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  1. i hope this teacher doesnt teach reading comprehension.
  2. copenhagen is a gorgeous city! i highly recommend Hotel Bethel. Its clean, has a great breakfast, affordable and right on teh canal in Nyhavn.
  3. We arrive back at port at 7am. We had a flight booked for 1230pm and Delta just changed it to depart at 430pm. What are some good options for tours we could do with luggage in/around Orlando? We've done KSC and do not desire going to a beach. We are also doing Disney for 6 days before we leave on this cruise so that's out too. We really dont want to go to the airport that early but we understand we may have to.
  4. I have a feeling we'll be fullfahrt to cozumel.
  5. If evacuations are starting i assume traffic tomorrow morning from MIA to the Port will not be bad as everyone will be going opposite direction? If they move up our sail time do they still enforce being on board 2 hours prior? I land at 915am (carry on) so assuming all is ontime i hope to be at port by 10 or 1030. A noon sail time wont give me 2 hours.
  6. I know right! im bummed abotu Key West as ive never been there. and i do enjoy GSC but that's always a crap shoot. Nassau and Freeport blech.
  7. my prediction is a western caribbean itinerary with a moved up departure (2 or 3 pm vs. 5pm).
  8. Just got this text alert.
  9. crazy! the good thing is we should be on board and sailing away from it when the worst hits. i feel bad for the folks with sunday disembark/embarks.
  10. not for me, but my retirement plan is to do a 6 month around the world cruise. i love being on board. that said i will say on the 14 day sail we did we felt really bloaty and full from the food, booze, desalinized water by about day 10. next time we do an over 7 day sail we will eat differently starting at day 1.
  11. we havent really seen anything wildly out of line. and honestly people that are tehre to get drunk will do it whether the booze is free or not. as for children picking up unfinished drinks, i have seen and heard about this but that's a parent problem not an NCL problem.
  12. i was going to book a hotel room at the airport for saturday night just to be safe but all of the ones ive looked at have a 2 day cancellation frame which doesnt help. im fairly confident based on the storm track ill get to miami ok... ill just have to wing it!
  13. i had to go there the night before disembark to pick up a six pack of specialty local beer id bought in port. i was in and out, showed my ticket adn got my bag and was on my way. never had to go at the start of a cruise because i dont pack anything contraband that may result in me having to go there.
  14. so if they close the Port, is it totally closed or are ships just not allowed to leave? meaning, would we still be able to board the ship and just stay in port overnight until the storm passes?
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