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  1. 10 days out today for our Ovation SIN-HKG and received V6-816...thank you Seabourn xxx
  2. Thanks sfvoyage some great info. Will just monitor day by day. We are very flexible so can even make a decision on the day we disembark to stay or go. Very interesting times ahead !!
  3. Thanks for that Rols. I'm of similar thinking. Just avoid the areas of protest and rely on cabs to get around. None of the cruise lines seem terribly concerned about it. You are correct about accommodation prices. I had booked a room then decided to cancel just in case Seabourn did pull out closer to the time. The same room is currently $200AUD per night cheaper!! Worst case scenario we can held up in our hotel room looking at the view
  4. Anyone passed through Hong Kong recently? Disembarking on Jan 4 from Ovation. Was planning to stay a couple of days but thinking about just heading straight home. Thoughts or recent experiences appreciated.
  5. Great feedback and advice everyone. First time Seabourn SIN-HKG Ovation Dec 21Thank you.
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone. We had 11039 on Riviera which is mid ship and no noise issues. Will just be a little careful when choosing the location on Marina. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks Mura. I thought as much. Location on these is not really an issue for us. But what I save in the difference between the PH1 & PH3 will be our Prestige Beverage Package !!!😁 🥂
  8. Recently completed our first Oceania cruise, Venice to Barcelona (Nov 18) in a PH1. We LOVED it!! Could not fault it all. One of the best cruise experiences I've had. So much so that am now looking at a Sth American trip for the end of this year on Marina. Can anyone confirm, apart from location on the ship what the differences are between the PH1, 2 & 3? There is a slight price difference but is it something as simple as your priority for restaurant booking etc? Thank you
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