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  1. I just got the Symphony is December and in my opinion is was a really great ship and all kinds of spots for relaxing, dancing, enjoying music, eating, etc and the shows oh my, I would go with Symphony
  2. If you call customer service line rccl will allow on person to buy deluge drink package as look as the other person buys refreshment package
  3. Since you have the time to spare this what my husband and I did, stayed at Embassy Suites which had shuttle from airport and shuttle to the train station TriRail Train (I think we paid about $10 each for the train to MIA). There are restrooms on the train it was a nice ride. We got a hotel in MIA for one night and took the Uber from Train to Hotel and Uber from Hotel to cruise. check out the triRail site for the correct pricing, very easy and you can take whatever you want on the Train
  4. I would suggest looking at the port of call board for Cuba, there are many answers to your question and great recommendations on things to do. I really enjoyed my time in Cuba.
  5. I brought a Citizen and Invicta , it has been 2.5 years now and no problems with the watches. I actually priced the watches and had a good deal. The local stores came close with a sale but with the tax I still got a good deal. Plus I have had several watch collectors compliment me on the watches. I'm very happy with my purchase and that is all that counts. If you are happy with your purchase then purchase on Board. I will probably look for another watch on the SOTS this winter.
  6. Yes, the rum is a fixed price.... you can buy right in the terminal or the Havana Club....try to get the 7 year or even the 20 year. I forgot to write the name of the rum down but they let you taste at most places outside of terminal.
  7. Sorry for the delay, have not logged in for awhile. Once you exit through the customs and get your money, you will go down some steps or take elevator. The carriage rides will be right outside of the cruise terminal on your left, you don't need to arrange in advance. The cost is about $25 per hour for one person and they will take you on a route and too the market or other places just let them know and remind them that you only want a certain about of time if you are on a budget.
  8. Finally, My Cuba Review – It was Great! MOS – Inaugural voyage to Cuba May 8 – 14 (It was nice toget the RCCL certificates) First Impression – We are in our mid-40’s and get along with most people, thiscruise I thought the staff and the fellow cruisers were the best that I haveencountered in my last 5 cruises (all on longer ships) Boarding – make sure you have all your paperwork completed,they will tell you that you might check the box stating that you will take RCCLactivities, just check the box and keep moving, we also checked support forCuban people, no one looks at the form again once you get your sea pass. Room – I knew itwould be small but it was bigger than expected, clean and we had no problems,had an ocean view on deck 6 – I loved the location (Tween Deck it was called).The best room attendant of any cruises; so attentive and helpful. Food – I didn’t go hungry, although I liked the Windjammerand the hidden restaurant in the back and upstairs the best (they made crepes),on some days the Windjammer has special food I just happened to go in and getthe tacos and they were good. There was even a seafood day in the windjammer. Dinner Room was ok for me, my tablemates ate steak and lamband they all enjoyed it very much. The staff was very friendly. Pool – good, no problem finding chairs in the shade or sun(it did rain a lot during our trip). Did not see any stained towels. Poolsidebar near the windjammer made the best drinks. I had the non-alcoholic drink package and my DH the alcoholic(all the bars made me non-alcoholic mojitos or whatever I asked for. (Webrought the package on sale, if you call in direct only one has to buy theexpensive drink package and the other can buy another package). Shows – I went to two shows, one was a singer that wasreally good and the other were RCCL dancers – enjoyed all that I attended. Ports of Call Havana overnight – (you will exchange you money but it wasno problem doing this, we spent around $200, mostly the carriage and 4 taxirides and some clothing purchases We did our own tours in a carriage/horse with a guide andthen off to a restaurant Ajiaco in the countryside in Cojmar, Habana – it was apretty ride about 15 minutes from port area. We did visit some friends and saw most of the hotels andembassy row. Our tablemates did the RCCL night excursions and reallyenjoyed them. It was really raining in May so we did go to the market thatis just left of the port exit.Almacenesde San Jose 9-8 pm Taxis are easy to get, make sure you learn a few Spanish words. Don’t forget buy some Rum – we tasted some 20 year Rum – I don’teven drink much but it was the best Rum that I had ever tasted. Cozumel – We just walked around and enjoyed the sites andpeople watching Yes, we would go back but we have so many other places thatwe would like to visit.
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