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  1. Kids! Lol. My wife loved them. One of the highlights of the cruise for her.
  2. Our room steward was amazing. Every night it was a wonderful surprise. Now its like returning to a Zoo lol
  3. The Fabled Dragon towel animal lol
  4. Sport 24 is the provider. Since its a Sunday game with no other Kick off at that time I would think it will be on. YNWA
  5. Way too many posts to read lol When do you get charged for upgrade? When they accept your bid do they just automatically charge your Credit card? Do you have to confirm the charge ? How do you find out you won? Email? phone call?
  6. I agree with the OP. Its great to be able to retreat away from the crowds and enjoy what is usually a peaceful place. Nothing wrong with that. We all do it everyday in our own lives. Man caves etc .
  7. Does anyone happen to know if NA beer is included in any of the packages ?
  8. Yes! Another whiny Haven thread! I have cruised in the haven about ten times. I feel after my last cruise that it no longer delivers like it used to. While its still a nice place, with great suites and a great restaurant. it has lost a lot of what made it great. Yes a lot of these things are minor things but they add up. Firstly, the kids!. Its been covered on CC numerous times. I think Kids should totally get to be kids in the Haven. I also think adult should be able to enjoy some peace. So maybe some quiet hours or adult only hours is the solution. The prices have practically doubled while what you get for that money has decreased. I think when I pays $12,000 for a suite giving me 1 bottle of free water is just a joke. It just feels cheap. Give me no water or free water, or charge me $12100 and give me unlimited water. They charge $500 for internet for 2 people for 7 days and it doesn't even work in your suite or on the Haven sundeck. When the Internet does work it is beyond poor compared to their competitors some of who include it when buying a suite. The concierge is pretty much useless, you can make all your reservations online or on the app. He was never at his desk. The assistants that were there are very nice but even more useless. I asked them to change 2 reservations, which they did, but never canceled the original ones which caused lots of confusion for the restaurant managers.Speaking of restaurants it might be nice if they would keep some nice table for haven guests. One manager did this and it was very nice. I also asked the "concierge team" if they could see if the spa had any openings. It was very last minute so I figured maybe this is what the concierge is for. I figured he must have some pull or clout. Nope. So I went to the spa myself and they fit me in. I will say the priority disembarkation is great but every line offers that. As far at the Butler goes I am sure some people love it and have great use for them but as far as I am concerned all they do is maintain the coffee machine and leave some old looking sandwiches in the room once a day. I think Royal has the right idea with their genies. Ncl should remove the concierge from the haven and let him be the loyalty program concierge. Let the butlers be the concierge for the suites they have. Then when they come to add water to the coffee machine you tell them what you want to do that day and they make it happen. If you have not tried the Haven I encourage you to do so and decide for yourself as it can be amazing. If you have tried the Haven it might be time to try other lines and see if your money is better spent there. I will be.
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