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  1. Just saw this post. I guess I forgot to follow up. Even though it was a few years now my Wife did awesome on the cruise. We did not let her touch any luggage,lifting or anything like that to protect Her new shoulder. Also, she did stay out of hot tubs and the pool. She has not had any issues since the surgery....and has been on a few more cruises since late 2013. So all is good here and good luck to all
  2. Beers are about 7 to 8 bucks and a Makers on the Rocks ran about 11 bcks....plus18% tip
  3. Cruising Equinox later this year and have a Concierge question..... We are Elite( and not in a suite) and wanting to know if on the last day we can access a Concierge to get our plane Tixs printed. I realize we can sign up for our free minutes but since we are old school we like the Human Touch...Any thoughts or feedback would be welcome. Thanks
  4. Thanks...I followed your advice but it won't allow me to lock in a time...just shows a 6pm to 8 pm window of time..... The trip is about 9 months out so do you think it will open up or did I already 'miss the ship ' on this one? ...sorry for the pun
  5. Been awhile since our last Celebrity cruise. So, I'm wondering which floor (dining room) is used for Select dining on Equinox? The web site indicates it opens at 6pm but wondering if it does open earlier( 5:30pm?) Also, can I make reservation before getting on board? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for the quick follow up...still can't decide about upgrading to premium are pay for the upgrade as I go. I like Makers Mark but if it's a $1.18 up charge per drink. ?..I'm not sure the premium is even worth looking into
  7. I like to drink my booze straight..... Will they pour a Double for 'free' or would a charge be added ?
  8. Been a few years since I've been on Celebrity and I was wondering what locations we can find a late night snack ...like pizza or sandwich.
  9. Just off Harmony and Yes on Diamond Drinks in MDR
  10. Just received an email that said to not plan to board before 11:30 on Sunday.....does anyone know if there is a legit reason for that( noro cleaning, coast guard inspection, ect) or just the standard Rccl communication
  11. Is there any solution for getting a boarding pass printed (old school) on the last day of our cruise? We are traveling with an Elite Member is that helps.
  12. My experience is to go by many bars and just check. Seems that some beverage options are only in one bar.....but I too have not Bulleit so god luck
  13. On a good breakfast near the Hilton. There is a small family place ( can't remember name) a couple blocks west. Cross the street (on your left) and it is in the corner of the strip mall. Good Food with Fair prices...
  14. Can anyone give us the expected updates for the Equinox. Our cruise is about a year out and I'm starting to plan....Thanks
  15. Been trying to see a bar menu....if you could can you check the current price of Makers Marker and Knob Creek Bourbon ? thanks in advance
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