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  1. I have used this company exclusively for some time now and have no complaints. Company policy is no price matching and I have lost a few dollars with this in the past but on the other hand they consistently offer the most competitive price at the time of booking. They have been most helpful sorting out some issues both domestically and internationally and I'll be quite happy to deal with them again when things settle down. We had a cruise booked through them with Princess and after quite a while they refunded the fare in full. Princess said at the time of cancellation that Princess would
  2. Hi Kayla, We did USA & Canada a couple of years ago and used the Vodafone $5.00 a day international roaming with our Australian account. It worked well and you only pay for it if you use it, in 24 hour blocks. When I investigated you needed a different sim for USA and Canada which was going to be a pain. We also looked out for free WiFi which was patchy at best. Having said that you can buy a phone anywhere for little cost and then just toss it, just like they show in the movies! Regards, Steve.
  3. Cruised with a broken ankle, in my own wheelchair on Princess. No problems at all, ships staff were wonderful, felt like royalty! Steve.
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