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  1. Has anyone done the Coco Cay excursion where you swim with the pigs? Is this actually enjoyable, or is it kind of scary (I'm not sure that the pigs would be interested in swimming with us - are they friendly?)
  2. What has your experience been with Coco Cay in the winter? We'll be there at the end of December. Has anyone had the ship have to skip Coco Cay because of winter weather? Or is it just cool there? Do people still swim? Many thanks for your thoughts.
  3. Also curious - trying to decide if there will be enough to occupy us, especially if it isn't particularly warm out. Anyone know if the kayaks, etc. are included?
  4. We had a great time there. We didn't rent anything extra, there were tons and tons of loungers. If you want a quieter area, go to the right when you get to the beach. There is another food service area there, and some food trucks (included), and at least one more bar. It's lovely, a perfect beach day.
  5. Our cruise is Christmas week - so likely very popular for specialty dining...
  6. Oh, that's very clever - book and prepay the one you must have, and then buy the plan, then revise it all when you get there! Thanks for this tip!
  7. There are a number of resorts on Nassau that offer day passes - has anyone been to Breezes? Do you know if the use of boats/paddleboards, etc. is included? It's hard to tell from the website. How was the food? If you've been to any of the resorts on Nassau please let me know how you liked it. Thanks!
  8. It's tempting - if it was just me and my husband I'd probably go for it, but with our (adult) kids along too, one of which has specific wishes for her birthday, we will probably just reserve a few nights of specialty dining, to avoid the uncertainty of having to wait until we're on board to make reservations (although honestly they could have sucked me in if when I started to buy it, there was a better explanation of how it worked, and the ability to select a first night dining time that would work for us - since we're waking up at 4 am to travel to the ship that day, we really would rather not wait until 8 for dinner). Thanks!
  9. I don't have an answer, but would love to hear what people have to say - we'll be on the Anthem over Hanukkah. I think a battery powered menorah is our best bet. Definitely no candles.
  10. Hi! We haven't been on Royal Caribbean in more than 20 years, so we're out of practice. I saw the promotion for a deal on unlimited dining, but the package confuses me. 1. On the first night, it says they will hold a "courtesy" reservation for you, but when I tried to secure this, it gave me only two times (something like 8 and 8:30 pm) and didn't tell me what restaurant we'd be at. Do we get a choice? 2. Is it the case that you can't book your other nights of dining until you get on the ship? How, then, can you plan your show times and other plans, if you don't know what time you'll be dining? 3. Is it possible to make sure you have a certain restaurant on a certain day? How likely are you to be able to do this? My daughter's birthday is during the cruise and she wants to go to Wonderland on her birthday. What has your experience been with this - any luck getting what you want? Are we better off just picking a few and doing the reservations in advance? Many thanks for your input (and we're on Anthem, if that matters).
  11. We'll be on the Pride of America on the 4th of July - any idea whether there will be any festivities?
  12. What's the best way to make use of this overnight stop? We will be in Kauai on July 4 and July 5 (only until 2). Can you just go to a beach on that second day - is there anything close to the port? Or should we plan to rent a car or do an organized tour on both days? I'm also concerned that things will be closed on July 4...
  13. Hi. I am hoping to hear from someone who has done the POA about the Kauai overnight stop. What's the best way to make use of this time? On the second day, the ship leaves at 2 - can you do a morning tour that day? How close is the port to anything you'd like to see, or do you really need a car or a planned tour to get around? Thanks.
  14. Has anyone had a sail away balcony cabin? The description says it could be "fully obstructed" - what does that mean, no view at all? What's the advantage, then - I guess you can still sit on the balcony to get the fresh air? Thanks for your thoughts.
  15. Just wanted to double check before I made a cute little "mom and daughter cruise" sign for our cabin door - are the doors on the Caribbean Princess (and I assume the other ships too) magnetic? Thanks.
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