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  1. That's the best offer your going to get!
  2. I agree but it's the same company, so the chances Celebrity has Sauerkraut is pretty good! Also, if you go to Sam's Club, they also have Sauerkraut at their snack bar! I'm not a sauerkraut lover, but I do like chili, onions and mustard! Have a great cruise!
  3. Just got off the Oasis and the Dog House has sauerkraut. The dogs are free and also the sauerkraut. Enjoy!
  4. On my 14 day cruise last month on Oasis, they had one lobster night. They advertised Maine lobster tail, but born in Boston, I have never seen such a small lobster tail from Maine. I mean two bites and finished. The second lobster tail was $16.95. Believe me, not worth the time or trouble waiting for lobster night! Buy a Real Maine Lobster when you get home!
  5. I agree 100%! Don't forget also enjoy your cruise!
  6. You don't need luggage tags. They will take care of it at the Pier! Time for another Glass of Wine!
  7. Try Truth Social! I have no problems!
  8. How did you enjoy the Yacht Club on MSC Meraviglia? We enjoyed a week on her back in October 2021 and we had a great time. Great Service in the Yacht Club!
  9. We always give direct to those who give us great service!
  10. Book your cruise Basic and yes, Black Friday Sales are the time for ad-ons at a discount!
  11. Thanks for your great answer. You hit all the points we needed! Enjoy all your future cruises!
  12. We had a 10:30AM flight on Singapore Airlines and we were two hours early and checked in! I believe we left the ship at 7:30AM Lots of Taxis @ 45 Euros.
  13. Amstel light looks like a good deal and delicious!
  14. We're also Elite. How did Happy Hour 5-7 workout? Drinks available at all bars? Did they limit drinks and wine? Looking forward to Connie in November!
  15. There are 300 Pinnacles, 350 Diamond Plus, and 350 Diamond on board. Around 1000 total with very few children, maybe 100. The first day was chaotic, but everything has settled down and the ship doesn't feel crowded.
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