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  1. Curious which large TA is largely MIA? We usually use 2, one that rhymes with Snooze.com and one that rhymes with CruKong, who still seem to be handling things properly. When one of our cruises was cancelled our booking rep from Snooze was on the phone the next day to explain options.
  2. Our chargeback story is similar, with a surprise ending. Called Visa May 23 to discuss delayed refund and ask their advice. Visa said the delay did not adhere to their vendor guidelines (20 days), and suggested we start a chargeback immediately. Didn't need to twist our arm. Visa said MSC had 60 days to dispute the chargeback after which is would be permanent, same as your story. Temporary credit went on our cc acct the next day. Then after 35 days the credit moved to the permanent column, and is still there after 62 days. Don't know why it went permanent way before the 60 days was up.
  3. Yes Visa wrote us that MSC had 60 days to dispute the temporary chargeback, after which the credit on our acct would become permanent. We're at 4 weeks. CruisingGator2 it does sound like MSC decided not to dispute the chargeback, making it permanent. I would have expected MSC to dispute the chargeback and tell the cc that the refund was "coming." Maybe the card told MSC that "coming" is taking too long. Their suggested timeline is 20 days. Anyway good news. For anyone hesitant to bug their cc about a chargeback, we found Visa very understanding and helpful, we asked their opinion about doing it and they suggested we go ahead with it right away. They were on the same page and we certainly didn't have to talk them into it, and anyway we didn't plan on forcing it if they had other suggestions. Perhaps they regard card holders as their primary customers and not vendors.
  4. An update, Visa agreed May 14 to look into a chargeback, and on May 23 our card account showed a provisional credit for the amount MSC owed us. A bit later we got a letter from Visa saying MSC had 60 days to dispute the chargeback with Visa, and if there is no response from MSC by then the credit will be permanent, which is essentially the same as CruisingGator2 was told by her card. If MSC contests the chareback Visa said it will contact us immediately with the info. Visa said they may ask for additional documentation from us to make their decision. Visa will also provide us with copies of any documents they used to make their decision. I expect when Visa has a deadline they stick to it.
  5. Are you calling your credit card? They'll want the date of the original charge so they can look it up.
  6. Yes I'd call Chase, it's their issue. I wonder if MSC saw the chargeback and told Chase they'd do the refund now, and maybe Chase removed the credit since MSC's refund is "coming." I wondered what would happen if many weeks after we get our credit card chargebacks , MSC sends the refund b/c they are so lost they don't even know about the chargeback. Let us know what Chase says. So many plot twists, it's like a crazy show on TV.
  7. Hey refund buds, I called my Visa card a week ago to get their advice on what to do with MSC dragging their refund feet. They said they allow vendors about 20-30 days max to process refunds, and my April 2 refund confirmation was well overdue. (BTW sailing date was Sept 2020). They said they would investigate this with MSC, and today a full chargeback credit was on my card. I wonder if they had as much trouble dealing with MSC as we've all had, and just went with the chargeback. A bit of a footnote for Caledonia and Catamo, the other Canucks, here, I booked thru a USA TA like Caledonia did, which showed up on the MSC USA site, but later MSC transferred the booking to MSC Canada, who were just as confusing to deal with as the USA office. I don't know which MSC office Visa ended up trying to deal with. So y'all are invited up to the Observation Lounge at 5 today, we're buying everyone a round with this refund money, and the one with the most exasperating, frustrating, confusing story gets unlimited drinks. There may be a few of those. Good luck everyone, happy sailing. -Bob7
  8. Hey Rob, thx for your refund report, and happy sailing. You too Tara619. PSMarkle you are the first to get a refund for a sailing date after March, a very nice sign for us post-March cruisers. Is it time to get hopeful?
  9. Hey Rob, MSC threw us a bone, and you got it you lucky dog. Now we can all be wagging our tails waiting for the next bone, and that could be you GatorMomInNC with a claim date of March 2, or Misand with a sail date of March 16, depending on whether they are doing them by claim dates or sail dates. Some of us have both ways covered with both claim dates and sail dates in March like Rob: ... SirWolf, JansArts, DexDDD, NameThatFunnel, Cullyman15, JStrutton, and Catamo. And a whole bunch of us have claim dates in March for later sail dates.
