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  1. We are from Montreal where we are now orange colour ...red being the worse .Since they reopened restaurants and bars covid numbers have been going up .Our family has survived the lock down and isolation period by finding places inthe country for family picnics ..Most of the summer we were lucky enough to find a lovely park near water for bbqs .....we wore masks , sanitized hands , kept away from everyone . there are no fun activities available ...no movies , no restaurants ...too risky indoors ..no religious services ...seeing friends is a nono Social distancing is strictly enforced ...yet our numbers keep rising as mostly young people are daring to go out to bars , karaoke etc which then raises numbers . i was booked for a transat cruise in nov which was cancelled ...no plans for anytime soon ....i love cruising ..i hate not having something to look forward to ...that is thehardest ...no light at the end of this tunnel we get conflicting info constantly ...yes we are getting a vaccine ...no this thing will last 4 years ....our border is shut ..no travels anywhere i worry we will be intotal lockdown soon ....streets become deserted , nothing open ..feels like a war and very very depressing .... i.m not sure where we are headed butsadly it looks grim with rumors of this second wave being a mutant of the first ....I just pray no one in myfamily or that I know will get sick ...I just wish scientists would really worktogether to find a cure or remedy to make this virus less virulent and worrisome .
  2. Just got my refund for my Nov transatcruise on Nieuw Amsterdam .....disappointed its not happening but hope cruising will resume ok after vaccine or remedy thankyou Holland for it lost my great casino bonus ...cruise never happened ..now got offers BUT ...no refunds ...so no go until covid is taken care of i will wait ..I miss cruising ..a lot
  3. On Koningsdam i too got a forwardcabin ...the ship hitting the waves, the noise from wind wtc etc made sleep near impossible .The banging against the hull was veryloud and very scary .forget opening the balcony when sailing ...impossible how the ship survived that banging is nothing short of a miracle ...those hulls must be super sturdy i would neverget a forward cabin again ...I too could not change cBins nor pay for upgrade sometimes bargains offered are not
  4. I had a reservation on this cruise for March 20 but because I was alon3 i did not want to go so I cancelled it ...wow ..unbelievable another cruise i considered from San Diego is another one i could not go on whoever looked out for me thank you this Corav 19 is driving everyone bonkers ....please do your part to put an end to it ...stay put now so we can all go back to normal soon by the grace of God we will return to cruising
  5. I was on Epic themonth before you I caught cold etcturned into bronchitis ....went to pharmacy in Italy got meds but tooka long while to get better coughed a long time dry cough too ....hmmmm i caughtit in France under pouring rain ..i self medicatedwith cough drops, echinacea , hot teas etc ....hmmmm makes you wonder
  6. When things get better i hope they stop charging double for Casino players .I used togetgood cabins at half the rate and i would spenda lot at the casino.....morethan that difference for sure .....yes I know bad girl i amplatinum plus on NCL always treated great and usedto cruise 3-5 times per year ...eachone being a longer cruise .....Now since the rule changed .....double rate per cabin i was last on NCL last october and not been back since ..so no more 5-6 cruises per year .Tell me whose loss isit ??i refuse topay double and play as much ... go back to treating Casino players with good prices .....single occupancy rate ...your ships will fill up ...not to mention other $$$ .i spent on board treat us right we will be backonce this craziness calms down .Someone will need to research vaccines for this virus and get us healthy again real quick .I hope gov.t are spendingin the right direction ....invest insolutions i am confident noonewill go bankrupt ...strapped for cash for sure but hopefull by end of summer normal again i like NCL love cruising ...hope you bounce back ...and dont be greedy when you fo .Be nice to us loyal customers ...treat usright ..we will be back
  7. Yes they should not spread my replies To anyone else however I am free to do so ....and I chose to share the fact I got the email
  8. Did anyone else get this ...full of questions re cruising and fear of this for future cruises .I was honest ...I have no plans to travel until Ihear good news re ports open , disease disappearing,possible cure etc etc i do have a cruise ...Transat...booked for Nov ...I doubt it will happen ...final payment in August ..i will reevaluate then ... too many ports closing their doors ...I think cruise lines need to reevaluate .. so far no plans for anywhere this Spring or summer .... i have not read that Spring Transats have been altered at all ...will ships still cross Atlantic not knowing where they will be welcome ??Once in Europe where will they sail ??...lots of questions i hope someone has answers ...I love cruising ...I miss my Vitamin Sea
  9. We did get churros one night in buffet they were yummy
  10. If you travel or choose to do so in spite of gov.t warning Not to i think you will be forced to cover all additional charges for quarantine .No one forced you to go ...you chose to knowing the risks .Inthink insurance company will not honour policies because of this As well get clear responses before committing to travel in theses uncertain times
  11. Yeshe eas GM of Star for many years then moved to Joy now he is on other coast on BreakawAy ..I read here .Star is much smaller ship Amir on Epic is a true Gentleman ...gorgeous to boot
  12. Agreed esp Oceania on veryexpensive paper. ...stop killing trees ...noone is cruising ...stop sending me stuff ...wait till virus subsides and stop emails too m....not going anywhere for along time besides Europe is closing its doors ..Asia is a nono ...just hang loose
  13. I.m surprised of the negative comments of Nelson on Epic .I was on a Med cruise last october with Omar as GM andmlater joined by Nelson .Both were gracious and very accommodating. To me .....very nice guys my cabin was totally decorated for my birthday and goodies sent ....thank you all. hoping this Corav 19 disappears quickly so I can cruise again ..boohoo ..none planned fora long while ..boohoo i sailed with Djamel twice on Star ...he is awesome ...glad to see his great promotion Jaoa too ...was f&b on Getaway ..now GM of Breakaway ...bravo ! whatever happened to Richard Janicky ..he was sooooo nice on my other Epic cruise where is cruise director Simon ..lovely chap ! i met many great guys on NCL and bumped into a few on Holland America ....they were super nice ...Mustapha, Julian i hope all goes back to normal soon ...I need my vitamin sea
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