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  1. Some one asked where I stayed it was Gunton Hall. Edited to add measures were great sanitiser everywhere tables well distanced. I didn't do the evening entertainment as sod's law I had a bad migraine start on day one which wiped me out a bit. I just had the feeling that just as I wasn't at my best neither was the hotel. A very nice assistant manager I chatted to on day 3 said they were glad to be open but in his opinion the measures had dented the experience. I am going back as I live close by and I felt I didn't give it my best shot and they weren't able to give it theirs through no fault of their own. I can't comment on the singles experience as a whole as I was mostly either in the bar for a medicinal brandy or in my room with the lights out for one night and feeling way under par for 2 nights.
  2. Here in North Norfolk its become very busy over the past few weeks as holiday makers start to flood in. Covid aside I am constantly worried about how soon I will knock someone down especially in Holt where they all seem to feel that the middle of the road is the safest spot. It was so bad on Thursday that I have given up. Taxis in for my hair appointments and no more strolls round town, coffees and lunch out until October. It is what it is I love living here but just can not hack the stress. Worked in central London for many years where it may have been mayhem but not like here where it seems suicidal once holiday season starts. Locals tell me you just park way outside the centre and I would but have a very dodgy knee shortly due for its second replacement. First world problems hey.
  3. I took the recommendation from posters here and went for 3 days to Warners. My review - it was fine not great just fine. In the light of present times it was a much needed break so 4 stars. In other times maybe 2 stars. Nothing wrong just nothing out of the ordinary (in better times) and definitely nothing great other than it was a break. Did I enjoy it? You can be sure I did. Food was fine, rooms were fine, service was fine. I would have given it 2 stars if all was normal. Anything to complain about? No never. Would I recommend it - for what it was yes. For me - no. I tend to expect to pay up for a product that meets my expectations and review accordingly. This was a break where I would not normally be just because it was available and I needed a break. I liked but didn't love it but it was fine and met the bill but didn't wow. I hope that I have been fair for what it was at a time when options were few it met a need but didn't make me want to go back. BUT I was grateful for the recommendation and enjoyed it for what it was and a much needed break
  4. Sorry I have not posted since. Just dealing with another elderly aunt who has passed away owing to Covid in her care home. As her children all live abroad I have had to deal with stuff. I'm back on track now and realise I probably was a bit too upset when fragile. Thank you for the support I am off to Warners this weekend and it will be good to get away but it won't be a cruise.
  5. Personally I have a set of criteria that will need to be met before i go anywhere. I have enough potential exposure to Covid at my (albeit now very part time) job. I very much believe people should try to be well informed then decide but predominantly hope that t the moment until FCO clearance will not go. However when watching a news bulletin last night a young female interviewee said she was "entitled" to go on holiday as she worked hard and the powers that be must recognise she needed a break. Nope not wearing a mask, won't wear one, will try not to be tested on her return or get round it. This may be a minority but it won't help tackle the pandemic.
  6. I think your post almost destroyed me in some way. I consider myself an astute business woman etc etc but my husbands death so early and unexpected floored me. I just wanted to ask a question that was determined by my needs. I am sorry you felt it repetitive and unnecessary. As it happens the replies really helped me. Thanks to those that posted. Don't worry Know the score you can be sure I won't start any further threads to bore you with. FFS I thought this was a cruise forum where you could ask questions via a thread and that moderators would combine or let you know if not suitable seems not so and I was wrong.
  7. Many thanks for the advice received it was very useful. I have tried Warners holidays before and on advice received have booked a 3 day break locally. I have received via the internet a number of emails about local hotels where myself and my husband ate/stayed and have booked meals out and in the case of the lake district where my friend is the head chef I have accepted his invite to stay with him and his family plus my dogs are coming too. Plus I have decided to employ someone to a position I don't know how to title. Basically its just to come help me out, must love dogs, needs to be flexible, can live in/out. But in there they can gain business experience as I still oversee my businesses and they will get to understand that. CC is a bonus many thanks to all. Just to add if I can cruise safely I will be doing so when it meets my needs. Oh and last point to answer from replies I have cruised on the "premium" lines but I must be an absolute plebe as it was fine but it no way could I justify in my mind the money spent. I love the formal side of cruising which didn't exist on these American lines. I have no use at all for a block party or a meet and mingle. I like to meet people slowly. I suppose the money angle is the same as my husband always drove a top of the range BMW/Lexus. Me I drive a small car can't cope with a big one regardless of money. I have just bought a hybrid Honda Jazz having driven a petrol one for 14 years. Not so sure why hybrid but my nephew persuaded me to consider it and my accountant said it was a better deal.
