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  1. I have to agree with the comments on accessibility. I’m a post polio person, and use a mobility scooter full time. I only cruise on the O ships because I know that the R ships are not disability friendly——I cruised on REN 2 back in the day. But even on the O ships, accessibility is a real concern, especially when trying to disembark the ship in ports of call. The ramp on deck 4 has such a steep lip that scooters cannot negotiate it without getting stuck and bottoming out. It’s very frustrating when a disabled person can’t leave the ship in ports.
  2. I booked these cruises while on board our Med cruise and not via our TA. The Ambassador booked these cruises as two separate cruises with two different booking numbers, so it’s not something my TA did wrong. Our TA got the bookings directly from O a few days after we booked and paid the down payment. The email my TA received was from an A. Berryman at O’s office in Miami. There is absolutely NO custom fare as we paid the going rate minus the on board savings, so I have no idea what this “custom fare” business is.
  3. We booked a B2B, not a Grand Voyage, cruise for this coming Feb. The first cruise commences in late Feb and the second one in mid March. We have two, separate, booking numbers that does indicate TWO cruises. Today, my TA calls and says the final payment is due now, 150 days before the first cruise departs. I asked how can they demand payment so early instead of the usual 90 days? I was told that O took it upon themselves to put in a new, internal booking number, which combines the 2 cruises into one, so therefore since the two cruises together add up to 24 days, it meets their requirement for final payment being due 150 days in advance. Now, we did a similar booking, b2b, for cruises in the Med this past May. They didn’t have this internal booking number then, and both cruises remained separate, and just like these cruises, they added up to above their supposed number threshold for earlier final payment. As a matter of fact, our TA called and asked if we wanted to pay for the first cruise on one date and the second cruise 14 days later. He said since it was a B2B, we had the option of doing that, and that’s what we did. I just don’t get what kind of game O is pulling with this. Anyone experience anything similar? Oh, I forgot to add that O said we could cancel these cruises and rebook to get the two cruises, but they claim we are in the 20% penalty phase and that would be a pain.. I just don’t get why they’re saying cancel and rebook to get two separate cruises when they’re already TWO SEPARATE cruises.
  4. Unless this person is actually with a cruise line approved scooter rental service, they won’t be allowed to deliver scooters to any cruise ship.
  5. Nope, I've never taken it apart. Some gate workers don't even want the tiller folded. But you do take the scooter key with you. It would be a nightmare if you kept the key on the scooter and they lost it. I also have a tiny stuffed bear attached to the key ring so it's easy to find if you put it in your purse during the flight.
  6. In the US, an airline cannot refuse to take a wheelchair or mobility scooter on board as it violates the ADA. If airlines accept a therapy pig, they will accept a scooter.
  7. I've done more than 50 flights with my Pride Go Go Sport and I've never, ever contacted the airline to get approval for my scooter. I've never been denied boarding and my batteries have not been taken away. Maybe it's a Canadian thing? OP, just make sure you have gel batteries and you won't have a problem. You can rent a scooter in one city and have it picked up in another. When we cruised the Med in May, they brought the scooter to the ship in Rome and they picked it up 24 days later in Barcelona. We used Scootaround for the rental. If you bring your own scooter, they will allow you to ride it to the plane's door and the baggage handlers will put it in the luggage hold. It's better if you fold the tiller down as it makes it easier to carry the scooter down the steps.
  8. The only port where we had to go through Immigration was in Russia. They are very strict in terms of Russian visas and checking passports. Some cruise lines will take, and keep, your passport for the duration of the cruise, which helps in clearing the ship in various ports, but for a cruise that stops in Russia, you are required to take your passport with you when going off the ship. The St Petersburg Immigration officers were the most stern I've ever encountered. Even the Vietnamese officials were a lot nicer.
  9. We were in Monte Carlo in June and we were docked right across from the Casino. It's a very nice docking area.
  10. We just got a notice that our time in Roatan will be shortened during our December cruise on Riviera. This looks more like some kind of pattern.
  11. I had a thought the other day as received my 18th mailing in a month from Xfinity yesterday. I started keeping them, unopened, and at the end of next month, I’m packaging them up and mailing them back to their corporate office. So, why not do that with Oceania? I went through my recycle bin and I have 6 Oceania mailings from just this past week, with some coming directly from O and others with my travel agent’s address on them. I do think it’s a huge waste of money.
  12. I’m not sure how many cruise lines the OP has experienced, but the “been there, done that crowd” are on every cruise line from Costa to Crystal, NCL to Silversea, RCI to Seabourn and all other lines in between. This is not a phenomenon exclusive to Celebrity. Heck, some of the highest contributors are on the luxury lines. I see see nothing wrong for a person to talk about their cruise experience when asked, and I guess I just don’t understand the OP’s complaint. Personally, I love hearing about other’s cruise experiences and their fun travel stories. I’ve heard some really interesting things that would make a great book on cruising. For us, after taking so many cruises (Sorry OP, I’m going to talk about my cruises and the been there, done that) literally all around the world, the ship is our destination, and not so much the ports. That’s why the ship is the most important aspect of our cruises.
  13. Will, we had three bad cruises on Celebrity in a row, and decided to try other lines. HAL was a disappointment in terms of food and service, Cunard just didn’t appeal to us, so we tried Oceania on a whim. We haven’t looked back except for a cruise on Crystal. We only cruise the O Class, Riviera or Marina, as the R Class ships aren’t really built for someone who’s a full time scooter user, and the O ships have the four specialty restaurants as opposed to the R class ships that only have two. The cabins are also larger on Marina and Riviera (we generally sail in the Owners or Vista suites), and we like the public rooms. After sailing on Oceania, we just can’t see going back to those mega liners and their 2800+ passengers.
  14. Well, my goodness. So nice to hear from you. Yes, we cruise Oceania pretty much exclusively now. We've done 41 days so far this year, and we have booked 31 more days up to next February. How are you and your lovely Wife? Do you plan on any more cruises?
  15. One thing, if the cruises are offered separately, but also as a Grand, if you book the Grand, and it’s under 24 days, you only get one cruise credit in the Oceania Club. We found this out two years ago when we booked a 22 day GV, but a couple of months after we booked, Oceania decided to break it up into 2 parts and offer it as a 12 and a 10 day cruise. We only got one cruise credit while others who booked the B2B got two.
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