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  1. So for me and the wife the cheers makes it convenient to not worry about a bill at the end. Now on the last cruise (sept 2019) we did not get the cheers package to test a theory out. We ordered what we wanted when we wanted it and we learned in the end we should have got the cheers program. Now I love the specialty coffee spiked in the am, and ships that have a steakhouse have a nice Rose that is like 15 a glass which we enjoy and a few margaritas here and there and maybe a shot of Patron to seal the night. And we usually stay on the ship while in Nassau and relax so no rushing to make it worth it for us!!! Call us alcoholics doesn't bother me we are just having fun while on vacation!!
  2. Glad I am so sad I never knew the sunshine had so many dining options, I just got off the Horizon in Jan 2019 and said I was hooked having Jijis and the other specialty places to eat that it would be hard to go to a smaller ship. It was by pure luck I looked into Charleston cruises. I plan on staying on the ship at both ports and enjoying my cheers package in serenity area!! MY question is does Serenity have a bar and have waiters walking around taking drink orders last couple cruises I have seen that decline!!
  3. So i leave in like 18 days and I am wondering what is a typical time to show up at the port for boarding??? I am priority so I was thinking 10/ 1030???
  4. So I have never sailed out of Charleston even though its the closest port to me, (Augusta GA)!!! Anything I need to know about the port or advice on clothing for first day with it being the coast and possibly winter! (this weather can't decide lately) Thanks
  5. So I just got off a Cruise on the liberty three weeks ago and had submitted reservations and got a reply confirming those reservations. I am now trying to do the same for a cruise on the Glory Oct 15, 2019 and now it appears you must pay for the steakhouse at the time of placing the reservations??? Is this new or is it based upon the ship??? I was booking for 6 but not going to pay for everyone. Anyone know whats up?
  6. Ok so I am leaving on a 7 day cruise in two weeks, I will be Platinum for the first time!!! I know in the past there was a Priority lounge at the port is this still true??? Whats in it???
  7. Yep platinum I am in your shoes, I just got off a three day two weeks ago and i have one booked (7days) in two weeks needed 6 days to make platinum and i just looked and it was updated on luggage tags and boarding pass!!! So excited!!
  8. Was just on liberty in May for a 3day and did the overnight in Nassau. Customs was pretty quick the issue was dependent on how many custom workers they have. Also if you get a porter sometimes they can speed that process up for you. I am getting ready to go back on liberty Sept 13th!
  9. I currently have 66 VIFP days and plan to take a 3 day cruise in Sept and a 7 day in October so I hope to hit platinum at the start of my october cruise! I just wanted some insight from everyone!!
  10. I was just on the Horizon in January and did not offer it, and then on a 3 day liberty cruise in May and it was a no go as well!! Its hit and miss I guess I love it so much!!! wish room service offered it!
  11. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy Carnival Cruises it was just so apparent on this ship!! Maybe this cruise was just a one off as it seems like they tried some new things and will possibly not do them this way again. I did have fun but with cruising its all about what ya make of it!!
  12. So I have cruised so many times I usually like to get to know the hard workers that are making my vacation great. And between speaking with the workers and visually seeing that these workers in the main dinning rooms are having to take care of more tables than ever before. The bars are overcrowded, I can tell you once night I waited over 15 mins for a poweraid! At the casino bar where there were only two workers and it was roughly 1:30am The only other option was to go to the club or up to pizza pirate as they sell drinks but that lines as anyone knows is crazy long. As others have mentioned no more pens are being delivered to the room which sucks because I needed one really bad to fill out my customs form and had to go running around the ship. Now for entertainment, one night they advertised a show called FLICK, described as "Sit back and watch in amazement as our cast of singers and dancers bring the silver screen to life through the power of motion pictures in a magical and mystical cinematic adventure. I was excited so I rushed to get seat only to find out it was 4 people sitting in chairs on stage singing songs from various movies that was it no dancing no other type of show!! I was so so sad! So then comes the Love and Marriage show which is always a favorite and this was the first time ever I have been to one where it was in the same place as comedy and it was so packed ppl standing everywhere which made those who had seats ask them to move out of our way.
  13. So I just got back off the Liberty and I can honestly say this is my first cruise out of many that I can start to tell Carnival cutbacks are starting to be noticed!! Overall I enjoy the ship and the cruise but their were times with you could tell they did not have many employees around to help you as compared in the past. Any questions please feel free to ask!!
  14. I will be cruising this Friday for a quick turn and burn cruise on Liberty. I wanted to know ahead of time what 3 liter bottles of alcohol were available on liberty as I collect them and wanted to plan to either bring my luggage or if they don't have anything new I would not and pack light as I am planned. Thanks in advance!
  15. I leave for my Liberty cruise in 6 days I can't wait.....I was wondering what to expect i did the same cruise on the victory last year out of Miami and it was a BIG party cruise but I enjoyed that.....Did you happen to take any pics of any shops onboard? curious to what they carry?
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