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  1. look Europe is sailing. limited capacity vaccinated social distances good protocols. lets sail!!!!
  2. so on Sal's you tube video today ALL , ALL lines are requiring a vaccine. CCL may need to rethink
  3. I bring a medicine bag with me so I will just double up on cough/ cold meds. watched too many you tube videos on what to bring on board.
  4. again, after Wednesday my entire family will be vaccinated and I am ready for Christmas.
  5. if colleges can tell you that a vaccine is wanted. so can cruise ship.
  6. my final payment is due September. hopefully by then- we will know if a. we are sailing b. restrictions on board c. vaccine/ no vaccine/ test / no test. time will tell.
  7. many ports will require a vaccine. I know that is an unpopular opinion, but its just an opinion. I want everyone to sail safely.
  8. I think Carnival will require it. If NCL, RCL, and the others want it- they will follow suit.
  9. I did not have the spa room, but did the weekly spa pass and it was WORTH it!!!!!! the heated loungers... omg. (yes on the breeze)
  10. aw. conversations of extension cords. the time will come.
  11. I am sure carnival is itching to get MG on the open seas.
  12. most are hybrid or virtual we saw. Son is a freshman at Penn State . yes he is in a dorm with a roommate . most classes online. Most schools we saw had students but classes are hybrid (in person and online). Masks most definitely a must on campus. we were prepared. I work with a sorority chapter at ESU and Washington College- both schools were completely online in the fall and spring.
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