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  1. Hi Yes I e been on Sunshine a few years ago Had a very small sauna think it was in the changing room Single sex No one else used it when I was onboard that I could see
  2. I've not done the ships you mentioned , but I did preziosa and you had to pay for thermal area and it was co-ed And thats quite a new ship
  3. I'm not sure the updated list is correct I've been on Adventure of the sea since its refurbishment Sauna /steamroom free Rhapsody was too the last time I was on her just over a year ago And shes had no refurbishment in that time that I know of ?
  4. Thanks for looking , I had a look too and thought the same , can't see any difference in the layout So all looks good
  5. Thanks for info I'm going on Explorer July August 2020 b2b Sounds like after refurbishment Will update after the cruise
  6. Hi I've got a few cruises booked over the next year and if anyone could tell me if the sauna / steamroom are free etc would be great Rc Jewel OTS Rc Explorer OTS NCL Dawn Thank u 😀
  7. Hi What ships have Royal removed it's free sauna - steam rooms ? I sail with RC l a lot I know oasis style ships up don't have them
  8. We have to travel from the UK So I find its another back up if your bags go astray with them already printed I did hand write them last year . Because the came blank I made a error with the cabin number So they where missing for hours . Found them outside someone else's door ! I've done 40 ish cruises . Never seen them printed at the pier. I'd imagine the porter would expect a big tip for his inconvenience too ! [emoji6] Sent from my SM-N910F using Forums mobile app
  9. We like Embassy Suite s too And there free happy hour/s [emoji3] But they can be expensive If thats the case we have done comfort Inn Not as good But it was $36 @ night on our last stay And we had a lovely view over looking the marina ! Sent from my SM-N910F using Forums mobile app
  10. They have a 25% / 30% off sale often I had $400 OBC with the sales I got @ extra $100 more value on excursions. Looking at when they where full price Sent from my SM-N910F using Forums mobile app
  11. You would think the USA would not be so far behind with there technology Sent from my SM-N910F using Forums mobile app
  12. I live in the UK . We don't call it tap . We call it contactless. If your card has the chip on it . U can spend up to £30 with out a pin or u just place it over the credit card machine Most shops - buses except this format of payment now You can use it on the London underground too . Sent from my SM-N910F using Forums mobile app
  13. Yes Bob I was thinking the same I don't know why they have not made this a bit more simple to do I'm sure many people do B2B And it seems still a grey area
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