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  1. ok. my planner has "vaccination survey" crossed out and completed. got it.
  2. so people will get a new one if we filled out one months ago???
  3. ok. we are on 17. I want a nice quiet -ish to chill by a pool with a lounger. no loud music but a cool vibe. serenity? summer landing? we have spa room - so cool new for me. best breakfast? best bar? did you try coffee shop free food? hmm. more questions to come. thanks.
  4. ill take my chances. we did find a place 2 minutes from our house to do it on xmas eve. I want to know before I fly down.
  5. hence I bought the home tests... Christmas Eve can be dicey....
  6. paranoid me scheduled a rapid test and ordered the at home test. I am not going to miss my ship. after teaching during a pandemic for over a year - this teacher needs a vacation.
  7. but assuming testing requirement is staying... which I am ok with.
  8. things change all the time. they may change testing 2 days before.
  9. is this the vaccination survey or the one right before you board?
  10. yup. we were told 2 days. so sail Sunday - any time Friday or Saturday. yes morning, noon or evening.
  11. is this a form we bring to the port? just want to make sure I have all required paperwork.
  12. the hub is great. did the 5 dollar a person/week for family of 4 and 2 grandparents on the pride. WORTH IT. we did not purchase any internet plans and felt "unplugged".
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