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  1. Love this! Thanks for all of the details. I imagine deck 10 would be my choice rather than the more fully exposed deck 11 cabins. Though great for the sun that I crave, I also like to have some overhang above to sit out in shade or light rain, too. I have sailed in an aft before and was not negatively affected by the vibrations others sometimes mention. You're right about the wake. Absolutely mesmerizing. Hope something good comes for your September holiday. 🤞
  2. Since you've stayed in these cabins, I'd ask you would you do it again? Was the rather small loveseat enough seating for you? Are the outside stairwells on the aft open to guests or crew only? I love a sunny balcony for at least part of the day. Did you get enough sun on your balcony or was it always in shade unless at the rail? Thank you.
  3. Thank you, but, I'm still confused by the comparisons to Divina in your posts and the YouTube links to Davina balconies above. Perhaps my question wasn't clear. Are the balconies on Musica under cover to varying degrees? It appears to be so. Are the balconies of different depths on the lower decks and gradually smaller as you move up? I can't tell from pictures. Which ships should I be comparing to in the same class as Musica? Sorry. Completely new to MSC.
  4. I am wondering about the balcony size and exposure due to the curvature on the back of Musica. Decks 9 and 10 appear to be completely under cover, while 11 is much more exposed. Is this correct? Are the aft balconies larger lower down on decks 8 and 9? The YouTube videos posted earlier seemed to be entirely different. Is Divina aft the same shape as Musica aft and cabin layout the same?
  5. Missing from your list is the Mikeller - Indiana based Three Floyd's partnership Warpigs BrewPub. Stopped in on my trip in 2017 and was astounded to see a collab on the board with a local to me brewery in the Pittsburgh area called Voodoo. The entry was a porter called Baron Zombie. 🧟‍♂️ Can't speak to the food as the kitchen had closed already when we arrived after an evening in Tivoli Gardens, but, the vibe and the beer was nice 👌 Going to keep your list as a reference for my September 2022 pre-cruise trip on Voyager.
  6. I booked, but, have the Voyager Artic TA in September, too. Not sure I'll do both. Voyager was the most recent L&S from our '20 Allure to the now canceled '21 Odyssey.
  7. Without warning, BoA closed both my RCL and NCL zero balance cards due to lack of use at around the 2 year mark and my points that had not nearly expired were lost forever. I had not sailed between 2016 and 2018 and wasn't using the cards for anything else but the branded cruise related charges. Very irritating. Won't bother with a card from BoA ever again. More recently, the same thing happened with an unused Capital One card, but, I was given ample notice and cashed out remaining points prior to the closing date.
  8. I'm sorry, but, even the pictures don't look like that's very much fun to play. 😐
  9. First, I usually buy the package now as it's just easier and I like the coffees and specialty juices, too. In the past, I used the clear plastic rum runners stuffed into snorkel fins without ever being sent to naughty room. Since you mentioned wine, I'll share that I've been able to get 4 bottles of wine on-board by going through 2 separate security lines, if that's your drink of choice. I liked it for the cabin, but, still would buy cocktails when I felt like it. One port strategy that I've used is to send your backpack with 2 bottles purchased in port through the mac
  10. There was a similar post on an FB group that stated this, too. The poster was another trusted TA that supposedly got the info from his Royal Sales rep.
  11. Add New York City to the short list. Sailing by the Statue of Liberty and under the Verrazzano Narrows bridge along the Manhattan skyline are true highlights.
  12. It was Margaret. I have a back-up booked on the Odyssey TA, as well. I had planned to decide later which to do as it might have been difficult to take the longer TP with time off from work. So I'm not upset entirely about losing the cruise, just the crappy way it was handled.
  13. How about now? Mine disappeared overnight. My cabin is up for sale at 225% mark-up on the newly listed TP departing the same day to Brisbane. I feel like this was an easy way to not honor previous L&S. Really poor showing.
  14. Was cancelled and off the cruise planner this morning. So much for "cruise with confidence" when they cancel and kick you off the ship after L&S, repost essentially the same itinerary and cruise date and offer you $50 OBC to book at 225% prevailing rates. Handled so poorly. This one is going to leave a bad taste for a long time.
  15. Beginning to look like those of us booked on Quantum TP may still be booked on the Quantum TP despite the letter that we all received saying our cruise was cancelled. My cruise planned has the new shorter itinerary but still has Sydney listed, too. Can't make this stuff up.
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