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  1. If it isn't raining ... be outside for the sail away. There are several outdoor bars and places to watch the sail away. Much better than being inside. I agree ... I HATE that carpet ... and I barely drank my whole 20 days on the Gem last Sept.!
  2. Before you blindly say that Travelex rates are hefty ... you should call banks and find out the current rates. It was MUCH cheaper for me to use Travelex than my local banks.
  3. I got my euros & pounds from Travelex. Money sent via UPS 2 day service. Ordered Tues. Rec'd Thursday. You order the money, you must sign for it with your ID.
  4. I think it's rude to shame and make derogatory remarks about hard working employees, and then make the exact same errors you are shaming others for!
  5. and yet i ask you, is this necessary? why can't people answer the question instead of being snarky. 😏 Because the OP specifically bad mouthed the customer service rep for EXACTLY what they did! That's why. LOL .... don't dish it out if you can't take it!
  6. Yes. Until the cabins are ready for the passengers.
  7. My last cruise on the Gem was Sept. 2018 and I did walk on with my rolling duffel bag and beach bag. And cabins were ready around 1:30p.m. I am embarking on the Pearl 4/28th and will be walking on again ... with same rolling duffel bag and beach bag. I also keep the bags with me. There is usually a lounge where you can leave your bags and there is 1 or 2 employees 'watching over' all of the luggage. I do not drop my bag there. I just keep it with me.
  8. In the future, you might look at independent insurance companies for ins., including the CFAR policy. Many have found better coverage for more affordable rates.
  9. Have you contacted your insurance company? The company that insured your cruise in case of emergencies?
  10. I did not know she was outside of the lounge or how she gained entrance. She appeared at our table to talk to us. Until that very moment I had no indication anything was amiss and that she needed assistance. The last I had seen her was before muster and we had an agreed time and place to meet for dinner. Can not see the door from the table we were at. THIS ... this is when you take your MIL OUTSIDE and find out what is amiss. END of story and problem. SO, it appears the whole problem could have been avoided.
  11. First off ... yes you would have to pay that per person rate X 2 when you cruise solo. Now NCL on some ships does offer 'Solo' cabins. They look AWFUL. They are expensive. They are SMALL/TINY/awful. If you watch some cruises (I know NCL does this on some of their cruises because I have booked 2 like this) the closer to sail date the lower (possibly) the rate and SOMETIMES the solo surcharge is dropped. I sailed last Sept. 2018 for 2 NCL Cruises back 2 back and paid only 1 price NOT x2 for each of those back 2 back cruises. Alaska is a premium location and may not discount their prices. But it's a wait and watch game.
  12. People, how can you possibly, knowingly, deliberately report someone KNOWING FULL WELL the result will be in that person losing their job? Have the backbone to politely say "that is inappropriate and not appreciated".
  13. CFAR insurance reimburses at 75% ... fyi.
  14. Yes? And your point is? Your post referred to PAYMENT must go through Carnival and I said that was not accurate. Payment has already been made to Carnival and the owner of the certificate needs to receive payment. NOTHING was discussed about the forms or details of the transfer. It was only discussing money at that point. And as I explained my experience was NCL and it was MY experience. Perhaps Carnival may have a way to do it by phone to expedite the process ... maybe not. But it's certainly worth looking into.
  15. I don't think this is accurate. The OP (or holder of the cruise credit) needs to be paid. NOT Carnival. But as I mentioned in my earlier post ... the credit needs to be transferred first from current owner to the new 'owner' and then payment made via paypal or other accepted method between the 2 people involved. At least ... that was MY personal experience.
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