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  1. I had one booked for May 2020 but, of course, had to cancel it. I didn't receive this new offer. I have not been to Foxwoods since Dec 2019 though
  2. Yes, I received it too but we have been to Alaska and it just seems too soon for us to be comfortable. FREE is hard to pass up though! We do have a February Caribbean paid for.
  3. HAL needs cash and is very willing to cut a deal to get it. Yesterday rather than paying my deposit of $350, I paid $392 FINAL.(not due till Nov. 2021)For $42 more I took the gamble and got an extra $250 OBC and a $100 cut to my overall bill and went from VE to VD category. I am willing to gamble and, of course, hope HAL doesn't go out of business between now and my Feb. 2022 cruise date.
  4. The PCC hinted that maybe my FCC could be extended but as she was in a hurry had no time to look at it while we were on the phone. Maybe not as it wasn't due to Coronavirus. We will speak again on Monday I hope. We have been to all the ports before and they are favorites and we are hopeful to be wintering back in FL in 2022 where we usually are this time of year...not stuck in upstate NY with cold, snow and ice. It made me want to sign on the dotted line more than ever. Cruise Suzy, see you aboard!
  5. We had $1600 in credit from a cancelled cruise last year and had to use it by this coming Tuesday. Although it wasn't my first choice we booked a Southern Caribbean because by 2/20/2022 we think we'll be happy to see some pristine beaches and cuz I love me a new ship!! Rotterdam!! Our cruise last February 2020 was perfect on the Nieuw Statendam so for very little extra cash we were able to book another with View and Veranda. We're not big drinkers but the perks of free drinks, tips and one night in a specialty restaurant were too much to pass up. Something to look forward to.
  6. When we got to Park n Go on Sunday Feb 2 at 10:20 it was super busy. They valet parked it and kept the keys. Took us to the port immediately. On return, there was a shuttle waiting and the driver called ahead which cars were needed. When we got to the lot our car was right up front, we exited the van and the driver put the bags in our trunk. From our disembarkation to driving away in our car it was HALF hour. I have never had such good service...and they gave us cold water bottles for our trip home. We paid $83 in advance for 7 days(but I didn't have to pay in advance) This was the
  7. All I can report on our recent Nieuw Statendam Aft 4211, we felt nothing and heard nothing out of the ordinary. We think it was one of the quietest and most convenient staterooms we ever had for what we wanted to do on the ship.
  8. I promised that I would report back on the Aft Suite we were assigned. We travel with casino offers so don't get to choose our stateroom. We were in 4211. My husband did not experience any motion sickness! We loved the balcony size and the fact that one side could be in the sun and the other in the shade depending on what you wanted. Loved the loungers and the padded chairs with footrests. It will be hard to go back to a balcony cabin after having all that space. Yes, it was a long walk to the casino and the theater which we did almost nightly; there were some aches and pain but we surviv
  9. Thank you all for your replies. We'll know next week!! I love being near the DR and Club Orange. It is our first time in a Neptune so I have no means of comparison so the size too should be OK. (This was a casino offer so no choice of cabin even when I first booked)
  10. We got assigned one yesterday with a small upgrade from an SC to SB Aft Corner. The balcony looks fabulous but my husband never wanted an aft so we never booked one. Kind of glad to try it out this way. Do most of you like them? He gets seasick with the slightest provocation, can't ride backwards on a train, can't do amusement rides(even the Merry Go Round)etc. I had to drag him on our first cruise in 1994 because he thought he'd be sick the whole time. Now he brags that he sleeps like a baby...better than at home LOL. I'm sure there's two opinions on Afts....
  11. I'm confused. If I'm reading my email correctly, I was offered 50% IF I took the Zuiderdam sailing but nothing otherwise except a refund?? This can't be true. I will call ASAP. There was no mention of 100% or switching to another sailing of my choice. (I am a casino guest who was offered an inside free room but opted to upgrade to a Neptune) Anyone been on the Z since the refurbishment? It is not the itinerary I would want but I like "new". Wondering if they will let me switch to the Nieuw Statendam the next day with no penalty.
  12. I'm also having trouble deciding between the two. I would love the "newness" of the NS and the Dutch Cafe. Don't need the Rock Room or the extra passengers of the NS. Would love the full promenade deck on the NA. I am looking at February 1 and the price is very reasonable on NA. Is it because of Super Bowl, do you think? I will be in FL so will drive to port and not need a hotel. Nowhere do I see that there is a charter or super large group on her that week. Can anyone tell me about the aft NS on deck four or six? Seems like a big walk to the Neptune Lounge
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