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  1. The Glass House is also available but is a pay for venue.
  2. ccpm


    Can'r comment don't know the exact circumstances of the OP. My comment was on 2 elements of discussion on this thread not on specifics. I did not give my opinion as to a best way forward or on the outcome in this case.
  3. ccpm


    No-one said that the OP was fairly treated. The comments re discreet was on the process in general not this issue in particular
  4. Don't worry at all the replies on here always centre round the package (and its value) as if its just alcoholic drinks.Previously on another thread I tried to show a potential break down of costs for myself that demonstrate a coffee habit, lots of soft drinks, 6-7 alcoholic ones and the reassurance of a known amount of money to allocate makes it a yes from me. All anyone commented on as the alcoholic element. Go and enjoy your holiday ignore the sort of comments that have no place here.
  5. No teenagers but will use baggage handling - price was fine.
  6. That price does sound good and I love a train. Its just the luggage that worries me there will be 2 suitcases to manage. Perhaps baggage handling> Thankyou that may be the answer.
  7. Thank you for the replies. It doesn't seem very easy. So I will look to either book a private taxi or self drive or ?????????? - not really keen on either option but the move is happening and cruise transport is just one more thing to add to my to do list. Awkward but hey isn't life? You want to cruise you bend with the flow.
  8. I am moving to North Norfolk at the end of April and wondered if anyone knows where the cruise coach services pick up?
  9. I am very happy about it being in place for my next cruise would be even more pleased if I could buy it before I go so it isn't part of my final on board account.
  10. Buffet is open 24 hours and is included in the fare. Room Service also 24 hours only breakfast is included small fee any other time but can order a variety of food up to a full meal.
  11. This year for the first time I have seen it Epicurean was 30% off for the first 2 nights. I had prebooked and paid but they cancelled that at their suggestion and refunded to my card then I paid the lower charge. Its usually the free wine for 2 eating early they offer but not sure whether that was offered as well.
  12. All of the speciality restaurants are great. I would have a look at the specimen menus for them on P&O's website to see the food on offer. Experience wise the Epicurean is a formal fine dining experience with a 'fancy' menu but does have some always available items like steak, chicken. If your children like this type of thing they will be loved by the wait staff who only from my experience don't see many youngsters dining in there. Sindhu is a great alternative if they like asian food that honestly is not too spicey and you can request less spice. I have often seen families in there having a great time. The Glass House has a nice selection of tapas style small plates and a few larger meal choices but the experience there is mostly about the wine/drinks not seen too many families in there but I don't travel in school holidays. The Beach House is the most family friendly I think. The food is nice but nothing that they wouldn't see in a good pub/chain restaurant at home. Hope that helps
  13. There are usually spaces and offers but those are mainly 6-7pm. Booking on board isn't a problem and if you booked them all at once with the maitre d' at their station in the restaurant on the first evening you board rather than on the reservation line he/she will from experience be very happy to move heaven and earth to accommodate you. They work on targets and try not to loose a good customer. Booking on the day as the mood takes you, and why not, may mean early or very late dining times or once they see you as valuable regulars they may "find" you a slot but I think you will mainly get a table just maybe not at a prime time. On my recent cruise it was never full and the chef and I chatted for ages as he had always finished after me and came round the tables ending up with me as he knows me from previous cruises (8.30pm slot) The new menus may need a close look too for your choice of day to book. I ate there every night and on one menu I found it hard to find something even from the always available. The other menu I could have eaten anything from it. it is always personal taste but worth considering.
  14. I was worried about the carpet changes and had a cabin actually on the aft. I didn't experience much disruption other than when they refitted my deck when it became very confusing and difficult to get where I needed to be, missing my breakfast in Epicurean as it took me a while to figure out how to get there when I wasn't fully compos mentis. After reading a previous post from someone who has fitted carpets on a cruise ship I had taken heart that it would not be too bad with adhesive smells. However in reality there was a very strong smell that did on 2 days trigger an aching head but thankfully not a full blown migraine. BUT as an individual I am super sensitive to smells. The whole cruise was just OK but the carpet fitting didn't make it worse. Ventura as a ship and the staff I met were fine. It was just I swapped from my usual Caribbean sunshine boost to this cruise for family reasons and ended up with a very grey cruise and not much sunshine. Lesson learned.
  15. Yes to both. Outfit sounds fine. Arrival time you may sit for a while as boarding runs until after 3pm but at least you will be there and ready if they are able to call you early they will. Just take a drink and a snack as facilities are a bit basic.
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