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  1. I'm glad to know it is taking longer to show up. I've been waiting a couple of weeks with no response and in the past it would post within 24 hours. I was thinking I might just have to give up and lose out on the OBC, but there still might be a chance it shows up!
  2. I stayed at Barcelona Sants. Hotel is right at the central train station and you can take a train from the airport directly to the hotel. From the train station at the hotel you can access all areas of the city. There is a train that will drop you about 100 feet away from the port shuttle that takes you directly to the ship. Fast and easy.
  3. Some inclines. I don't recall any stairs. If there were any stairs, they would have been 2-3 steps at most.
  4. It was not strenuous at all. Very easy, with boardwalks for walking the entire route.
  5. Yes, the cashier will have currency exchange open during specific hours that are noted in the dailies and there is also signage at the cashier's desk that indicates the open hours for currency exchange.
  6. I've used the ship to shore phone service from cabin many times and it has always been reliable and crystal clear as a land line.
  7. I love them. One of my favorite things on NCL.
  8. Based on most posts seen on CC, I think this sign is usually ignored.
  9. Always book sail away rate and always happy with the room. In addition, it is really easy to adjust when the rate changes to a lower price because there is no concern with losing the perks when doing a price adjustment. The only thing I miss with the sail away rate are the bonus nights when booking a latitude "past guest offer" as that deal also excludes the sail away rate.
  10. It was great - Disney World combined with a cruise to Freeport, Bahamas and a stop at Disney's private island in the Bahamas (Blue Lagoon Island aka Salt Cay). First cruise many years ago.
  11. I took one of my all-time favorite tours in Nassau. It was from Bahamas Outdoors. They take you completely around the island. You get to see the real parks and neighborhoods that are on display with nature and you'll get the opportunity for many wildlife sightings. Check them out online for more information.
  12. Whichever one is the disembarkation port.
  13. I'd hire a customer service staff to monitor Cruise Critic 24 hours a day. I've seen a few NCL staff responses on CC, but they should be on here full-time monitoring posts and topics for questions and correcting misinformation.
  14. When you go in and edit your signature, it now only allows 6 lines max. It won't let you save your signature until you trim it down to 6 lines or less.
  15. Thanks for the nice review! I can't believe "most people stayed on the boat" in Morocco. Morocco is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Such a shame to miss it when you are docked right there! I get it that everyone is different and has different interests, but for most people to stay on the ship, just seems crazy. Seriously recommend visiting Morocco if you have the chance, even if it is for just a few hours.
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