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  1. Really and how did the response do that?
  2. OK and yes you have but did that make your initial comments right? Taking all that as you state - just how would anyone know your post "was in jest?" Did you say so? Did you use any form of emoji? No you did not and instead I have challenged those remarks or in your description "2 words". Further I went on to say I valued your input to the forum but no that was not recognised - instead incoming folks defending you based on you giving great advice etc etc - did I say you didn't? Instead now you sum up my response as "extreme and unwarranted" . Yes fine. All I will say in conclusion is let all those who see fit to tag "alcoholism" or "borderline alcoholism" to anything let them have to live or work with people that have and then see fit to toss "tongue in cheek" comments around about it. I buy the drinks package yes guilty but not as charged I have said a zillion times what I buy but yes incoming everyone is fastened on the 15 alcoholic drinks a day. But of course you say there are some who wait to be offended, my reaction must be classed as extreme and unwarranted? No further comment required you are damned if you do etc etc..
  3. Selbourne - I am not not sure how one would determine this as a tongue in cheek comment. It was equally very telling that after my response others posted in your defence that you post helpful comments that were much respected and useful. I never questioned that, I have a great deal of respect for your input to the forum. I also had a response that pointed out the WHO guidance on caffeine intake and questioned my comment re buying 4-6 coffees on the package given my statement that I am a retired healthcare professional. It really is no good at all trying to engage on this board. As I responded to the poster of that remark I drink decaff only but equally could have said get over it the NHS is made up of a wide church of health care professionals, many of whom would know nothing of WHO guidelines. However this has been the hair that broke the camels back. I will continue to spend my money with P&O as their product can be tailored to fit my needs. What I will not do is try to engage in this forum because honestly why would you.
  4. Fully aware and they are decaff coffee
  5. Sorry but this reply has just made me see red. How many more times do we have to read this sort of defamatory comment. The drinks package is not and I repeat not just economic for borderline alcoholics and I really resent this sort of post, especially as a retired health care professional who has bought it and found it cost saving. I drink and pay for at least 5-6 large costa coffees a day so lets start the package there. Mocktails, juices, smoothies and soft drinks through the day.. and oh yes wine and spirits but borderline alcoholic ????????????? please!!!!!!!!!!!!. Alcoholism is a very pernicious and nasty disease let us not for goodness sake start bringing it into to discussions of availability of drinks packages on cruise ships. Alcoholism is so much more than that.
  6. 99% of the time it will. The only time it ever differed in 42 flights from Barbados on a P&O cruise was when I flew home from the Caribbean on Boxing Day. Then it was BA. Suffice to say it was an experience I never wanted to repeat.
  7. No they would not. 90% of folks posting on here after P&O introduced their drinks package zipped on to say not for them - they would be subsidising others and the ship would go to hell on a hand cart as everyone got drunk and unruly. Let sleeping dogs lie. It has now been in place a little while. Those who think they may/will benefit will buy it. Those that don't will continue to state it is not for them, they don't spend that and in addition some will voice their thoughts on their certainty for increases in drunken behaviour, poor drinks service for the majority who do not buy the package and the problems that drinks packages bring. I have only been on 2 ships for 5 weeks in the time since it was introduced but have not seen any worse behaviour due to drink than usual. Seen a lot of sober people that should get thrown off for being rude and high handed with staff and others but sadly no recourse for that one. Of course if the package was "free" i.e built into the price one would conclude following their logic above that the world and his wife will imbibe like crazy and the ship will be over run with as widely described "Butlins" like behaviour. Unsure how because surely following what is seen as their logic no one would be able to order a drink. Yet from my personal experience - yes just that so no great statistical sample - I find I save money from the package - uptake is I am told what P&O projected this far in (Source: F&B Manager on Ventura) and no apparent affect on the service I received.
  8. So very true I have used it twice now and it has reduced my final bill very significantly. Have I had 15 alcoholic drinks a day? Nope don't think so but I have had everything I usually buy - coffees, mocktails, wine with meals, drinks in bars as required etc etc. Only slight moan need a double brandy for my night cap ...just wait 15 minutes.
  9. Understand completely I will stop commenting just wonder why??????????????
  10. You forgot the other part of this usually posted in response..if you are not interested scroll by, don't read. BUT just why are these infernal tipping threads still continuing. Tips are included. If you wish to tip extra you can, you decide - you don't need anyone's approval or guidance as to how much.
  11. Yes taking on soft drinks is allowed. However at the rate I drink decaff coke I would need 14 bottles to see me through. Not possible on fly cruises but have managed to take 6 sailing from Southampton and scour local supermarkets in port for my next fix.
  12. No they are not available only decaff coffee.
  13. UK only and a supplement for regional airports of £100 approx
  14. I loved Cafe Jardin for breakfast and lunch but couldn't say I liked the evening extra charge meals although I used it a lot.
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