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  1. I have had two cancelled months in advance due to whole ship charters
  2. They always are referring to ship time.
  3. You need to talk to a Travel Agent that specializes in cruise vacations.
  4. Nope, you just need your offer rate code
  5. I would be happy if they brought hot water at the proper temp to make tea
  6. They look great but are tasteless. I save tons of calories.
  7. That is because is it a floating indoctrination center, not a pleasure cruise. Besides not having any money to spend, they would not have any identification in case they decided to skip.
  8. These are Scientologists. They believe they can heal themselves.
  9. Like others have told you, nope.
  10. I didn't get that impression, more of a "call until you get around it or ask Daddy John" for an exception A last minute cancellation rarely helps anyone who needs to plan. "No shows" aren't filled since they need to leave that lifeboat seat open in case the "no show" becomes a "late show".
  11. I didn't said all of the ADA makes sense. A landlord can get sued for asking someone using crutches how they got hurt. It stops being AN OPTION when people who are in need of assistance to board because of a disability are told to sit there. All it takes is one person who claims they wanted to sit "over there" but was "forced" to sit in a room with others that all had a disability.
  12. Yeah, none of that. Some introductions and review of the perks--- usually no fees on cards used at tables and higher daily charge limits and the first drawing.
  13. Yes, it is the same as the Platinum/Diamond Reunion Party. It used to have better food but now it is the same.
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