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  1. The one we had listed an email that they asked you to message telling them of the transfer.
  2. Check with your bank. We have Chase and opened a free investmest account online. It was easy to move money and use the account, we purchased 100 shares of Carnival and then some other stocks and there was no commission. It's also nice because it uses the same online banking info as your regular accounts to access, so not another username and password to remember. I don't know for sure but I would guess all the major banks may have something similiar.
  3. I've taken advantage of two hot streak casino offers this week. One to rebook our weekend cruise in May (3 day for $460 cabin total for oceanview with $500 obc plus $300 obc for rebooking) and then one for Feb 2021 (3 day $650 cabin total for oceanview and $500obc). So they do have good deals depending on the sailing you're interested in.
  4. Great deal! I just booked a similar deal with the Carnival Imagination for May (the first one back as of now). Three nights in an oceanview for $465 cabin total with Drinks on Us, a $500 obc plus $300 obc since we had to rebook (we were originally booked for April). It's almost too much obc to spend on a 3-day lol. Glad to hear people are booking cruises 🙂 And I hope these casino offers continue, gosh only knows they make it back and more on the machines and tables!!!
  5. I've used the Allstate gift cards for my next two cruises (thanks Gramma for having Allstate and a ton of points lol). Saved $50 on our upcoming weekend Carnival Cruise, plus we purchased $300 in cards for onboard things to save an additional $30. Saved $300 on our upcoming Princess Alaska cruise through gift cards. Will probably buy some more to cover shore excursions. The only bummer about Princess is they won't let you pay for the in-room balcony dinners with gift cards on the website. And I hate waiting on hold to speak with someone to ask if I can do it by phone. Oh well. I also like buying the $100 gift cards like once a month... then when the cruise comes around you can apply them to your onboard account and it's like you've prepaid for everything onboard. Nice budgeting tool.
  6. If you buy the printed photo you can add a digital file. We did that on the Inspiration last month. I want to say the formal picture was between $20-25 and then to add the USB digital file it was like another $20 and we picked it up later that evening. They would not let us buy just the digital file. The digital file came with a photo release form on the USB so we took the photo to Costco and printed the sizes we wanted.
  7. I have a weekend cruise out of California in April and an Alaskan on Princess in May. My grandmother is already asking if I'm going to cancel them, but I currently have no plans to. I don't have a weakended immune system though and we're in our late 20s. If my husband or I did or if we were elderly then I might consider cancelling since those are the only deaths happening from the virus. My grandmother had a cruise booked during when either SARS or Bird Flu was a big thing (can't remember which one). They were booked into an inside cabin and got $100/upgrade offered to a suite because there were so many cancellations out of fear. She said the ship was pretty empty too. So we might see that again for the next couple months.
  8. Looking for a New Home- Received a Slot Tournament Entry for the $100k Slot Tournament on the Carnival Magic for June 6th, 2020. We already have an Alaskan cruise booked and not enough time off of work to do another week long cruise. Can be transferred once. Any offer considered, just don't want to see it go to waste.
  9. We had this problem on the Royal Princess when we did the corner Aft Penthouse Suite for our wedding cruise. We were shoving towels around everything because of the noise it made vibrating. I'm sure our stateroom steward wondered why all our cans were wrapped in hand towels in the mini fridge and why we stuffed a towel behind the tv everyday even after he would remove it. We just did the aft-most oceanview cabin on the Carnival Inspiration and had no issue at all with vibrating items in the cabin. So I guess it varies from ship to ship.
  10. If it's a large scale delay I've seen Princess hold the ship. One of my weekend cruises out of San Pedro was the day there was a shooting in LAX. Massive amount of flight delays and cancellations because they had to close down the airport, sweep the whole thing, and open back up. They held the ship till 9pm. Second time was my Alaskan cruise, I flew into Seattle same day from Las Vegas and took a Princess transfer to Vancouver. The delay at the boarder to cross was about 3 hours because of some soccer tournament. Princess held the ship because there were like 8 buses full of Princess passengers that were delayed. I've also talked to people who have missed the ship and had to join later at a foreign port. We met a couple who said when they got to San Pedro the ship was not moving and didn't for a while and they still weren't allowed to board because the door had been closed and boarding stopped. I agree with a previous poster who talked about how I'm sure the cruise line analyzes whether its worth it or not depending on the number of people.
  11. Ports are a large component of why people book cruises. And if it's a ship issue, such as the propulsion system, and not like a weather/Mother Nature issue then I do feel like the cruise line should do more. And I wouldn't put it past Carnival that they blamed the wind when it was really a combination of wind and propulsion issue for Grand Turk. They're probably especially on edge about wind after the recent Carnival Glory mishap. I especially think this way with the older Carnival ships, like the Elation, which aren't necessarily a destination ship in themselves that you'd want sea day after sea day on. I'd be bored out of my mind if I was on the Elation for two additional sea days and only got one port. I hope you get your 50% future cruise credit. I personally don't think that's asking a lot (though I see others may disagree and everyone's welcome to their opinion) and I've heard of a lot of people getting a similiar offer with propulsion issues. Best of luck.
  12. Generally my cabin booking rules are that it must have cabins above and below it, must be at least 3 cabins away from the elevator, can't be connecting, and can't be near any empty space (generally turns out to be a housekeeping closet or a laundry room). I've been pretty happy as long as those rules are satisfied. The worst cabin I had was on an 11-night Hawaii cruise, Oceanview right above the tender dock. Wasn't a problem for most of the cruise, but on the overnight in Maui the tenders ran overnight, and every half hour we got woken up by the "Ding Ding! Ding Ding!" of the passenger cruise cards being scanned into the ship. Qchell you'd be surprised how often that happens. I used to be a cruise sales agent for Expedia back in the day, and I've been cussed out by honeymooners who book the bunk bed cabin (known as a 1A, so as long as you avoid that you're good) online and the ship is full or the only upgrade is hundreds of dollars more and it's too late to cancel. So I completely agree that it's always best to call if you're not sure lol.
  13. As an update, emailed again, this time for our upcoming Princess Alaska cruise after we played a bunch on our weekend Carnival cruise last week, and they gave us $75 FreePlay. So it never hurts to ask, even if you're on a different cruise line (as long as it's all under the same casino program).
  14. It's for June 6th, 2020. It's still available for a small rehoming donation.
  15. We took pictures for about 45 minutes. They wanted to take more but we were done. So I'm sure they'd be happy to do over an hour with you. I knew I wanted Skywalk pictures, so I pushed for them. I'd recommend going on Pinterest and getting an idea of some cruise wedding photos and locations you want. The first place they took us to was next to Wheelhouse Bar and they pulled over an ugly chair and tried to take photos in the middle of the hallway. I was like "What are we doing here... there's nothing nice about this are" and I had to push them to go take photos in the Atrium and the Skywalk. Probably 20 minutes of our time was in the wheelhouse bar area and none of the pictures looked remotely good with that background. So just be ready to push to the places you want to go.
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