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  1. if you are a suite guest, the bag is nylon on NCL. and much bigger too.
  2. we love NYE on board. Gem did it up right. Parties all over the ship for every age/genre. Most were dressed up. Big balloon drop. the best was that ship's midnight was an hour ahead of NYC. so we partied at ship's midnight then did it all again at 1am (midnight in NYC). even the captain showed up in one of the clubs to party! it was the best! our experience on Escape was fun, but not as well done as Gem.
  3. the large ships have a Haven restaurant where you can get all three meals. the smaller ships you get breakfast and lunch in cagneys or moderno.
  4. weve sailed from NYC i think 5x. we always park at the pier. its worth every penny for the convenience and the security - the lot is only open when ships are in port. we drive down from Boston, so when you price out the acela or flights its pretty comparable and a lot less hassle.
  5. Teppanyaki! but we are spoiled with "real" italian food here in Boston.
  6. courtyard yes, room no unless you pay for it. you can get 2 drinks at a time each so we bring 2 back to room. one is usually gone by the time we get there and then we drink the second one in our room lol.
  7. we enjoyed immensely teh trip to Tulum while in Cozumel. we also love the waterpark at Costa Maya.
  8. here's how i see it. kids have gotten worse in terms of their behavior and parents seem oblivious. i couldnt tell you the last time i saw a parent sacrifice their meal/good time and take their child out of the restaurant when they are acting up. there is zero teaching of good behavior anymore. or the simple solution is plunk them in front a a device. sure it keeps the kid quiet, but it doesnt teach them how to behave at the dinner table. what happens when the device isnt available? same thing with stores. i see kids have fits in stores and in my day parents would abandon their cart and leave the store. now they just continue shopping somehow tuning the kid out. its crazy. for us, we enjoy teppanyaki as it is the only shared dining experience. You have a table of 8 people. if 4 of those people were a family with 2 toddlers they would most liekly all be seated on the long part of the table with a couple then at each end of the table. this means little to no adult socialization. Kids may like the show for a bit. The show is also noisy. Also ive seen chefs "tone down" some of the action when there are little ones at the table - god forbid a knife or spatula goes flying and hits a kid. when i do see well behaved kids i actually take time to compliment the parents. sadly, this is a rare occurrence.
  9. i personally think that's too close. we flew home from CPH on a Sunday, using NCL's shuttle. as a PP said, the luggage goes before you, it takes FOREVER to get off the shuttle, wander around for your luggage (our 4 pieces were not together either) and then when we got in the airport was a zoo and the conveyor belts were down so lines were at a standstill because they couldnt check baggage. granted, that piece was a one-off thing, but id never book that early.
  10. we had a balcony-less SJ suite on Star and would book it again in a heartbeat. we dont use the balcony much, we do like it for air at night. But if you are going somewhere superwarm (as we were, panama canal) you'll run the AC at night anyway.
  11. anyone know of a tour provider that would take us maybe to the everglades then end at the airport? We dock at 7am with a 430pm flight. going to the beach or shopping is not of interest to us, and we've done KSC in the past.
  12. wowza that would make me paranoid my entire cruise. you can probably do it assuming all is on time and you are lined up in the stairwells (against their request) and ready to get off teh ship.
  13. i hope this teacher doesnt teach reading comprehension.
  14. copenhagen is a gorgeous city! i highly recommend Hotel Bethel. Its clean, has a great breakfast, affordable and right on teh canal in Nyhavn.
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