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  1. Was there another name for Cruise Critic when it was the AOL board? I recall it had a name but I cannot recall what. In 1997 I was doing some research for research for our up coming Baltic Cruise when I happened across the chat room. I joined and it was an amazing place to spend hours and hours. At the time there was probably only a couple of hundred members, and everyone was so knowledgeable! There were people of all ages - one I especially remember was a young lad who lived in New York who was only 12 or 13 or so - he was so knowledgeable about cruise ships, I was so impress
  2. I did get it to convert to CDN dollars successfully but I didn't realize it was only at 13 or even 17% - that's a great deal all around! I only usually look at the prices to compare to what I see out there for private tours. I did book one though on our last Azamara trip (it was a really cool tour through the various departments on the ship on a sea day) and if I recall right, even though I booked it in CDN, they converted it to USD and then applied it to our on-board acct. I booked prior to sailing which I thought was a really cool thing to be able to book a shore excursion in advanc
  3. Mine is pretty obvious. 🙂 I joined up when Cruise Critic went by another name in 1997 and it was so early that real names were still available. 'Lynda' by itself was not available though so I added an S. But for the life of me I cannot remember what that other name of the site was before it was named Cruise Critic. Does anyone out there know?
  4. Thank you Jazzbeau, this worked perfect! I just could not find the spot where to get that brochure!
  5. Does anyone know if you can still print out an entire shore excursion booklet for your cruise? I like to arm-chair travel in print and select from there. I did it for our last Azamara cruise in 2019 but I do not see how to do it now.
  6. Ohmigosh! I spent 17 days sitting in that chair while on board cross stitching, reading, writing a journal, watching TV, eating breakfast and I never knew it converted into a bed for a third person! Oh the things you learn on the internet. 🙂 A long time ago we took our then 13-yr old son on a cruise on the original Island Princess for a crossing from Vancouver to Hawaii. He was the only kid on the ship (he was pretty sure he was the only person under 60 on the ship, but that wasn't true as we were only 40 at the time) and the staff were MARVELLOUS to him. They got him involved in al
  7. Oddly enough I went looking yesterday for a cruise on Azamara around the British Isles as I would like to see many of the smaller ports that the big ships can't get to. All i could find was the Perry Golf cruise and even though i have nothing against golf, it would be wasted on us and I am sure there is a premium in there. Does Azamara traditionally have other British Isles Cruises? Was i maybe just not looking in the right place?
  8. Tea Bag, which one of your cruises did you get that on? I just looked at my invoice and I don't see anything about a $500.00 credit - but I did get the reduced price when you first told me about this back in Dec.
  9. Teabag, did you receive an invoice from Azamara? I booked through a local Vancouver agent and he gave me both Azamara's invoice and his invoice - they are identical.
  10. I am addicted to just plain coffee, nothing fancy and certainly nothing extremely strong. I love Keurig because you can buy it in three strengths - breakfast blend, medium or strong. I like the Medium. No matter what I did last year in the suite, and the year before, I could not get the Nespresso to give me a 'normal' cup of coffee - it was expresso or nothing. Other pods do not fit for sure (yes, I did try). I tried brewing a cup of Nespresso in a bigger cup, and then just running water through for the second and even a third portion, but alas, it was still too strong for me.
  11. I was a 4 star die-hard HAL cruiser until I tried an Azamara cruise last fall. One of my clients suggested that we try it and we did - we fell in love with everything about it. The small ship, the destination-oriented tendencies of the line, the people who were on our cruise, the late port nights, the entertainment staff that you actually got to know without really trying & tiring yourselves out from attending everything, the local shows or entrainment brought on board, the shuttles in each port unless you ere right in town, the interesting daily lectures or 'know-how-to' classes offered
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    Food Questions

    Perfect! My email is the following (no spaces or dashes in it) LyndaDSwain at gmail dot com I look forward to your email, I am so excited about this cruise even if it is a long ways off. Phil, thanks for the advice on Taiwan, we have not been but will look forward to it someday!
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    Food Questions

    Tea Bag, we are on the same cruise as you in 2022 and are really excited about it! We have been on one Azamara Cruise (last November Lisbon to Rio) and it was AZAMAZING! We live in your vicinity (we are an hour an half outside of Vancouver in the country), if you would like to chat on the phone one day if you have questions about Azamara I would love to answer any questions! Let me know and I can give you my email address on here.
  14. I have spent the entire time while reading this thread trying to imagine Bill and MaryAnne not being able to walk around the ports, have pizza & a cold beer, lounge around a beautiful resort with a day pass or take great pictures of gardens & resident wildlife on a World Cruise of 115 days. Nope, I just can't picture them either staying on board the entire time or going on shore excursions. :-)) I am definitely with the others on the private tours, if we can't hire a private guide then we won't go. And I definitely agree with Kazu, there is a better chance of
  15. Self cancelled on March 12th for a month long cruise that was to be yesterday (May 9) and nothing seen yet - anxiously awaiting it the credit card still. We took Orlando up on the 50% refund and 50% FCC. But nothing yet.
  16. You can certainly buy it within an RRSP, no problem there. Ours has been there for years. Any listed equity, stock or bond can be purchased within the RRSP.
  17. Thank you both for the replies, much appreciated!
  18. When we booked a Vista Suite last year (for this May) on the Veendam I thought I had read somewhere on HAL's site that there were some perks that come with a Vista Suite. When I search now though I come up with nothing extra. I don't recall exactly what I read, but I do think I remember a one-touch concierge that we could call as well as other benefits. Was I imagining things, or is there any benefits to booking a Vista Suite?
  19. Would anyone know if there is a shelf inside the Club Continent Suites on the Pursuit with the shower that we can put shampoo, etc on? I usually bring a small holder that sticks onto the tub or tile surfaces but if I don't need then that saves space. Also, I thought that Azamara had a video on their website of the various cabins, but I can't find it now. I thought maybe with a 360 video I could see for myself, but now I can't find the videos on their website.
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