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  1. On Riviera last month, all the specialties opened at 6. But it was explained to us that because it was a 7 day cruise, and a vast majority of the passengers were first timers, the specialties had to find seating for a lot more than they usually do. Despite the fact that we were in a Vista, not even our butler could secure reservations for us.
  2. FYI, it’s against Terms of Service here to mention any travel agency or agent. I’ve always found it interesting that the usual O flight benefit is $350. I haven’t found a $350 flight in ages, so we just book our own flights rather than take the cruise line’s flights. We stopped doing that when Celebrity had us flying from Milwaukee to St Louis to Memphis to Montgomery to Ft Lauderdale for a cruise.
  3. We don’t use Luggage Direct, but we do ship our bags directly to Miami via Luggage Concierge. They pick up the bags, their agent in Miami delivers it to the ship and picks them up in Miami and ships them home. We love traveling luggage free
  4. Don’t just look at the website. Call Scootaround and ask. That’s what I’ve done and have rented scooters from them in many foreign cities.
  5. I’ve rented from Scootaround and had scooters waiting for me when I embarked in Rome, Southhampton and Copenhagen. I disembarked a cruise in Barcelona and they were waiting to pick up the scooter after the cruise was over. If you do buy a wheelchair, don’t throw it away. Donate it to the medical center on the ship.
  6. When we arrived in Miami for our Riviera cruise last month, Delta broke my scooter, dropping it off the ramp. Delta called Scootaround and arranged for a scooter to be on board for my use. Oceania does not rent scooters or wheelchairs for passenger use (we found that out when we got the rental), but they do have a couple of wheelchairs for emergency purposes. Scootaround rents very nice Pride GoGo scooters for a decent price. The also rent Drive wheelchairs.
  7. The biggest negative of Viking is they make you pay the entire fare a full year before your cruise departs. I just can’t justify giving them that much cash, that far out.
  8. We recently returned from a cruise on Riviera and dined in LaReserve. We met at 7:00 right outside the LaReserve dining area, where we were served champagne. At approximately 7:30 we moved into the dining area and the meal started. We we were told that no food or drink, other than water, is allowed in the Spa Terrace. It’s not really a place for something like that, but more a quiet place to relax. We we are on the same cruise as you, plus the 14 day cruise before that. Looking forward to seeing some good weather. With regards to embarkation, the big three cabin categories board first: Owners Suites, Vista Suites and Oceania Suites. PH suites are next. Everyone waits in the same area (If the ship is docked at Terminal J) and there are announcements when categories are allowed to get in line to check in. You’ll see carpets on the floor that indicate where you’ll get in line for check in, one for the Big 3 Suites, another for PH and so on. In all our cruises on O, they tend to be pretty strict on who checks in at what time. Plus, just because people board at 11 or noon, your suite/cabin will not be ready then. You’ll be directed to a public area, like the buffet or a lounge, to wait for the announcement that cabins are ready, which two weeks ago was 1:45.
  9. I’ve been on Crystal 17 times and we will do our 10th on O next month (this info is for perspective). Each line has their strengths and weaknesses, and a lot of these things are based on personal expectations. For me, the main dining room on Crystal, Waterside, is superior to Oceania both in terms of food quality, service and attention to detail. We really don’t care for most of the dinner offerings in the GDR as they focus on quite a number of vegetarian and vegan items (sorry, we aren’t into that kind of food, but respect others that do, but it’s just not for us). The service in the GDR is really lacking—-it took them 50 minutes to serve our basic breakfast of eggs and sausage—-not a good thing—-so we never go there for breakfast. I feel the buffet in both Waves and Terrace is far superior to Crystal’s, and the O casual dining areas are kept open longer, which is great for those coming back from 4 hour excursions. Entertainment on Crystal is fantastic and very professional in terms of talent. Crystal brings on name guest entertainers for their evening shows. And their guest speakers are amazing. I have seen Marvin Hamlisch, Buzz Aldrin, Stephen King and many other well known authors, politicians and entertainers. And I have to agree that daytime activities on Crystal are more numerous. But, we prefer the O class ships to the two Crystal ships for many reasons I can’t fully explain, but just put it to personal preference. I will cruise both both lines again, and enjoy the positives of each line.
