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  1. I would always laugh when they announced and then the March of testosterone toward aft would begin!
  2. This thread made my day! Our favorite ship with so many amazing memories. Our first Transatlantic, never matched. Every cabin was different. I literally remember the numbers and location of each. One way down on Biscayne deck where the bathroom was actually bigger than the bedroom, with black and white tile floor and a claw foot tub. Another a suite with wraparound balcony overlooking the fantail. Another inside right next to the “back staircase” going down into the main dining room. We travelled each time with our young son...one of very few kids unlike cruising today. That mural in the kids’ playroom! I’ll need to pull out photo albums as a coronavirus lockdown activity.
  3. I was just told that Cruise Next will be returned to account. FCC can be applied to an already booked future reservation. These were both open questions yesterday and were escalated to management for clarification.
  4. I was told all paid in except CFAR insurance ie fare + port taxes and fees + gratuities on beverage package...less Cruise Next which will be returned to account. FCC can be applied to an already booked future reservation.
  5. Spoke to my PCC this morning. He said it needed to be a new reservation. I countered that this response is inconsistent with the wording in both the Peace of Mind and 3/14 communication and would not stand up to a legal challenge. “Any future Cruise” is not the same as “any newly booked reservation”. The FAQ’s for Peace of Mind state “The FCC may be used for sailings that embark on or before December 31, 2022. The new booking must be made within one year of the cancellation date.” this is only place the word new is used. Our September 2020 booking was made in August 2019 with final payment due May 2020. The cancellation date of yesterday is within one year of booking. He is escalating.
  6. Interesting. Hmmm. We have been Platinum Plus since initiated and Platinum for 10+ years prior. In early days were given name and number of a Concierge, who, when called had absolutely no idea that Platinum was due the service, that the # had been shared, and refused any help. More recently, no information whatsoever given. Only listed as a benefit without contact. Sort of like the priority seating in theater 😂😂😂 Now I must take up “just because” on next cruise. Wouldn’t mind the escorted disembarkation at all. The other tasks I’m happy to handle myself.
  7. Has anyone spoken to an NCL employee and received confirmation of an engine problem and schedule dry dock repair? I was met with a very belligerent response from PCC who claimed there was NO mechanical problem and if there WAS a problem, it would be fixed immediately rather than waiting for April. Although disappointed with April change (and still missing OBC’s from first reservation...), we view this change as an investment in a permanent fix before our planned more important September Star itinerary. Can a dry dock spring fix be confirmed?
  8. I’ve heard back that all changes are being made a little at a time and that we will not owe the additional amount currently showing as past due. I will feel better when I see all restored to a booking on the Dawn = what we had on Star. This will be our 10th time on Dawn. Although we obviously love her, we were looking forward to a change. But happy Star will be repaired in time for British Isles in September.
  9. I believe the Dawn with reverse itinerary is new. It definitely was not listed when we initially booked.
  10. I just noticed too that we have outstanding payment, with price increase, different stateroom, and loss of shareholder benefit! Now that I read this thread, see also a switch to the Dawn. I’ve asked our PCC to research and call tomorrow But WTH?! Why would we be expected to pay more after final payment?
  11. We have sailed several times with this benefit and NEVER has it conflicted with any other OBC offers or Free at Sea benefits. Have also found immediate response (improvement) on submission when I copy our PCC on email.
  12. We have done 4 or 5 times and have enjoyed. Conversations with other experienced passengers always nice. Experience by officer varies. Some are very social, some not. Sign up day one with cruise next, then you are contacted by Guest Services a few days later. We were shocked and very disappointed on Escape a few weeks ago when dinner was at 6:00, meeting at 5:45! Simply cannot eat that early. We checked with Cruise Next and were told this is a recent change across the fleet with no flexibility. Give us the 7:45 meet time and civil 8 pm dinner back again! My guess...the Officers always just picked at their dinner. I always suspected they really ate on their own after our dinner. Moving earlier makes it easier for the, to fit in both.
  13. Our favorite thermal suite in fleet. I swim laps daily so lap pool is great to have! Great view from all 3 rooms. Single sex areas very quiet and relaxing place to read. No longer have the ice plunge pool in women’s area. Only men get that. I call FOUL!
  14. Yes!! Took a few hours to complete! I needed another vacation when done!
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