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  1. Greetings,, I have a query from my son about our upcoming cruise in August on the Disco 2. We will be travelling with family friends and there will be two 14 year olds in our party,,he’s wondering if they are in the teenagers hangout clubby thing during the daytime whilst in port can the parents/ guardians leave the ship to do a shore ex or will one of us have to remain onboard at all times? Never cruised with teenagers before!!
  2. You’re welcome 😎 I was happy with a glass of bubbly being offered to me as I set foot on Britannia,,I thought it was lovely and welcoming. I understand why they did it,,they didn’t have to but they did,,so cheers P&O.🥂 the extra £20 OBC was also a nice touch. I just think that these things happen you know,,cars break down,,planes get technical issues fairly regularly and delays happen so why should ships be any different. They didn’t do it on purpose,,it was just bad luck really. Life’s too short to spend time moaning about things that you cannot prevent or change.,it drains you.
  3. It was a lovely cruise 😎 we had perfect sailing weather,,smooth seas and sunshine. 2 medical emergencies,,1 of which was a helicopter evacuation at around 2 or3 am the day we left Santander,,we turned around and headed back so it wasn’t as far for the helicopter to come to us,,captain said someone had been taken “really rather poorly” I hope both passengers are ok. .the BOB was very kind to us both ways and we saw loads of dolphins. Lots of crew drills went on when we were in port. Lovely ship,,crew all fantastic,,food great.,,a glass or 2 of free champagne was waiting for everyone as we boarded last week and all the ships company went to great lengths to try and make up for the delay.
  4. I’m more disappointed there won’t be a sailaway party😞
  5. This might be a really daft question but,,,if the situation changes and Britannia gets home sooner than predicted will everyone then get messages to hotfoot it down to Southampton asap or is it a case of now they’ve told everyone it won’t or can’t be changed? I’ve never had this happen before so I really don’t know. Now planning to set off from Leicestershire at around 2pm just to give us plenty of time but am quite worried about the volume of bank holiday traffic we might encounter.
  6. I’ve just had a txt from P&O to say Britannia will be delayed and to please now plan our arrival 5 hours after the time on our e-tickets . I’ve just looked on marine traffic and it’s showing her going the wrong way! I wonder if they are having to head for nearest port for something? I’m still packing so I’m not too bothered about setting off later,,just glad things seem to be under control now,,must have been quite alarming with a fire announcement at 3am😱
  7. does anybody know if the night nursery is free on Azura, Ventura and Britannia.? For a 7 month old baby:D just so his parents can have dinner and maybe see a show.
  8. Well,,it's booked:D Undiscovered Spain on 12th August. It's our 30th wedding anniversary. It wasn't my first choice of ship or itinerary but I'm happy with it now. We always enjoy any cruise or holiday,,it's not work and we're not dead so it's all good. It's probably the smallest ship we've been on since our very first cruise on the old Island Escape some years ago and I'm looking forward to seeing if there is a noticeable difference in ambience and atmosphere. We love a summer cruise & stay,,we've done it for a few years now. We were planning a family trip to Florida but that went a bit pear shaped and I've left it and left it until now to book something. Trying to accommodate everybody's likes and dislikes is too complicated so I've decided this is what we're doing! It sounds lovely from your comments and I'm sure we'll love it.:)
  9. That's a very good point! :D Thank you both for your replies,,much appreciated,,I'm about to call back and book it!
  10. Thank you very much:D did your daughter and family say anything about wether it was a smooth comfortable sailing ship because lots of people have been telling me that the Spirit is always a rocky ride and can be uncomfortable in the even the slightest seas,,it wouldn't bother me much but my husband and son both get a bit motion sick sometimes. It's a special occasion so I don't want either of them regretting our choice!
  11. Has anybody been on the Spirit recently? I'm considering it for August but am hearing nothing good about it,,I'm trying not to listen or take any notice of such moans but I've yet to hear anything positive:( lovely itinerary and nice options for stay after cruise,,and very good price compared to others. We always do Thomson cruise n stay in summer but not been on the spirit.
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