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  1. Yellow Fever Vaccine does have a lot of side effects and even kills people so you don't want to get it unless you really need it. It is sort of taboo to talk about side effects of most other vaccines so sometimes hard to judge but I think Typhoid Vaccine is very low risk. As someone else said I consider Hep A&B as essential even for a short trip though realistically B is pretty low risk for most people on a cruise.
  2. Actually I am talking about equivelent third party sales people. So for a mortgage. The mortgage broker can kick me back some of the money he gets in commission. As a low maintenance customer he might spend 2 hours on my file and will still make a very reasonable payday even giving me money back. Real estate agents can do the same with their share of the commission. Car sales is trickier but their are internet sights which will give you a better deal basically by doing the same. I didn't think the OP was asking for OBC after the fact and I certainly am not. I use a comparison sight and take the best offer. I understand you personally might provide a lot of service and therefore if you only make $50 on a cruise it will not be worth it. When I book total time is less than an hour. (5 minutes on the phone with me and 45 minutes later I get all the paperwork.) I never call them again. I do all the research myself so would be happy to book on the website but will book with an agent in the incentive is large enough to make it worthwhile. I understand you might not like these services or agents. Eventually travel agents will be gone from cruising just like they are for most other travel services. Someone like NCL will stop offering commissions and the rest of the mass market lines will follow.
  3. It is pretty standard in sales. Real Estate, Mortgages, cars for a start. I usually get around 10% of the fare back in OBC with one of the big online agents and got the same for my MSC YC cruise I just booked. I assume the super discount agencies must also kick in some of their share of the commission? This is for luxury lines or suites. For a simple balcony room I usually don't bother and book online the OBC offered is usually nominal on those cruises.
  4. Personally in the Caribbean we will usually do a beach day at most stops. For Nassau Atlantis waterpark would be fun at those ages (depending on height of the 5 year old) Have you looked at the MSC excursions for your cruise? For my European cruise they have some interesting looking family excursions that are relatively reasonably priced as well.
  5. Can you give a glass of milk to an 8 month old? Do you mean formula? Yes milk is available including full fat. Formula you should bring with you. They might have one brand of over-priced powder in one of the stores but you will want the brand they are used to.
  6. Keep in mind the Cherry blossoms can vary year to year. With global warming they sometimes are much earlier. Last week was two full weeks earlier than typical for example. Of course if you cover a few cities you can be pretty sure of seeing them somewhere.
  7. I don't really find the specialty restaurants take much longer than MDR though I generally go to the Asian ones rather than Cagneys etc. It is really hard to give advice without more information about your kids. Personally I wouldn't feel the need to do anything special for my kids when 6, 8 or 11 but we eat out a lot. We never allow ipads and our kids all eat adult food from the age of two or so. (my weirdo kids wouldn't eat anything off of the kids menu other than maybe pizza). If you eat out only once a week at somewhere family friendly like the Olive Garden your kids may be bored and might not like the food (though in this case the kids menu is available).
  8. Sailed through a hurricane or a storm? Big difference.
  9. I don't really think a 22 month old would benefit much from Disney vs any other cruise line. I mean do people actually show kids that young disney movies? and they recognize them? Will they have fun yeah. As they would anywhere with their parents.
  10. For me best idea would be to take the train and choose a hotel near a train station. But I prefer to be on a train with a stroller rather than have a squirmy baby in my lap. To the port is a bit trickier for the last mile you will be on the less confortable shuttle or walking.
  11. Google maps might tell you 56 minutes but I'd say 1 1/2 hours is closer to average during the week.
  12. 1000 per show X 3 shows= 3000 per night
  13. They don't show up on mobile/tablet version.
  14. How are the shows compared to Seaside (or reviews if you haven't been)? Anything else substantially different from Seaside?
  15. Something like 20 million people a year cruise so this one incident as shocking as it is is very very rare. Leaving your kid with your best trusted uncle is almost certainly more dangerous. That said a cruise ship is a floating hotel and I would be more cautious than a kid walking to school alone or other independant activities in your community.
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