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  1. We have taken several family cruises over the years, babies thru great grandparents. Everyone would do their own thing, singularly or in “cousin groups” during the day and we would meet and have dinner as a family to discuss our respective experiences during the day. (This didn’t work well on NCL as they don’t like accomplishing large groups until “late” when the grands want to retire and the tots have fallen asleep! ). Meeting up in the evening like this worked for us as no one felt pressured to take part in an activity that had no interest to them.
  2. On the larger ships expect a lot of families. Since school has started, most of the children will be well-behaved as they are probably home schooled. Onboard the ship, I usually wear the stretchy maxi dresses with only one or two pairs of capris & tee shirts for Excursions where a dress might not be appropriate.
  3. I’m sorry for your loss, but welcome to a whole new way of life.
  4. The tram has a stop right by the cabanas and there are paved walkways everywhere so the walk won’t be very far. However, a scooter will probably get bogged in sand unless it has balloon tires. The walk from the tram stop to any particular cabana is across sand, not recommended for scooters. We have a scooter but leave it on the ship both at Coco Cay and at Labadee.
  5. One’s cruise card has the Coke emblem on it. Simply show it at any bar and receive the beverage of your choice. No need to carry the cup around unless by choice.
  6. For our “Perfect day at cocoa cay”, we plan to stay on board.
  7. Please, John, where is CK on Symphony? I can’t find it on the deck plan and it doesn’t show up in my cruise planner.
  8. Just finished scheduling all the entertainment for our September cruise on Symphony. If Royal insists on building bigger and “better” cruise ships and retiring the smaller ships with no replacement to size, I guess I, (we) will have to find another line before long. We cruise to relax, not to stress out over scheduling!!!!!!! Our vacation!!!!
  9. Thoughts on dining in “Hooked Seafood” on Symphony? Quality, quantity, value, etc.?
  10. There are paved walkways and scooters get around relatively well. Unless you have balloon tires, don’t try the sand.
  11. I’ve never cruised on Carnival. Their maintenace record is not the greatest. Howeve I’ve cruised, not exclusively, on Royal since 1996. For My Time Dining, my advise is to prebook your favorite dining time. After the first night, if you don’t care for the location, service, waiter, etc. speak to the representative at the entrance desk and ask for a different location for tomorrow. Otherwise you will probably get the same table and wait staff. Without rebooking you may have to stand in line and wait for a table. If you have a set table and time, it is courtesy to let them know if you have reservations in a specialty restaurant. Reservations for entertainment depend on which ship. Smaller ships there is usually no worries, except be there early. Larger ships need reservations for Broadway shows, 240 shows, aquatic shows, etc. without reservations there is usually a long line of first come, first seated.. Don;t know what the HUB is, but there is an RCI app which I never use. I do the on-line chesk-in, print my Set Sail forms and luggage tags. I pre-book excursions, either through the ship or off ship, and once on board, I plan to relax and let my vacation happen. Kay
  12. We always bring a “car vent clip”. Clip it to the vent on the ceiling, virtually invisible. We leave it when we leave the ship. Maybe the next guests can benefit.?
  13. I had to enlarge it greatly to read it. If I were not also booked onSymphony, I would not have bothered trying to read it.
  14. Look at WalMart, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby scrapbooking section. They have several larger scrapbook cut-outs in tropical and cruising themes. Stick on tissue paper and tear off or cut off the excess. Glue magnet(s) on back. The only thing that I have ever had disappear from my door was a single letter from “Happy Easter”. I’m inclined to think it wasn’t stuck well, fell off and went traveling on someone’s shoe. I started decorating my door every cruise some 20 years ago and have a goodly supply of seasonal door decor. For our upcoming cruise I have both Mardi Gras and St Patrick’s.
  15. On one of our cruises out of Galvestonwe had left our stop and we’re headed for our last stop in Cozumel when the captain came on the PA to say “Please make welcome Mr & Mrs wxyz from the carnival xxx. They missed their ship and will be our guests to Cozumel where they will rejoin their own cruise. It was lucky for them that we had been shadowing them since leaving Galveston, always an hour behind them, same ports all the way. ’t know if ships do this often or how much it may have cost the couple, but they got back here they belonged.
  16. True Story: On our first-ever cruise, aboard the NCL MS Skyward in 1979, we sailed out of Miami. Our first stop was San Juan PR where we booked a ships excursion (didn't know you could book independently) tour of the city of San Juan. The only pier at that time was a wooden pier in Old San Juan. On our tour were two couples traveling together who were on their own time. If the guide said to be back on the bus in 30 min, they were 40 min. This went on for all four stops until everyone else on the tour were totally fed up! When the tour finally returned to the ship we didn't hesitate to board and eat dinner. All aboard was 11:30 for sailing at midnight. The DH & I were up on deck watching the pulling in of the pier structure, the lines and finally the gangway. After the gangway was in the captain blew the horn to signal departure. The doors of the casino at the end on the pier crashed open and the two always-late couples came running out. By this time everyone on deck knew about them and most everyone on deck waved "good-bye". They rejoined us the next day in St. Thomas and were never late again. They also kept a very low profile. This was before the computerized sea-pass cards and the crew had no way to know that not everyone was on board. I don't think that the ship would have waited even had they known.
  17. Saw three last week (& the one before) on Navigator that seemed true service dogs. Well trained and NOT in MDR or in lounges that I saw. Only observed when they appeared to be truely “working”.
  18. Honey bees usually stay within a mile of their home hive. Fly over ocean water? Highly unlikely. To a moving ship? They would know that “dancing” directions to a moving location is impossible.
  19. Not on website. RCI will e-mail you if upgrade is available. Read the news release again.
  20. I always decorate the door of our cabin. Makes it easier to find and we enjoy most of the comments on it. As we almost always cruise just before Christmas, we often have crew members asking if we are taking the decos home, we often give some of them away. Our decorating is not limited to the door, we decorate inside as well, especially windows and mirrors. One note is NEVER put “clings” on any surface but glass. They mar the paint on walls and doors. I have seen shadows of fish, beach chairs and words on doors from previous occcupants. Kay
  21. We sailed Jewel out of New Orleans the Sunday before Fat Tuesday several years ago. The ship did nothing that I can remember but a bunch of us got together to celebrate as well as decorate our cabin doors for the occasion.
  22. On board bookings are allowed 30 days to change or cancell due to a law regarding “buyers remorse” on impulse buying.
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