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  1. We have had those cabins twice and have another one booked for our Baltics cruise next year. The people watching is enjoyable and I liked being able to see the parades and activity without being in the crowd. I also really enjoyed reading in the window seat. (I don't imagine people are so desperate for entertainment on a cruise ship that they want to watch me read a book, lol.) We always booked on Deck 7 (cabins above and below) and have been across from the pub without noise issues.
  2. Truly the end of an era. We have fond memories of sailing into and out of Venice and it was truly one of the world's best. We knew the end was near and urged several friends and relatives to do it while they still could. Like everyone says, sad but understandable.
  3. Why not fly into Venice, spend a few days there and then either drive or take the train to Ravenna?
  4. Very true and don't worry - the staff is used to this kind of ordering. Many times I've ordered 3 appetizers instead of an entree. You can mix it up any way you like in the MDR 🙂
  5. You might also take into consideration your eating habits. For example, we don't like to eat large meals, particularly not in the evening. I'd much rather "snack" my way around the ship. MDR portions tend to be quite small, which is something we love about cruising because you can enjoy multiple courses without feeling stuffed or being wasteful. Specialty dining, on the other hand, generally involves more food than we want to eat in one sitting. We felt a bit uncomfortable a few times because the well-meaning servers kept urging us to eat more and even brought "surprise" extras that we d
  6. Very nice to see RCI step up. I find I am becoming very attuned to the behavior of various corporations in terms of where I will spend money in the future (if I have any left, lol).
  7. Thanks for the heads up. Agree that this is becoming ridiculous. Life will never be 100 per cent safe. Get over it.
  8. Cats ran forever in New York. It was something you'd take visiting children to see and an expensive nap for locals. In the same category as the Empire State Building and the dreaded request to go on the Circle Line.
  9. Exactly this. No cruising doesn't have to mean no vacation. We are doing a very leisurely 3 week "drive from home" thing soon and have booked a long drive through the Southwest for Fall. We had planned the Baltic and Japan but will wait for 2022 for those. We're not going to do nothing just because we can't cruise. In the meantime, should any cruises out of New York actually sail we will book last minute because we do miss cruising.
  10. The deal breaker for us would be ship sponsored excursions. We are not Caribbean/beach people. We cruise for the ports (Europe, Asia, etc.) and wouldn't bother to travel all the way to distant ports without being able to make our own plans since it would (generally) be a huge waste of time and money.
  11. Thanks for the explanations. I do recall Celebrity's infamous IT glitches now. I once cancelled an excursion only to find they had cancelled my entire reservation by mistake. Luckily I caught the error right away.
  12. I have not sailed on Celebrity for a few years. From what I see on their website ALL cruises now include drinks, wifi and tips. So why, when I go to actually book a cruise does a option come up to pre-pay gratuities? Isn't it already included? Thanks for any explanation.
  13. Very beautifully put! My husband and I often say that there is just something special about cruising that is hard to put into words. You know who really needs that transporter? The airlines!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful fantasy cruise, OP. What a great idea and you do write very well.
  14. Was just thinking I'd pass on the "solution" to the dress up clothes dilemma that I've come up with when sailing on the dressier cruise lines: black leggings and black spaghetti strap top with a sheer/sparkly top that weighs about as much as a scarf popped over it. Menswear is tougher. My husband has brought an older dress shirt and tie and then discarded them. It's a bit ironic that our "formal" clothes are so inexpensive compared to our everyday travel clothes!
  15. Most European airlines allow one carry-on bag 21.6" (55 cm) x 15.7" (40 cm) x 7.8" (20 cm). (Ryanair is much worse - surely they will have us flying in our underwear soon, lol.) Would a reasonable person really bring formal wear to be worn twice on an month long journey with those limitations? The big clunky men's shoes would be the first problem. Hubby can't very well wear a suit with his hiking boots or sneakers.
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