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  1. CBB - That was a wonderful cruise - Mumbai to Rome. I don't think we were on the tour with you to Petra but our guide was doing the same thing. We left him too and looked around ourselves. The Israel guide talked non stop for 10 hours so that was also a little much. But all the rest were informative and interesting.
  2. Did you bother to consider the possibility that a particular itinerary might only be offered once a year, and that might be when the NFL playoffs are being held? In our case we cruised from Miami all the way to Tahiti, and that was the one and only time of the year you could do it. Your comment is so typical of the type of responses made by some when we had an extended thread about this earlier in the year. It's really easy to dismiss an idea with a snide remark that's indicative of the attitude "I don't care about this so no one else could possibly have a legitimate interest in it that is worth considering". It goes right along with the "sports fans are beer-swilling lowlifes" attitudes of some. You can do better. NJHORSEMAN - I agree!
  3. Well we like watching the NFL playoffs so I guess we will making our voices heard on the comment card. Sounds like it won't change anything BUT you never know.
  4. What's up is that Oceania apparently doesn't want to pay for the rights to show the NFL games. My comment about beer-swilling Americans was based on the "my ***** don't stink" attitude of some of the posters on that thread who apparently believe that sports is only enjoyed by lowlifes. I knew you were referring to that.  I guess we will just have to ask while we are on board (if they don't show the playoffs) - why aren't they showing them!!
  5. Well we are not American nor do we drink beer but we do enjoy watching the NFL. My husband's beloved Colts MIGHT be in the playoffs, he wanted to know if he can look forward to seeing them while on the ship. Or watching any of the playoffs - which we enjoy! Kind of weird they don't broadcast the playoffs. What is up with that!! I will definitely make a note on my comment card about that if there are no games broadcasted!!
  6. We are on the Marina for most of January 2019 and were wondering will the NFL playoffs be broadcast?
  7. Just my two cents - I think people should do what is most comfortable for them. My husband wears a suit to the specialty restaurants, which is most comfortable for him. Wearing a suit for him is like someone else wearing jeans -its no big deal. And yes I know there are no jeans allowed in the specialty restaurants. People should dress what makes them feel good and be comfortable.
  8. Michael - Thanks for taking the time to post - I will be following along with you!
  9. CBB you get O points for trivia: 3 pt card for 1st, 2 pt card for 2nd, 1 pt card for 1st. At the end of the cruise you may redeem all your cards for a variety of things. Luggage tags =20 pts all the way to 100 pt clothing items...all with an O identification on it. Don't worry about not having quite enough points for that long sleeve O shirt...staff is nice about rounding your total waaaay up for you! Ray Carr always says trivia is a blood sport and reminds us several times during the cruise "people, you are playing for a visor" because it gets argumentative at times. It helps to be reminded that big O points aren't worth getting all riled up over whether "Netherlands" or "Holland" will be accepted as an answer! My husband and I thought that was funny!! Thanks for reminding us! Lauren - we were on Mumbai to Rome with you.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to let us all in our your adventure - really enjoying it!
  11. Mura - Thanks for taking the time to pass on your info. I will definitely remember for next time if I book a non ship excursion. Lauren PS I seem to have lost my first post here - I don't know what I did.
  12. Toranut97 - Thanks for the info. I never thought Oceania would help with private tours - that is great to know. Lauren
  13. Sea42 - I was not that concerned about losing my deposit, but I had been thinking that Oceania might get into ports not on the schedule day and therefore, I wouldn't get my full day of excursions. I guess the thing to do if this happens is to contact the the tour company right away and let them know and may be they could fit us in if we circle around and come back to the places we missed on a different day. Or Oceania might just miss the port altogether - which isn't great but happens. I never even thought about getting my refunds back from my insurance company - I will have to check that. Thanks again. Lauren
  14. Thank you for all the great advice and tips!! FYI Sea 42 - we always travel with cancellation insurance. I will as IWANTTOLIVEOVERTHERE...said, book a few private tours, a few ship tours, and DIY may one or two. Lauren
  15. Thank you for your comments Caroldoll & JudiK. I never even thought about this happening. The deposits are only about $300.00 so far - not that much. However, I don't want to be in these fantastic ports, and not see all I could have seen. I have also read that if you don't book ship's tours before you get to FP, they are usually all sold. Thanks again everyone for your info.
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