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  1. Thank you so much for the information.
  2. We have B2B cruises booked in December 2021. But since we booked the cruises, I fell and broke my hip and foot. My doctor said I’ll be ok to cruise by then, but as a just in case scenario, I would like to rent a commode to keep in the bathroom. There are no accessible cabins left, so I need to do whatever I need to make the cruise possible. So, does anyone know of a place that rents commodes for use on cruises? Scootaround does not. Thanks for your help.
  3. Our cruise isn’t until the end of December, but we just want to plan for all contingencies
  4. Lazlo, thank you so much. I think that the shower in the couples massage area will work for me if they will allow me to use it every day. I’ll pay for the use of the area, so I just hope they’ll allow me. Otherwise I’ll have to cancel the cruise. We’ve booked a B2B in the owners suite. If anyone has ever seen the showers in the OS or Vista, you’ll know the showers are ridiculously tiny. For what they charge, they should be ashamed to have allowed the designers to put in showers where you can barely turn around So again, thank you for finding that video
  5. Can anyone tell me if the spa showers on Riviera are roll in? I just broke my hip and I don’t think I will be able to get into the regular showers in the cabin. Thanks.
  6. Received our refunds on May 22, 2021 for our Baltic cruise that would be leaving in a week. We cancelled in November of last year.
  7. River cruises are extremely difficult for persons with disabilities. In most cities the dock area isn’t not level with the town and you have to climb steps, walk up dirt paths or steep walkways. But the biggest problem is when three or four boats are tethered together alongside a dock and you have to climb up and over each boat to get to dry land.
  8. I have shipped luggage, as a solo disabled cruiser, to and from home from cities all over the world. I only use a shipping service for international cruises because they guide you through all the paperwork, which can be a pain if you’ve never done it before. My favorite is Luggage Concierge. They’ve been fantastic.
  9. I didn’t vote for this incompetent dope. And now our former Health Dept head, who pulled her mom put of a nursing home right before the crisis, is now Assistant Secretary for HHS. Pennsylvania is right near the bottom for vaccine distribution.
  10. Hardly the case here. My sister and I have been online 2 to 3 hours a day to find appointments for at least a month. And we go online at 3 or 4 am in the hopes we could find something. Our state has no statewide system for vaccine distribution and no clearing house for appointments. Then they keep changing the requirements to get the vaccine like adding smokers, regardless of age, to the 1A group, the group we’re in. Heck, our local hospital just lowered their age requirement to 65—it was age 80. When a place opens up for appointments, they’re gone in less than 10 minutes—-you have to be lucky that you got online at just the right time. Giant Eagle supermarkets have had a couple of vaccine days, held at Heinz Field or PNC Park, but again getting an appointment was the luck of the draw. I was on a list for UPMC (along with being on 5 other wait lists) for 5 weeks, and finally got an appointment a week from now for shot number one. So, we definitely have not been faux complainers because we want to get back to a somewhat normal life and get to travel again and I suspect there are a lot of others like me.
  11. We’ve been in Vista Suites on every deck and we really, really like the ones on Deck 12.
  12. We’ve done more than 35 cruises on X, all in suites(mostly the PH), and we left X and went over to O and never looked back——we’ve done 11 cruises on O in less than 6 years. We aren’t main dining room people and chose to dine at Muranos, or it’s equivalent, before X went to Luminae. We greatly disliked Luminae as the tables were far too close and the food not all that great. It says something when people dine at L but order their food from the MDR. We love the specialty restaurants on O and even like dinner in Terrace. And you don’t have to pay high suite prices to dine in every restaurant on O, unlike on X where you can’t access Blu or Luminae unless you pay suite prices.
  13. My condolences to everyone. Very sad to hear this.
  14. Looked at booking X for 2022 and saw that Summit, Constellation and Millennium don’t appear on any itinerary after October 2022, despite the fact that all the other ships are booking into 2023. Anyone have insight into this? We loved Summit’s itinerary to Bermuda.
  15. My TA, a high volume Crystal agent, just emailed me to start a credit card dispute for our Crystal refunds. I hope it isn’t too late to dispute the charges.
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