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  1. No, the B2B was from NY to Quebec & Quebec to NY. It was fantastic. Great time of year. Only had bad weather in Maine ...
  2. I had a crazy, incredible year from Sept. 2018 - Sept. 2019 ... I sailed on 6 cruises. 2 of them were B2B .... it was fantastic.
  3. Why not? Its true & stops the haters in their tracks.
  4. This isn't true ... I have been through ... as a solo cruiser ...with 2 bottles of wine and have NEVER paid a corkage fee. I even carried it by hand in the plastic bag the liquor store gave me and put it through the scanner and at check in counter ... was told no fee needed. this was last sept. 2018 ... so not that long ago. This past April ... me & my friend/cabinmate went through each with 2 bottles and never paid corkage fee. We did only drink it in the cabin ..but if we had poured it into glasses and walked around with them ... that would have been fine also.
  5. Why was your wine considered contraband? 2 adults in 1 cabin are allowed 2 bottles free of corkage fees.
  6. That is not exactly correct. You DO get 2 bottles free of corkage fee per cabin. So if there are 2 adults in the cabin ... each gets 1 bottle of wine or champagne (no hard liquor) free of corkage ... THEN anything additional you bring aboard is subject to $15 per bottle corkage fee.
  7. It was a typo or autocorrect. You know that, right? Lol!!
  8. You pay the $15 a day ... and you are COVERED ... technically. There are TONS of people who post on CC and go in great detail how much extra cash they hand out. You do not have to hand out cash. You do not have to feel bad if you pay the DSC and leave it at that. You are covered. Each drink will have a 20% gratuity added to it ... so you're covered there ... that's automatic. Unless you have the drink package ... and again ... you do not have to hand out cash if you do have the drink package. You have already paid 20%gratuity on that package price/total.
  9. But wait ... I MUST have more money in my account ... I STILL have checks left! LOL
  10. The random refund DID happen. The OP OWES the $900 BACK to NCL. Cruise being cancelled NEVER happened, as far as I have read in this thread.
  11. I guess ask Guest Services when you board ... I wouldn't rely on a telephone Cus Svc Rep's answer ... even if it's a positive one.
  12. https://cruiseradio.net/cruise-line-bans-stateroom-door-decorations/?fbclid=IwAR0mpHiKGFqqHutBT8Q6DgS5dOOInSgQwk8CkKZLNjFy18VBUYWRiOh_Jlc I'm probably late on posting this ... but here's an article about it. AND I don't know if this is ONLY the Gem or NCL fleetwide.
  13. First time I came across this was when I sailed Norwegian Pearl to Alaska from Seattle, WA 2012. I was very much like you and I began to argue and was given the speech ... it's hand over your passport or there's the door and you don't cruise. That's it ... no other option. Of course, my husband was huffing and puffing and grumbling ... I did hand over my passport and it was fine ... I don't know ... to this day ... why it was necessary, but it was.
  14. Put the cruise payment on a credit card. What help are you looking to obtain here on CC? Some 'glitch or error' happened. The cash was returned to your bank account. Understandably, you spent some of that $900 cash, so it isn't fully available to apply to the cruise. Do you want to cancel the cruise? Was $900 the full amount of the cruise ... so you would not lose a deposit amount? Are you looking to go on this cruise without paying the remainder of the money because you found out NCL made an error?
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