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  1. I won 4170$ on. CLeopatra 2 on NCL Star on transat last year
  2. Just got off EPIC IN rome ...lovely ship crew awesome .hats off to Amir GM and Grace who took care of me .Thanks for bday decorations and treats ...merci to Denis much appreciated entertainment ...Priscilla and Burn the floor really awesome ...loved both very high energy ...best shows on seas weather was soso at best got caught in heavy rain in Cannes ...yuuuuuck barcelona had demos so I stayed put ...now Romeis gearing up today friday ..oylots of unhappy citizens everywhere ...train and busstrikes ..not fun i.m sure ... hope it gets better mich
  3. Love HAL very nice cabin, staff and food ..speciatlies are amazing as is MDR ...well decorated loved Koningsdam and Eurodam ...back pools over wake tables and chairs quiet ...perfect excellentservice ..I really like HAL mich
  4. Do take Euros $$$ are not readily accepted everywhere ....they refused mine in a grocery store ...along the dock its ok ..I bought a few things check to seeif ferry is working when we went we took a snorkeling tour with ship ..thank goodness ferry workerswere on strike that day ...we had great swimming day others could not go to beach so check it out
  5. Depending on the ship some specialty are better than others on Star La Cucina was amazing cagneys was meagre in portions ..big plate small piece of meat cowering in the middle ..no veggies all sides extra ..our waitress agreed and tried to make it better with 4 ..count them 4 asparagus to fill the plate ...not a success my sons soup was not even half full bowl ...very disappointing and not cheap twice now Moderno meat was inedible because ofits salt content ..i thinkwhen meat gets ready to go bad they salt it ...tremendously ..i could not eat it truthfully food on N?cL specialty has really gone down in quality ..so much so I no longer buy meal s to go there also some soups are very very salty ....so disappointing We found food more plentiful and better in MDR
  6. Hi again i found out they sort of borrowed the other company.s name .Apparently this is common in Italy ..as laws are a lttle slackinthat area ...who knew . as long as they show up ..do my transfer ..at good price ..half really .I.m happy thanks for reassurance ...enjoy your cruise i.m on med then transat cruise ..to me those are the real vacations thanks for your input mich
  7. This is what is odd they did not request a c c orprepayment ...Stefanos office wrote to me to tell me my reservation was notwith them but some bogus company using their name . however his prices have tripled from last year ....ifeel like switching companies all together ...could someone recommend another one ..I think 120€ per transfer is outrageous...help please has anyone used booking rome cabs ...are they legit
  8. I just booked transfers thinking both companieswere the same ones .i dealt within the past ..stefano.s company .But the booking one is a fake company using their name and logo ...wow so now I.m not sure they are legit or even exist ...they did not request prepayment ...wow .Anyone else fall for this scam or is it a real scam .rome cabs were going to charge me double ..120€ per transfer ...not cheap compared to 65€ With booking rome cabs how can someone just steal a name and open a website ??? now i.m really confused ..I dont want 2 drivers to show up or none ...hmmmm what should I do ??? mich
  9. Who can remember or knows what penny slot machines are on Nieuw Statendam ...the more the merrier thank you
  10. I looked at RCI. No more info re the tragedy with that child inSJU ..first of all those windows are high up ...yes they should be open to let air in.who in their right mind puts a kid on a railing .Of course it was a dreadful accident and tragedy ..but to blame the cruise line is shameful for wanting to make a buck on this little girls death .sorry Grandpa ...take responsibility ...she wiggled out of your arms ....sad but true .Why would you think a ship was like an ice hockey rink ?why put her on a railing ?did you not read about anyone being over railings ....to so quickly bring a lawyer into this tragedy does not augur well ....With little kids one has to be extra vigilant ...look for dangers everywhere and be ever mindful ofrules i.m sorry this happened but RCI is not to blame
  11. 6we went with cruise line ...i had shore excursions discount but i had been to same beach by bus
  12. If this cruise is port intensive do plan a fewbeach days ...We did in Corfu, Katakolon, and Santorini we loved Malta go explore ...pace yourself ..2 junes ago Europe and esp Italy was stifling ...they actually turned off the water supply in the fountains ...it was very very difficult . we went back to our hotel early just to cool off dubrovnik is a great walking town take the local bus in port ..get kunas right there ...go to old city explore walkthe wall go inthe hole in thewall ...wear comfy shoes , sunglasses, light clothing andbig hat enjoy we sure did
  13. I broke my wrist and was in severepain until I got my cast ..once on ..no pain ..I do not think you will have discomfort ...take meds justin case ..I never needed them can you dress yourself easily ....do you have family to help with luggage etc do take many big garbage bags and tape to wrap your cast when you shower .....very comfy slip proof shoes ..someone will need to help you secure the garbage bag over your arm tight to prevent seepage could you function with othearm ....i broke my left wrist so was able to functionwith right hand can you put your arm in a coat easily ...you might need one ...so try putting one on once home do go to physio to get arm back in shape depending on your positive attitude you could do thisbut family will need to help ...but walking visiting should be ok good luck
  14. I wanted to switch cruises using Casinos at sea benefits ..I was told no more singles rates ..so my cAbin would be over 4500$ ...a little too much adding flights and epenses i needed to cancel my transat on Epicand got a great deal with Holland America. With their cas rep . for another transat in fall .....Flights in Nov are very expensive ....so better to go in October sorry NCL bring back solo prices for cas players ....after all you will get $$ as I play slots hope i wont regret having 2 cruise next coupons
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