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  1. I am just a little surprised that an initiative was begun after minimal guest feedback on customer surveys with little or no information to regular Regent cruisers with the rationale and explanation of what the scheme aimed to achieve. Then after relatively few customer expressions of dissatisfaction on CC there is a response from 'Jason' followed very quickly by the above post where the initiative has already been "killed". So how do we explain why so many other items of feedback or items that garner strong opposition on CC are not similarly dealt with at lightening speed. Sorry may be it is a 'verified' email but seems very odd and out of sync to me.
  2. Sorry that is not correct. If you have the full drinks package at £39.95 per day speciality coffees, soft drinks, cocktails etc are part of the price plus a kids package if you have children is "free"
  3. Most of the offers are dine early get a bottle of wine for 2 - I don't dine early so have never tested it to see if I got 1/2 a bottle. BUT last December on Ventura there was a new (to me) offer in Epicurean of 30% off if you went on the first 2 nights at anytime. That I did get even though I had prebooked the head waiter refunded my credit card and I paid the reduced amount on my account. For singles they do not make up tables so you book for one. I have been asked to join others but by them not by the waiters making up shared tables and have never seen it happen but again it may do.
  4. Yes to the first I do pay everything I can in advance but not it has to be said for the discount but to aid budgeting. As to OBC that never covers what I spend on board - glasshouse lunches, drinks including coffees
  5. Actually DaiB like you I fortunately have had no any on board issues with P&O...yet. I have had cause to deal with customer services and have found then excellent when I have. When my husband died they waived all fees to move and rebook as single fares our booked cruises more than once and contacted me so many times to ensure I was happy. I truly valued that. Do I like their product well to a certain extent essentially restricted by my particular needs yes but I need to say that I am willing to buy in at a known price point and know that to tailor it to my needs I will have to pay £+++ extra. I am OK with that having carefully figured out other cruise lines offerings and my requirements and balancing the prices etc. BUT if once on board my shower didn't work, my loo overflowed etc you can be sure I would not be so happy and yes would be complaining to customer service. In over 30 cruises with P&O this has not happened but I am sure it could. I am an experienced customer service person so would never be taking a no guns blazing approach but if my text book directed approach did not realise results you can bet your bottom dollar that like the OP my cruise money would be going elsewhere and pretty damn quick. P&O is not the product it once was. There are many folks like me that enjoy it but for some, also like me. need to adjust their offering to make it work for them. While those tweaks work for me I will continue to book with them. If I experience problems on board like those of the OP that are not swiftly resolved then I will vote with my wallet and move elsewhere.
  6. Caravan a suggestion for you. Behind the bar - usually - you will see a person in a white shirt and dark waistcoat as opposed to the wait staff in black T Shirts. That is the senior person in charge of the restaurant - chat with them, they will direct the wait staff to get a table sorted. I usually eat in the GlassHouse every lunchtime - not busy then - and usually get to know them well as they seem to make time to come chat with a single traveller, plus i'm one who is having lunch and fizz so good for business! They are very keen to make sure to maximise the money taken in the restaurant as they have targets to meet and dining means more money. I agree with others feelings about the Glass House on Britannia. It is not my favourite as it seems to have lost the wine bar feel that other ships have but the food is great.
  7. The Glass House is also available but is a pay for venue.
  8. ccpm


    Can'r comment don't know the exact circumstances of the OP. My comment was on 2 elements of discussion on this thread not on specifics. I did not give my opinion as to a best way forward or on the outcome in this case.
  9. ccpm


    No-one said that the OP was fairly treated. The comments re discreet was on the process in general not this issue in particular
  10. Don't worry at all the replies on here always centre round the package (and its value) as if its just alcoholic drinks.Previously on another thread I tried to show a potential break down of costs for myself that demonstrate a coffee habit, lots of soft drinks, 6-7 alcoholic ones and the reassurance of a known amount of money to allocate makes it a yes from me. All anyone commented on as the alcoholic element. Go and enjoy your holiday ignore the sort of comments that have no place here.
  11. No teenagers but will use baggage handling - price was fine.
  12. That price does sound good and I love a train. Its just the luggage that worries me there will be 2 suitcases to manage. Perhaps baggage handling> Thankyou that may be the answer.
  13. Thank you for the replies. It doesn't seem very easy. So I will look to either book a private taxi or self drive or ?????????? - not really keen on either option but the move is happening and cruise transport is just one more thing to add to my to do list. Awkward but hey isn't life? You want to cruise you bend with the flow.
  14. I am moving to North Norfolk at the end of April and wondered if anyone knows where the cruise coach services pick up?
  15. I am very happy about it being in place for my next cruise would be even more pleased if I could buy it before I go so it isn't part of my final on board account.
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