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  1. I 'believe' you HAVE to be ON BOARD at 2pm IF the ship leaves at 4pm. Isn't it be onboard 2 hours prior to departure? AND even IF it is ONLY ONE hour prior to departure ... it's still way too close. So what's worse ...spending $300 to change flights or losing your entire cruise ... vacation costs, and fun vacation times because you missed the ship?
  2. I use one of these under my shirts. I have travelled many places using this and have felt very safe. https://www.amazon.com/Venture-Travel-Pouch-Wallet-Blocking/dp/B010LVBVKA
  3. Yes, on NCL ... the solo meet ups are 'usually' in the Bliss lounge ... around 5pm. And the host of the solo meets arranges table(s) for dinner with the dining room on a daily basis and the solo group walk directly in to the dining room ... bypassing the LONG line of guests waiting to be seated. NCL treats solo groups VERY well. I would NEVER get a solo cabin. They are TINY, like you said ... more expensive typically than an interior cabin. NOT worth it to me.
  4. Perhaps they are young. I would at the very least take an inside cabin where the 2 twins become a queen bed. I hope they have fun ....
  5. Carnival Sunshine Cabin # 2334 Category 1A - Interior Upper/Lower Stateroom
  6. What do you mean ... "more cuddling"? Upper/Lower usually means 2 bunk beds ... one upper ... either comes down from ceiling/or the wall and one bunk lower ... on the floor. Did you book Guarantee? So Carnival chooses where the cabin is located? If yes, then that is all you get.
  7. June 15th - June 22nd Cruise .... $449 ...with ZERO Solo Supplement!!! https://www.ncl.com/booking-quote?guestCount=1&itineraryCode=JOY7SEAKTNJNUSGYVICSEA&shipCode=JOY&selectedStateroomMeta=INSIDE&berthedCategoryCode=IX&pricedCategoryCode=IX&selectedCabinNumber=GTY&selectedFareCode=BESTFARE&voyageId=14300049&activeStep=2&activePanel=1&upgradeSelected=false&sailDate=2019-06-15
  8. Please don't hijack the OPs post. You can start your own post and get responses to cruise line recommendations.
  9. Carnival Cruise Line for High School grads. They sail Western Carribean out of New Orleans, FYI. I'm on the Carnival Valor 8/31/2019 out of NOLA to Western Carrib.
  10. https://www.viator.com/tours/Flanders/Return-Cruise-Shuttle-Service-from-Zeebrugge-to-Bruges/d5298-22540P1 I used this private shuttle service and it worked beautifully. I did NOT have a scheduled excursion or activity to 'get' to, FYI. I am not sure if you are asking about the cruiseline shuttle or a private shuttle.
  11. I'm sailing with Patrick and other PBE (Piano Bar Entertainers) this coming August! SO much fun.
  12. I belong to this! BEST cruise I've ever taken. I'm booked for another Bar-Barians cruise Aug. 31 - Sept. 5th. FYI.
  13. If he is a no show ... he is NOT getting any money back/refunded from the cruise line where he was a No Show. That is the reason you won't get 're-priced' as a Solo ... cruise line has received payment for TWO people cruising. So in actuality ... if he goes on the 'other' cruise ... he has paid for TWO cruises.
  14. I love the OWO in this photo. What a beautiful picture. GREAT sky .... thank you for sharing!
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