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  1. Thank you for that comparison. I was thinking of trying Celebrity as well. Did you find less kids on Celebrity?
  2. Hard to say without knowing what you are actually looking for. The Vista class ships are great IMO, and I sail without kids as well. I LOVE the Havana cabins, no kids under 12 and the area is like your own little neighborhood for the entire cruise. I actually have one booked on Horizon for next spring.
  3. People with petty complaints: I'M NEVER cruising Carnival again! Carnival: Hold my beer...
  4. I agree, WHY the delay? They are going to have to do what the other major lines do, and they announced a couple days ago so why is it, once again, Carnival that doesn't have an answer. Probably the same reason the went from "Look at the Amazing Carnival Mardi Gras" to "The first 8 cruises are cancelled" with nothing in between.
  5. Oh that's good. The first few I looked at didn't have anything showing for the summer at all.
  6. 1. Yes. What they are looking for is a backstop for the loans, not a bailout. Even with the beating they took today the stock is at $14.40. I bought more the other day and intend to hold it. 2. They are not part of the bailout package. Even though millions of dollars in the stimulus package did go directly to foreign countries and have nothing to do with US workers or taxes. 3. I intend to sail on the cruises I currently have booked, and then book a lot more after that.
  7. It already tanked. They screwed up the Mardi Gras delivery, they had other cruise ships with the virus and they stopped sailing. There are going to be virtually no dividends for like 2 years. I bought the stock anyway, when it was at $13, but I never would have guessed they would be talking about blowing off a whole year of sailings. I'm as loyal as they come, but they can't do that unless ALL lines do it. If another line starts sailing sooner, and Carnival just cancels millions of people's cruises, I'm finally going to have to be done with them.
  8. Mardi Gras isn't either.
  9. Just looking at "any" sailings out of Miami and the earliest date I see is September...
  10. They are sitting OK for cash, but have massive loans due in the next 2 years.
  11. "Donald said that the company is prepared for a cruising pause to last for the rest of the year, but he thinks the industry will come back stronger." Hope that is not what he actually meant.
  12. I know that me and many of my "cruise family" will be sailing again as soon as we are allowed. I have no intention of cutting back on future cruises because of what is happening right now. I'm curious what new cruisers, like people that were just about to take their fist cruise are thinking? Are you all planning on trying cruising, or has this put you off from even trying it?
  13. State Department posted THIS. Never thought I would see something so irresponsible and specifically targeting cruise ships. I don't see a similar warning for planes. "U.S. citizens, particularly travelers with underlying health conditions, should not travel by cruise ship."
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