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  1. I was on this cruise as well. I did have dinner at Cagneys and also did see the terrible reviews regarding it. But we had a fabulous dinner there everything was great. I do have to say everyone in our group loved Le bistro's steak over Cagney's.
  2. How about if it is raining-- then where do we go any ideas?
  3. I have played machines like that here on the land casinos--its like they almost cycle.--win free spins win free spins and then lose ,lose etc. But looking forward to playing them. Last year on Escape I played the Chinese baby games and hit for a jackpot over $3000. It was great. Looking forward t having some fun again.
  4. Thank you Now I know what to look for this weekend.
  5. Can someone explain what a lock it link game is ? Does the machine say that on it
  6. Sorry didn't even think to post it on the port of departure---which I should have--but thank you for your answer
  7. I am going to park at the pier in NY, I understand they take cash , visa and mastercard as payments. I have 3 simon gift cards that are visa cards and have money loaded on them. Does anyone know if they will take them as payment? Any info appreciated.
  8. Thank you , I meant any of the dining rooms so good to know.
  9. I see prime rib is on sunday in o'sheenans and garden cafe--- Do you know if it served in the restaurants too? like savor or taste? thanks
  10. Where did you see the posts. I thought maybe due to tide schedule.
  11. We had Adrian in the past and he is a wonderful guy. So glad to hear this-- going in week on the escape.
  12. One more question -- are the caves at warwick beach?
  13. Anyone just off of the Escape looking to see who the officers on the ship
  14. The other thing you could do is buy OBC and use that. What ever is not used they mail a check back to you.
  15. True there are kids , however the kids can't go on the Haven sundeck. Its for adults and I think age 16 and up.
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