  8. I have kept myself up to date with all the threads and share concerns outlined. For me I am 66, my husband died a while ago, no kids and I am I suppose "well off" how i hate that description as I worked so hard to save money along with my OH and never got to spend it. I have been so careful to follow guidelines since Covid 19 started whilst my neighbours clearly did not. I am still doing so. My hobby and total pleasure has for so long been cruising, I feel safe, I tailor the P&O package to meet my needs i.e. I book a balcony and add in select dining every night, take the drinks package and buy spa stuff too. Recently I have added in booking a suite as I liked the space. My question is what now? Like most I have no idea what the cruise experience will be like. I have looked at booking Sandals in the Caribbean as land based but the flight seems to provide no real safety. I don't know whether I am an idiot to say this but I am starting to feel that staying here albeit in a very nice house less than 2 miles from the sea still makes me feel imprisoned. I literally just move between the house and the deserted beach to walk my dogs each day. I can't do my voluntary work as it still isn't open. Am I being daft in thinking just get on a cruise it will make you happy? I understand it won't be the same but my head is just about to burst.
  9. I live in North Norfolk now and like most "locals" we are getting ready for the period when we won't be able to park for love nor money. This year no-one cares or is moaning like they did last year (our first year here) In June 202 I think the majority are just glad that they will see holidaymakers back as it has hit so many people/businesses really hard. Didn't worry us last year we just ferried the one that had an appointment to it and collected them afterwards. We can park and see the sea easily the other 10 months of the year - well we thought so - didn't quite work out that way this year but it will. Got to stay positive.
  10. Well as a plus it kept me amused all day today. In this situation there has to be a plus in there somewhere and this was it for me.
  11. Never had a problem with Ventura and as a satisfied customer I suppose I must assume I am as described in a particular post. I think I have done all P&O ships and had a good holiday but didn't gel with Oceana unable to explain why. However this thread has set my amusement up for the day so very accurate (not) my word some folks need to get over themselves and no mistake.
  12. Aft suites are the best. On Azura and Ventura you need to google obstructed aft balconies to identify which ones are best. Britannia is very good on the aft but has had problems with soot not sure if thats been dealt with now. However excellent suites. Another vote not for side of ship suites as they do not have a deep balcony just a double length. Some on R deck are directly under the lido on Azura and Ventura and noisy as they set up for the day.
  13. Can you not book in advance? May be wrong but seem to recall doing that for 14 days on Britannia 3 years ago. Can't say I liked it much. There were better chairs and food was included but some days it was heaving by 9am - this being in the Caribbean in January.
  14. As a single passenger its taken me a while to book a suite on P&O just because it doesn't bring you a lot extra other than space and things that have been mentioned. Also for a single it is a 100% supplement every time. BUT I tried premium lines for 4 cruises and the costs were eye watering even with some lower single supplements. I also prefer a bit of formality (many don't I know) Regent especially was very shall we say "relaxed" I like to get changed for dinner and have a formal night or 4. So taking in the larger cabin, better balcony and a few other bits I also add on eating in the speciality dining every lunch and dinner and I still did not pay 1/2 of what I did on Regent. I think its has to be horses for courses, buy it if you think you can make it work for you and look elsewhere if you don't. A special occasion is just that, something to be celebrated. May be labelled an alcoholic but a bottle or 2 of Dom Perignon added in each day for my 65th birthday cruise in a suite on Ventura did it for me.
  15. No sorry me neither I have done either 2 or 4 weeks starting and ending in Bridgetown. Hopefully someone else will pop along to answer re St Lucia. Obviously no Caribbean transatlantic for me this year. I haven't booked for 2021 yet just seeing how it goes but I do usually do the sail back if I can every year on Azura or Britannia. You will, I suspect, like it its a great winter break
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