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  1. We are in San Juan from 1-9 and are going to hop onto the water taxi to Catano and do the Bacardi Tour. Does anyone have an idea how much the taxi is for the 2 mile ride to the distillery? I see the water taxi is $.50 to take over from OSJ to Catano. Just seeing what the taxi will cost.
  2. I like the feel of the ship. I missed the 2.0 upgrades, but not enough to not sail on her. We were in cabin 7215 and it sounded as if there was a jet taking off constantly from the air blasting through the vents on the door. The seal on the balcony door wasn't entirely intact and the air would blast through the room from the cabin door to the balcony door. It was crazy loud. I'm not a light sleeper, nor overly noise sensitive, but this was always loud. Before we went we heard a lot of people complain about the vibrations. It's a ship and we didn't find that to be an issue for us. I love that it only sails with a little over 2,000 passengers. You never feel crowded. I like the quirky Farcus decor. I'd rather have that than sanitized decor. We had a great time on her and would sail on a Spirit Class ship again in a heartbeat.
  3. We took an upgrade to the spa deck on the Liberty. The balcony was ok. It had a sliding door which was nice. There is no cover to the balcony so if it's raining, it's raining on you. If you're at the glass on your balcony there could be people on the open decks looking down on you. If that's a deal killer, then just know that. The room was in a great location. Easy access to Lido and everything forward. We loved the quiet nature of the spa deck. Only 18 or so cabins. I guess it depends how particular you are about your current location. I was happy to take the upgrade as I wasn't in love with our location and the upsell was only about $70. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X304F using Tapatalk
  4. I received one today as well for my upcoming Conquest trip. $830 to move to a junior suite from my bowling alley balcony. Yeah, no. That's not happening. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X304F using Tapatalk
  5. My son and I did the Sensation in September and it was my absolute favorite cruise. I felt terrible that DW wasn't with me. The vibe was great fun. There were no fall down drunks or anything negative. The islands were great as well. Go find a great beach in Nassau that's not Paradise Island. HMC was amazing, our second favorite beach ever. Grand Turk snorkeling and swimming with the Ray's was great fun. Go and enjoy! Sent from my Lenovo TB-X304F using Tapatalk
  6. San Juan is absolutely my favorite port to sail from as well. Easy on, easy off. You're starting your trip already in the Caribbean. The whole cruise is at about 8_9 knots, not 21. So relaxing. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X304F using Tapatalk
  7. We have flown to San Juan for embarkation twice. One time was great, the other not so much. The bad was bad. We were set to fly out the day before to avoid any issues. There was fog at our stopover and we were delayed by an hour plus in leaving Cleveland. We only had an hour layover. Made up some time in the air. Get to one of the worst airports in the country for congestion, ask the flight attendant to call the gate to let them know we're coming. She won't do it, just says don't stop heading there. We run through the airport, get to the gate 10 minutes prior to the departure. We aren't the only ones in this predicament as there are probably 25 of us running down the concourse. We are yelling at them to not close the doors. The agent sees us and proceeds to close the ramp. She tells us it's closed and she can't open it. There are 20+ people staring at her breathless. The plane proceeds to sit at the gate for no less than 30 minutes and they never let us on. We all have to rebook on another airline in order to get out San Juan. We get to our hotel at 12:30AM instead of 2:00PM. We would have missed the ship if this was same day. To add insult to injury(so to speak), the new airline loses my wife's luggage. We do get it back before we sail. Sent from my Lenovo TB-X304F using Tapatalk
  8. I used 20 with my PVP to pay off ours. I’ve used a bunch to pay deposits etc with no issue.
  9. Completely agree. We did a 5 day on the Sensation in September and it was one of the best cruises we had ever done. Different vibe completely. Want to know what our bar tab was? It was zero. I went with my son and it’s not our scene. We had a fantastic time and would absolutely do it again. Every vacation requires a dollop of patience. I was more frustrated on our HAL cruise as the average age was most likely 70+. I don’t need to party, but the tempo and pace of HAL was way too slow for me. Everything isn’t for everyone. You do you and you’ll have a great time. Don’t worry about what other people do. Make your own fun. You’ll be happier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. This is good news. This will keep me checking back so I can log in using the app once again.
  11. Sorry, I haven’t checked this in a while. Without the ability to use the app I don’t get on CC much any longer. I don’t sit on a computer to read CC. I use Tapatalk for about 7 other boards. Mostly fishing reports here on Lake Erie. It would be nice to get CC back available on the app.
  12. I also have stopped visiting the boards due to Tapatalk no longer working. I check back just to see if there is any progress. Hopefully they figure this out and reconfigure with Tapatalk. I really don’t need yet another app on my phone.
  13. I will access this board much less without being able to use my iPhone and TapaTalk. It would be much appreciated to once again be able to access CC through the app.
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