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  1. I would not say it is fairly empty at all. I am in the bar area alot and the outside area was fairly full
  2. The butter pats were individually wrapped in foil. Carnival had also gotten rid of sugar packets and replaced with sugar in pour bottles that were clogged due to the humidity.
  3. If you Google the stateroom number, you might see the balcony view. I had looked at them and decided the view would not be ideal since I was taking a first timer.
  4. Last cruise night I was in the casino, woman approached her man and asked if he had any money. He said no. She said she couldn't get any more from the ATM and they needed money to get the car tomorrow. His response, "not my car".
  5. Requiring cabin mates to purchase the same drink package does not violates anyone's rights. The package includes nonalcoholic drinks. The updated society standards seem to be more about finding loopholes which is why all over 21 in a stateroom are required to purchase CHEERS
  6. Guest Services hands out extra room keys like they are candy.
  7. The first set is on the government's dime. The rest will be on our's.
  8. Offering 3-4 day cruises over a weekend targeted towards locals is a great deal since those cruises can be cheaper than a night out and no driving.
  9. At the same time, they eliminated cocktail stirrers, tiny umbrellas and the fruit garnishes on cocktails. That is where the savings are. At many bars, servers and customers dip their dirty hands into exposed cocktail fruit trays all the time
  10. The cost savings of eliminating straws, stirrers and drink garnishes is significant.
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