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  1. Sea42 - Aw to sweet!! I want a puppy too!! Hehe!! We cancelled two cruises for 2020 and one 2021, but booked one for 2022 that is similar to the 2021.
  2. cashmeremypuppydog!! Thank you for all your information!! Did you write a blog that you can share? I saw your post on the Feb 2/21 Cpt to Singapore Oceania roll call to read your posts here!! Thank you for doing that! I am going to write you as I have so many questions. Lauren
  3. It probably depends if you are in your room a lot. If you are only there to sleep and you are out and about most of the day, it would not be a problem. But if you like to be in your room a lot, have naps in your room etc. you might hear the chairs being moved a bit. And if you are the type of people that don't like any noise do not have your cabin below the pool deck. JMO
  4. We also like sea days but only if we are busy sightseeing on our other days while we are on a cruise.
  5. Hehe!! Well maybe😉. Six sea days in a row - that is boring.
  6. Hi All. I just thought I would add my 2 cents!! We were on Sirena March 8th and the first two days were extremely rocky. The next two days we stopped at Martinque and St Lucia (I think). The rest of our 10 day cruise was "suspended" according to what Oceania said in a letter that was left in our cabin. We never felt like we were in an extreme or horrendous situation while on board. It was boring be sure but me and my husband never felt like Oceania was hiding anything - we in fact felt they were upfront letting us know that the cruise was being suspended. The only thing we wi
  7. I don't understand why the American that comes into Canada cannot bring up their groceries. My sister has lived in the United States for over 40 years and she does it all the time. She is not bringing up liquor though - just groceries. She always lets Customs knows what she is bringing - never a problem and never has had to pay duty. At this time, American's I pretty sure cannot travel up to Canada just for pleasure purposes. However, my husband's good friend's adult child, lives in the USA and comes back and forth through the border to his job that is in Canada and he can do t
  8. In British Columbia - Home Depot has been open the whole time not just curb side pickup. I know this for a fact.
  9. JMHO - I will be on board with my numerous face masks and gloves and isopropyl. I cruise for itinearies and people and not for food, entertainment. I will need a vaccine to get on board though.
  10. I am pretty sure I read that the Seattle Port is also closed until July 1st.
  11. cruisingxpert Yes it is the first one - I am a long way from doing a live report. I love reading them all though! Thanks for noticing!! Hehe!! Lauren
  12. Yay! I did it! Easter Island and the Marina.
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