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  1. Dr. Fauchi just said on ABC World News Now that he expects more than 200,000 deaths and millions of cases from COVID-19, in the US alone. If those numbers from the CDC doesn’t put things into perspective, nothing will. I don’t see any cruising for at least a year, and I see some lines going bankrupt or at the very least, cutting the number of ships in their fleets. It wouldn’t surprise me to see HAL and Princess cutting their fleets, and the smaller cruise lines like Crystal, Azamara and Oceania going away completely. Like I said, this is just my opinion based on the idea that we won’t see cruising until over a year from now.
  2. Riviera is moving NNE at 16 knots. Regent Explorer left at about the same time as Riviera.
  3. If cruise lines start deciding who is or is not fit to cruise, you’re getting into violations of the ADA. Just like cruise lines cannot ask a disabled person what their disability is, courts could decide that cruise lines cannot ask specific questions about one’s health. It’s all a right to privacy issue. Also, if cruise lines start restricting passengers based solely on age, that could also bring on lawsuits, based on age discrimination. Yes, I know cruise lines have rules that ban those under 18, but when you mess with the Boomers and their right to cruise, you’re messing with the wrong people. I could see AARP getting involved.
  4. You know, I didn’t think about that. So I wonder if there were two cases.
  5. When our Riviera cruise was cut short, we had to find flights home, and unfortunately no American flights worked for us, so we had to fly Delta. Called American and told them that we couldn’t use our return flight because of our cruise being cut short, and they immediately gave us a voucher for a future flight, with no time limit.
  6. You all are not going to believe this one. My sister got a call at 8:30 pm from NCL trying to get her to book a cruise. Really, NCL? The woman said they have some really great deals to offer us, so why can’t we just book something now? Sis said “How can you be calling about booking a cruise when no one knows what’s going to be happening with this virus and when any ships will be cruising?” The woman said “We’re not asking you to get on a ship now, but just book something.” Is NCL in financial trouble? I can’t believe they are trying to sell cruises when no one knows when we will be out of this COVID-19.
  7. I do want to make a few points with regards to this passenger. In his interview, he stated he got a look at his chest X-ray and said his lungs were almost totally black from infection. Now, wouldn’t a properly trained medical professional take notice that, in this time of COVID-19, that nearly totally infected lungs could very well point to COVID? Add to this is the fact that the passenger said he was coughing and couldn’t breathe, especially when laying down. It’s too bad we don’t know if the patient’s EKG came out normal, along with blood tests for cardiac enzymes, which if normal, would mostly eliminate cardiac issues. I do blame this passenger for waiting so many days before going to the medical center, and I question his decision making because he and his wife did go on shore excursions, possibly infecting hundreds of innocent people. In retrospect, not announcing this issue at the time probably saved all of us from becoming a quarantined ship. But nonetheless, I still question the decisions made by the medical staff and the Captain.
  8. I totally agree, and the outcome was why we all received the email from O. I am happy that O informed us of the situation so that we could all take care of things once we knew.
  9. That’s interesting. There was a person evacuated to Puerto Rico from our Feb 26 cruise, but the Captain steadfastly maintained that he had a heart problem and that he did NOT have COVID-19. Guest services was inundated with calls from concerned passengers wondering if the passenger was being removed because of COVID-19——I was one of them—-because the rumor mill was off the charts. We all knew HIPPA laws prevented anyone from disclosing information, but the passengers needed to be reassured that we weren’t going to become another Diamond Princess. The next morning the Captain announced that the passenger had a long standing heart condition that needed immediate attention. He said, more than once, that COVID-19 was not the issue.
  10. Knock on wood, nothing. We are both taking our temps twice a day and it’s been normal, actually below normal. Seeing that the Feb 26 cruise ended on Mar 11, we are getting close to that 10 day period. We decided that when we hit April 1, and we are still ok, we will breathe a sigh of relief.
  11. No, not yet. But once they hear, I’m guessing they may contact us.
  12. We didn’t think anyone was ill with Corona on our Feb 26 Riviera cruise, but we received an email today telling us a passenger tested positive when they returned home. With this nasty virus, you never know. People could be a carrier and never display symptoms.
  13. We just received an email from Oceania that tells us a passenger tested positive for the Corona Virus and cruised on the Feb 26 Riviera cruise. According to O, no crew has tested positive thus far. That passenger disembarked on March 11 in Miami and displayed symptoms after arriving home.
  14. njhorseman, if your job in the cruise industry, or related jobs like porters and cab drivers, is your only income, you’re going to feel it in the worst way. Taxi drivers aren’t getting many fares because places are closed, not to mention the fact that airports are virtually empty. You could fire a cannon in a couple of terminals in Miami yesterday. Guys who take your luggage at the ports aren’t working. All the contracted personnel who work in the cruise terminals doing things like checking in passengers aren’t working. Regardless of who’s disseminating the information, thousands of workers are negatively impacted. Wonder how you’d feel if your only income in the cruise industry was stopped ?
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