  10. Petoonya, I read your posts on Oceania, but I wanted to give you an idea for your friend. I cruised for the first time to the Med on Oceania, and I know from experience that their shore excursions are NOT disabled friendly. Actually, I've not found any cruise line that has truly accessible tours, with the exception of Crystal, who tries everything to get their tours to accommodate the disabled. I found a company that will provide cruises and tours for the disabled, and they do a really great job. They book entire cruises on ships that they feel are the best, accessible-wise. I'm using them again when we cruise the North Cape. They will also find you transportation to and from airports and they will book hotels that are totally accessible. The owner of the company is paraplegic and has developed these tours by himself. They are called Sage Tours and they are on the internet. I see that your friends are interested in Iberia, and I just wanted to let you know that the BEST accessible taxis and tours are in Barcelona. Their accessible taxis and vans are clean, safe and very accommodating.
  11. Disembarked Riviera 12/22/19 and the GDR was open for lunch every day during our cruise. There doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason when it's open or closed.
  12. Oh no, I didn’t just leave. I have a contact person and a claim number.
  13. My comments pertaining to the inaccessibility of the gangway was for general information and not specific to the cruise I was on.
  14. We flew Delta from DTW to MIA for a a cruise and we waited and waited for the brand new scooter to be brought up to the gangway. My sister saw the guy using my scooter like a Razor scooter, with the seat back folded down, his knee on the seat back, and pushing the scooter with his other leg. My sister ran up to him and said you’re not supposed to do that because scooters are very fragile. She put the key in, turned the scooter on, pressed the throttle, and it wouldn’t move. Found out they somehow cut the wires inside the tiller. Delta was not helpful. They just couldn’t understand why I couldn’t walk from baggage claim to the taxi line and get on the ship, where they might find me a rental scooter. How many times do I have to tell them that I can’t walk, that I’ve been disabled since I was 2 because of polio, and I can barely stand without assistance? Complete morons. Finally a senior assistant came by and really busted his behind to accommodate me. They got me in a taxi, made sure there was a wheelchair at the terminal, and had a rental scooter delivered to the ship. So if you ever have a baggage problem in Miami, ask for Bruce. Should we now talk about getting Delta to repair the scooter? Ha Ha. They washed their hands of it once we left the airport, despite promising to have it repaired. I’ll post when I get home and find out where my scooter is and IF it gets repaired.
  15. Just got off Riviera (Sitting at the airport) and despite having bad weather during 4 of the 7 days, the cruise was great. I’m fully disabled and use a mobility scooter. I will not/cannot cruise the R ships because they are not disabled friendly. The cabins are way too small to accommodate scooters and because these ships are so old, many areas are difficult for scooters. I’ve been on Riviera for 48 days this year, in the Med and Caribbean, and I will say that the biggest problem, and this is a really BIG problem, is the gangway on deck 4. The ramp has a 6 inch very steep incline which is impossible for any scooter to traverse. You bottom out. Now, I purchased a bigger scooter with a higher ground clearance, and not even that scooter can clear the ramp. They expect you to get off the scooter and climb that ramp while they lift the scooter up over that bump—-hows a fully disabled person supposed to do that? That problem can easily be fixed if O would just extend that part of the ramp by 4 inches, but even after all my many discussions with various general managers, O refuses to change——until someone falls and sues. But other than that, I have not had many major problems on the O ships. The specialties are accessible, so are the other public venues. But if you want to talk about a hassle, let’s discuss how Delta dropped my new scooter and totally ruined it. Not a good way to start a cruise.
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