  10. Nice to be done and have that off your mind. Thx for letting us know.
  11. Beardface, I think most of us would agree with that, the prob is that MSC has offered various stories about how they are handling the refunds, and none of them are working out. If they had a consistent plan that was paying off within their own timelines, even the long timelines, and explained what they were doing, we would be ok waiting. But the way it's being managed no one has much faith anymore. But the new refund posted just now gives hope that they are getting on the ball.
  12. Hey Ottawa, fellow Canuck, we also book thru a big box USA TA, can't beat the perks. So you are the first on the forum to report a post-virus refund for a March cruise cancelled in March. So for the rest that cancelled in the same time frame and cruise date as you, here comes the refund flood for Misand, SirWolf, JansArts, Rob-Bob, DexDDD, NameThatFunnel, Cullyman15, JStrutton,, and Catamo. Anyone holding their breath?
  13. Tabby that's great news, it will be settled for you by June 5, either MSC coughs up the refund or Visa credits you. You too SDS. Your successes nudged me to make a move, first called MSC to be told again that the refund was “pending” and to wait a few more months. Then called my Visa, asked for their advice b/c I wanted to follow their direction so as to be on the same page with them. They were great, said they do not condone big delays on approved refunds, and suggested starting a dispute claim with a claim number which we did. They are sending me a snail mail letter with instructions on how to proceed with documentation etc for me to do. Curious how some people who complained on Facebook got a refund. Just musing, we know the cruise lines monitor FB and CruiseCritic etc, and if they wanted to throw a bone to a few as an online appeasement they would have real names on FB to match with cruise bookings and could do the refund right away. No names on CruiseCritic so they can't throw us a few bones to settle us down. Odd how all the Disney CL people got their refunds right away. If anyone else talks to their credit card give us an update.
  14. GatorMom good to hear from you, you are the point of the sword, the earliest cancellation date (Mar. 2) since the virus, with your 60 day “wait” done last week. Safe77 thx for your info too, gawd if they can't ever refund an unusable prepaid OBC it looks bad, especially with only a skeleton staff. For an update, two posters have been told by MSC that they are now refunding in order of cruise date, and the method of waiting 60 days after requesting a refund is now dead. JansArts was told mid April that they were working on the 2nd week of March cruise dates, and this week CruisingGator2 was told they are now up to April sail dates. So that's rather unsettling news for those of us with March sail dates who it looks like got passed over: Misand, SirWolf, JansArts, Rob-Bob, DexDDD, NameThatFunnel, Cullyman15, JStrutton, and Catamo. BermudaBound would be next with a sail date of April 4. Most of the above also did their cancellations mid March, so another way for them to get a refund by mid May if the 60 days from cancelling still worked: JansArts, Rob-Bob, DexDDD, NameThatFunnel, Cullyman15, JStrutton, BermudaBound and Catamo. I think the only person who got any cash from a March claim was SirWolf, claim date March 5, sail date March 21, who got several K but was told another 10K was held as a penalty. Weird. I'm thinking that if the above are all passed over as of mid May it's time to let our credit cards take over for a chargeback. TabbyKats already got a temporary credit from her Visa, which sounds ok since the cc may want to wait until they are sure MSC is not going to do a refund before making the credit final. I think it's good to first have the cc agree that a chargeback is legit, b/c you only get one crack at it, and you want to be sure your cc agrees that's it's appropriate at the time. I think if mine asked me to wait a bit, I would want to go along with that, it's our last hope. Don't want to force a chargeback and get it declined. Ate reported his card said they expect vendors to refund within 20 days, but someone else posted that their card said you have to accept whatever time frame the vendor gives for a refund. Nice that our MSC time frames will be reached mid May. If anyone starts talking to their credit card let us know what they say.
  15. So both JansArts and CruisingGator2 (thx for posting) have been told by MSC that the 60 day wait from our refund claim dates is dead, and now refunds are processed in order of sail date. In mid April JansArts was told they are working on sail dates the 2nd week of March, and just now CruisingGator2 was told they are up to early April sail dates. That means that all the March sail dates posted here should have their refunds: Misand, SirWolf, DexDDD, Rob-Bob, NameThatFunnel, Cullyman15, JStrutton, and JansArts, with BermudaB close behind at Apr. 4. Have any of you seen your refund? Any others with March sail dates to add to this list?
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