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  1. Fair enough & thanks for that. It's a tough time for everyone right now, with hard lessons being learned all around.
  2. And your point is ? What additional facts would you like ? The names of the ships which continued to sail despite the disease spreading like wildfire across the globe, or perhaps the names of the passengers and crew needlessly infected with Covid as a result ? No doubt they'll all be named in the multiple class action law suits now being issued.
  3. Well I can only find this: https://www.princess.com/news/news_releases/2020/03/princess-cruises-announces-a-voluntary-and-temporary-pause.html But whatever the exct chronology, the bottom line is the writing was on the wall for at least a month prior: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5057/ Are you saying you think Princess and the Cruise Industry as a whole acted in a timely and appropriate manner, in the light of the developing crisis, having primary regard to the safety of passengers and crew alike ? Much as I have loved cruising over the last couple of decades, there are surely an awful lot of question for Cruise Execs. to answer.
  4. Princess did not stop until March 12th. Other Cruise lines even later. All pretty unforgiveable given the writing was on the wall for weeks prior. The industry now has a public image that will take an indeterminate, but likely very long time to repair. Let alone the human tragedy and disastrous financial impact.
  5. Respectfully, the posts that seek to draw comparisons with planes, shopping malls, cinema's etc., are fundamentally missing the point. Planes have surgical grade filtering systems, which ships do not and it's pretty easy to exit a shopping mall & a cinema ! Less so a Cruise ship when it may be many days from land. I posted on the Grand Princess Covid Discussion Thread on March 5th acknowledging my post would be unpopular, but suggesting that the time had then come for Princess and all cruise lines to do the right thing & cease cruising for a period of three months. I further said that it would be better to do the right, but difficult, thing then and hopefully thereby engender some public goodwill, rather than insist on sailing until the last possible moment and risk a PR disaster, as well as the likely severe medical implications. The post I refer to above appears to have disappeared.
  6. For all the entirely valid reasons mentioned in this thread, self serve buffets will surely have to end,. As for the passengers who insist on walking past the hand washing bays and also decline to sanitise, they absolutely should not be allowed in to any eating facity under any circumstances. Nor i.m.h.o., should the vest wearing individuals who wander into the buffet after spending time by the pool, or the gym, and insist on sharing with everyone the contents of their sweaty arm pits and other unmentionable areas.
  7. https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/18348497.cruise-ship-anchored-weymouth-bay/
  8. Thanks for the contributions above. All valid points, which Cunard, along with the rest of the industry is going to somehow have to address. The cross contamination issue is going to be a tough one to crack. The incident described below shows how even medical professionals and health workers are not immune from infection arising from using a self serve buffet: https://nationalpost.com/news/how-an-edmonton-curling-tournament-became-a-hotspot-for-the-covid-19-outbreak-in-canada You have to wonder whether the only way forward will be for all food to be served, with no exceptions made.
  9. After the awful events of the last few months, a myriad of things will need massive improvement if public confidence is to be regained by all Cruise lines, including Cunard. Just one matter which springs to mind, is that henceforth, surely absolutely no-one should be permitted to enter the Kings Court, or any of the Dining rooms, without hands being washed. I don't think I could restrain myself in the event of watching someone decline to do so. I even wonder whether the concept of 'buffet' style eating is sustainable moving forward. Thoughts ?
  10. All true, but of the 20 odd cruises we have taken (Celebrity/Crystal/HAL/Princess/RC/Cunard+NCL), the Pride of America was notable only for the absolutely dire service, the staff oozing 'attitude' from every pore and the barely concealed contempt they displayed for the passengers. A massive shame and a huge contrast to every other ship we have sailed on.
  11. Unfortunately, another passenger also confirmed as positive (see tenth paragraph)..............: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alberta-cases-of-covid-19-double-to-14-medical-officer-reports-1.5492562
  12. Calgary area resident has tested positive, having been on Braemar 11 Feb to March 4th: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/covid-19-virus-alberta-coronavirus-1.5490999
  13. Looks like all Canadians on board are to be flown to a military base at Trenton, Ontario and undergo 14 days quarantine: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/covid-19-coronavirus-march-8-1.5490199
  14. Agree completely. Hope your post lasts longer than mine (saying much the same thing) did !
  15. Don't think this will be a popular post, but I genuinely feel there must now be consideration given to all Cruise lines suspending sailings for a meaningful (3 months ?) period. Yes, it's a nuclear option, but how else can the risk of a repitition of Diamond Princess be avoided ? With the spread of the virus across all continents (ex. Antarctica), the chances of someone getting on board any cruise ship, whilst unknowingly incubating it, are surely increasing rapidly. Once that person embarks, everyone else on board is immediately at risk, as (a la Grand Princess) are those on subsequent cruises. An absolute nightmare and potential financial disaster for all Cruise lines. But in the current circumtances, I just don't see how ships are going to be able to continue to sail. If they continue to do so, they surely risk becoming public enemy number one, in addition to the obvious potential of class action law suits. Better to get ahead of the game and take decisive action now, in the hope that it will pay off medium term. (And no, I don't think planes should stop flying. They aren't carrying 2,000-6,000 passengers !).
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