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  1. Your excursion operator knows the drill and they will wait for you.
  2. Actually, it is not limited. It can be used for anything in the spa or salon by the awardee and by throwing it away, it sends a clear message
  3. Talk to who you booked with. If you booked online, call Carnival
  4. They always ask but it does not mean a thing. You may or may not expect a thing. If you want to be sure, order a cake.
  5. There has been a significant change to the VIFP program since then. They will credit missing taken cruises if one can provide proof.
  6. Sometimes the casino offers include guarantees and looks like the OP selected it instead of selecting their own.
  7. Then the argument would be who ever pays for the cruise, should get the sail credit.
  8. It will be as likely as getting an airline to credit you for flights paid for and not taken. It will be a waste of your time.
  9. If yours and your aunt's boarding pass is marked "Priority" , then you have Priority. However, if you are using Carnival transportation from the airport, you also qualify for priority into the terminal.
  10. Because why it is perfectly legal for over 21 to be trashed on board, it is not for under 21. Apparently walking up the gangway is supposed to sober under 21 folks up.
  11. Yes but being visibly intoxicated on return to the ship may be treated by ship security as if you consumed onboard
  12. Yes your picture comes up. The sticker is for show. The Cheers is attached to your folio.
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