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  1. I am looking for ideas of what to do in Buenos Aires on the day our ship docks. I know that we will have to be off the ship around 9am and Our flight is not until 10pm that night. The ship tours do not look too exciting but I do not want to sit at the airport all day!
  2. Bsanr

    Weather in January

    We will be Princess in January doing the Cape Horn/ Straits of Magellan cruise, going from Santiago to Buenos Aires. What kind of weather should we expect and what kind of clothes need to be packed? :)
  3. Bsanr

    What do we need for Canal Cruise?

    Thank you all for the helpful information. I guess we will start hat shopping soon! I had already planned on getting the bottled water package- probably 2 or 3! We will be on the Coral Princess March 2nd going from Fort Lauderdale to LA.
  4. I will be traveling to the Panama Canal in March 2019 with my 78 year old mother. We will be doing the Ocean to Ocean cruise on Princess. We are both fair skinned redheads. Will we need a hat at that time of the year? Can anyone suggest what would be good to have? Is there anything we should definitely remember to pack?
  5. Bsanr

    Puppies Onboard?

    We will be on the Grand this summer doing the round trip from San Francisco. We stop in Ketchikan, Haines & Juneau along with cruising the Tracy Arm. Does anyone know if they will bring puppies onboard at any of these stops?
  6. Bsanr

    Southampton information

    Just wondering if you could advise me on where a bank is near the Holiday Inn on Herbert Walker Avenue. We are thinking about using the ATM in Southampton to get pounds instead of getting them at home. Thanks for your help
  7. Does anyone have patters or dinner menus for the CP British Isles cruises this year? We leave in a few weeks and are trying to figure out which nights we want to Use our speciality dining credits we have! Thanks! 😄
  8. Bsanr

    Princess Cruise ship Cruise Director list

    Does anyone know where Kelvin Joy is? Does he still work for Princess? We had him as a CD a couple of years ago and he was great!!
  9. Bsanr

    Upgrade availability

    Is there a way to change your upgrade availability online? We usually travel with friends and don't want to be moved but on our Alaska cruise next year we will be on our own. Would like to be available for cabin upgrades.
  10. Bsanr

    Must do museums in London

    You didn't say when you would be in London..the Imperial War Museum is closed until sometime in July and then will only be partially reopened. Check their website for details. I will be in London the beginning of July and it will still be closed :(
  11. We will be in Kirkwall for about 10 hours on our British Isles cruise this summer. We are thinking about renting a car for the day to see all the sights. Has anyone done this? Is it easy to get around the island? Thanks for any info you can give.
  12. How far in advance does RCCL open up entertainment reservations? My mother is taking my daughter on a graduation cruise June 15th. The anytime dining reservations are open but not any of the entertainment is. Just curious as I am watching it for my mom.
  13. Has anyone used National Express Coach from London to Southampton? How much luggage can you take with you? Their prices are very reasonable compared to other options. Thanks!
  14. Just wondering if anyone knows if you can use Starbuck's Gift Cards on the Oasis? Or do you have to charge your drinks to your room?
  15. Bsanr

    Caribbean Princess

    Does anyone know if the Caribbean Princess is going into drydock to be updated anytime soon? Or has it already been updated?