person with 25 nights on Carnival and 14 on Princess would have 5,000+4,200=9,200 points in this new system as part of conversion and will then earn based on dollars spent going forward.
  11. The others would need to be purchased individually or else they will be thrown out at the end of the trip. Always select that you are traveling for someone's birthday. They typically do something for you, not always the same. Last time we got 50% off 1 photo.
  12. The OP said they were most concerned about them. I understand that you might not buy them, but that is not their concern. If they are nervous about charges on their S&S charge, they can buy https://www.carnival.com/pixels-photo-packages/pixels-D2A in advance and then know they are limited to 5 pictures and that way they are tempted to buy more
  13. But all of that is an easy fix. Everything you buy gives you 1 point. If you book a $200 massage you get 200 points. If you get an $8 drink you get 8 points, you pay $60 for Cheers you get 60 points. It completely levels everything out. Same thing applies to making it cross brands, if you pay $2,000 for Princess you get 2,000 points. If you pay $800 for Carnival you get 800 points. It makes everything level. Airlines and hotels already reward you based on dollars spent rather than nights/trips. Imagine if Marriott gave you the same benefit for staying at the Marriott Marques in midtown Manhattan as they did for staying at a Fairfield Inn in Paducah Kentucky.
  14. If you are concerned about pictures, you might want to buy a package so there is no unforeseen charges for it
  15. Thats how most programs work. United hasn't done actual miles traveled in years, you get 5x what you paid for your ticket. If you fly first you get more miles than if you fly economy. The purpose of loyalty programs is to give back to loyal customers so they keep spending money. They care more about the person who took 15 cruises in a suite than someone who took 15 cruises on deck 1 in an interior cabin. Thats just how businesses work. Also going based on amount spent it would enable Carnival, Princess, HAL, etc to merge loyalty programs, as it puts what you spend on par with each other.
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