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  1. You were lucky. I came down with polio in October, 1955. Back then, you had to be in school in order to get the vaccine, and I was only 2. As much as I want to get the COVID vaccine, I think I will wait a bit in order to see how it goes.
  2. The filthiest comedian I ever saw on a cruise ship was Jerry Van Dyke. It was on Royal Caribbean quite a few years ago. Lots of sex jokes and profanities and a lot of people walked out. Never thought he would be so profane.
  3. I just read in U.K. newspapers that their government is restricting their citizens from going on cruises. Is that really the case? They’ve opened up trips to the Continent, and beaches are open, but they won’t allow cruises?
  4. We haven’t seen one dime for our cancelled March 11 cruise. We also decided to cancel our December cruise two weeks ago, and we were told it would take 6 weeks to get the refund for that one.
  5. First of all, who makes the judgement if a person is immuno compromised? And it’s discrimination to forbid anyone from traveling if you’re on oxygen. In our lawsuit happy world, those two rules would be ripe for any lawyer to take on. I can see passengers being told they must sign waivers if they fall into any category, but it’s wrong to be exclusionary.
  6. I guess I just don’t understand the whole temperature check before going into any restaurant or other public venue. I just don’t see how that can work and still use social distancing. Can you imagine the lines to get into the GDR——if you’re distancing, the line could go all the way to the front elevators. Can you imagine how this would work on a mega ship?
  7. Had our March 11 cruise cancelled four days into the cruise (ordered to return to Miami) and we haven't heard one word about our refund. Have had our TA calling and emailing every so often, and he hasn't heard anything other than "we're overwhelmed".
  8. Another thing I would like to point out is, on the cruise starting March 11, the ship was very empty, with maybe 500 passengers or less on board. We saw crew members wearing hazmat suits going from room to room disinfecting everything. The odor was so noxious that I had to be very careful to avoid the areas where the crew was working so as not to exacerbate my asthma. They weren't playing any games once it was confirmed that COVID was on board.
  9. I was on Riviera during this incident, and I’m convinced it was a coverup because three days after we were required to leave the ship, we got an email that the man did have COVID. This same man who was evacuated off the ship only gave his interview to CBS news more than a week later. I think the ship personnel had an idea he was sick with COVID because of the symptoms he displayed, but decided not to tell us in order to avoid a Grand Princess scenario
  10. How do the cruise lines decide where to go during this time? I’ve been watching the movements of O ships, and they’re moving around quite a lot. Riviera started in Miami, then went to Nassau, Freeport, Nassau, Miami, Nassau and now she’s back to Miami. Regent Explorer has been shadowing Riviera. Lots of ships in Tenerife, mostly Costa and Mein Schiff. And a whole lot of ships seem to be either anchored or just bopping around.
  11. What do you mean, we’ve been played? This is not some photoshopped thing. Just go to triblive.com and put “parked aircraft” in the search box.
  12. If you look closely at the picture, you will see jets parked on the runway at Pittsburgh International Airport. This is just a small portion of all the jets that are there, and have been there for two weeks. At last count, there are 126 jets, of every size, parked there.
  13. Dr. Fauchi just said on ABC World News Now that he expects more than 200,000 deaths and millions of cases from COVID-19, in the US alone. If those numbers from the CDC doesn’t put things into perspective, nothing will. I don’t see any cruising for at least a year, and I see some lines going bankrupt or at the very least, cutting the number of ships in their fleets. It wouldn’t surprise me to see HAL and Princess cutting their fleets, and the smaller cruise lines like Crystal, Azamara and Oceania going away completely. Like I said, this is just my opinion based on the idea that we won’t see cruising until over a year from now.
  14. Riviera is moving NNE at 16 knots. Regent Explorer left at about the same time as Riviera.
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