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  1. Great. Thanks for the feedback. That's exactly what I was thinking. I mean, when I get back to NYC I'm not dragging my stuff on a train to the airport. I will probably just shop around and get the car service. I don't even know what airport I'm going into yet. Thanks again.
  2. This will be my first time flying into London. Can anyone make a recommendation regarding transportation from London Airports to the City? We are staying near Euston Station. Car service looks expensive and many people are saying to take the train. Do people really take a train with all their cruise luggage and drag it around London?
  3. I was in Havana on Horizon this past spring. The area was NEVER busy by the pool, day or night. It was wonderful. I know there were evenings when the normal person monitoring was not there, and this was when people that were in in Havana cabins could come in after 7PM, and I still never saw more than one or two people back there. Havana BAR would normally have a small crown if they had live music, but never saw the bar crowded either.
  4. Many have mentioned some of the same things but: Worrying about everything. "Where is our luggage?" "When do we eat?" "What should I wear?" "Will I make it back to the ship on time?" Trying to do too much. Never relaxing. Complaining because something on the ship is "not like it is at home".
  5. I have been cruising for a pretty long time and I still do that. It's just a habit. Plus people know where to return me if they find me somewhere.
  6. Thanks for sharing that. It sounds like some people are getting it and some are not.
  7. Legend is my favorite ship. She has been spending some time in Australia off and on and doing some Alaska cruises, so that may be why you don't hear much. But yep, love the Legend. Been to Australia on her twice. Fantastic crew, non-stop fun activities and spontaneous parties, and the BEST serenity area in the fleet! Enjoy!
  8. I don't normally use a TA, but I noticed that when I PAY through a TA the payment / balance information is not on the Carnival site.
  9. Agree 100% on the serenity areas. By FAR the best in the fleet.
  10. LEGEND. With Vista and Horizon tied for 2nd.
  11. I LOVE that they pinged them for kids in the serenity area!!!
  12. I see that most of your questions were answered. I just wanted to add that while Horizon and Vista are very large ships, they really don't feel crowded at all. Unlike ships like Sunshine, where they added capacity but no space, Vista and Horizon are built for their high capacity. I have sailed on both, with another on Horizon scheduled. Love both ships. I see you have a larger group, but no kids. I would HIGHLY recommend the Havana Area if you can swing it for future cruises. I had a Havana on Horizon and, as a person who tries to avoid unruly kids, I was in heaven. Vista class ships are among my favorites!
  13. I would tell you to be more specific. You may as well say, "I just don't feel like tipping." There are so many parts to the onboard experience that I find it hard to believe that ALL of them were sub-par.
  14. Completely agree. It was the ONLY carnival ship that I actually had problems with. The serenity area was a JOKE. So overcrowded and small that you could never get up there, even in the morning. The lido area was even worse. They added places to GET food to took away the spaces to EAT it. I won't sail on her again.
  15. Like everything else with Carnival, the cost keeps slowly inching up, and the product you get keeps losing quality. I still consider the steakhouse a bargain, but the slight cost increase does not match up with any improvement in the menu. In fact, as so many others have said, the menu is not as great as it was just a couple years ago.
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